Michigan Reports: Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Michigan, Svazek 17

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Strana 77 - All specific State taxes, except those received from the mining companies of the Upper Peninsula, shall be applied in paying the interest upon the primary school, university, and other educational funds, and the interest and principal of the State debt, in the order herein recited, until the extinguishment of the State debt, other than the amounts due to educational funds, when such specific taxes shall be added to, and constitute a part of the primary school interest fund.
Strana 74 - Every law which imposes, continues or revives a tax, shall distinctly state the tax and the object to which it is to be applied ; and it shall not be sufficient to refer to any other law to fix such tax or object.
Strana 178 - The board of regents shall have the general supervision of the University, and the direction and control of all expenditures from the University interest fund.
Strana 21 - when a person of sound memory and discretion unlawfully killeth any reasonable creature in being, and under the king's peace, with malice aforethought, either express or implied.
Strana 19 - The counsel for the defendant requested the court to charge the jury that if they believed...
Strana 120 - The case, however, must be a very clear one which would justify the court in taking upon itself this responsibility. For when the judge decides that a want of due care is not shown, he necessarily fixes in his own mind the standard of ordinary prudence, and measuring the plaintiff's conduct by that, turns him out of court upon his opinion of what a reasonably prudent man ought to have done under the circumstances.
Strana 87 - The taxing power of a state is one of its attributes of sovereignty. And where there has been no compact with WALCOTT v. TRE PEOFLE. the federal government, or cession of jurisdiction, for the purposes specified in the constitution, this power reaches all the property and business within the state, which are not properly denominated the means of the general government, and.
Strana 201 - ... to testify at all to matters which, if true, must have been equally within the knowledge of such deceased person...
Strana 80 - SEC. 10. The State may continue to collect all specific taxes accruing to the treasury under existing laws. The Legislature may provide for the collection of specific taxes, from banking, railroad, plank-road, and other corporations hereafter created.
Strana 123 - ... conclusions has been drawn by the jury. The inferences to be drawn from the evidence must either be certain and incontrovertible, or they cannot be decided upon by the court. Negligence cannot be conclusively established by a state of facts upon which fair-minded men may well differ.

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