Dyslexia and Effective Learning in Secondary and Tertiary Education

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Morag Hunter-Carsch, Margaret Herrington
Wiley, 22. 10. 2001 - 274 strán (strany)
Recent policy initiatives illuminate the need for greater teacher awareness about dyslexia in secondary and tertiary education. Yet the debates about dyslexia are often narrowly based and can exclude some teachers. This book attempts to open up the debate by bringing together different ways of talking and thinking about dyslexia. Fundamental questions about how to respond to dyslexia in teaching and support contexts are addressed and the significance of ???exploratory conversions??? between learners and tutors is recognised. The need to restructure ???the structured approach??? and to consider meta-affectivity as well as metacognition is explored. Practitioners in both secondary and tertiary sectors can gain ready access to contributions from internationally respected writers and teachers in the field. Alan Hurst???s preface refers to ???this important book??? as paving the way to a more truly inclusive attitude and approach to education in and beyond compulsory schooling.

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