The Electoral History of the Borough of Lambeth Since Its Enfranchisement in 1832, with Portraits and Memoirs of Its Representatives During 46 Years

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Stanford & Company, 1879 - Počet stran: 224

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Strana 54 - I have begun several times many things, and I have often succeeded at last; ay, sir, and though I sit down now, the time will come when you will hear me.
Strana 6 - I do not mean to be disrespectful, but the attempt of the lords to stop the progress of reform, reminds me very forcibly of the great storm of Sidinouth, and of the conduct of the excellent Mrs. Partington on that occasion.
Strana 122 - That this House has heard with concern of the conflicts which have occurred between the British and Chinese authorities in the Canton river ; and without expressing an opinion as to the extent to which the Government of China may have afforded this country cause of complaint respecting the non-fulfilment of the treaty of 1842, this HOUBC considers that the papers which have been laid upon the table fail to establish satisfactory grounds for the violent measures resorted to at Canton in the late affair...
Strana 6 - Sidmouth, and of the conduct of the excellent Mrs. Partington on that occasion. In the winter of 1824, there set in a great flood upon that town ; the tide rose to an incredible height ; the waves rushed in upon the houses, and everything was threatened with destruction. In the midst of this sublime and terrible storm, Dame Partington, who lived upon the beach, was seen at the door of her house, with mop and pattens, trundling her mop, squeezing out the sea-water, and vigorously pushing away the...
Strana 122 - Her Majesty commands us to inform you, that acts of violence, insults to the British flag, and infraction of treaty rights committed by the local Chinese authorities at Canton, and a pertinacious refusal of redress, have rendered it necessary for Her Majesty's officers in China to have recourse to measures of force to obtain satisfaction.
Strana 45 - If by adopting the spirit of the Reform Bill it be meant that we are to live in a perpetual vortex of agitation — that public men can only support themselves in public estimation by adopting every popular impression of the day, by promising the instant redress of anything which anybody may call an abuse, by abandoning altogether that great aid of...
Strana 151 - House cannot but regret that her Majesty's Government, previously to inviting the House to amend the law of conspiracy at the present time, have not felt it to be their duty to reply to the important despatch received from the French Government, dated Paris, January 20, 1858, which has been laid before Parliament.
Strana 45 - I appeal to this as a proof that I have not been disposed to acquiesce in acknowledged evils, either from the mere superstitious reverence for ancient usages, or from the dread of labour or responsibility in the application of a remedy. But the Reform Bill, it is said, constitutes a new era, and it is the duty of a Minister to declare explicitly, first, whether he will maintain the bill itself, and, secondly, whether he will act upon the spirit in which it was conceived.

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