A Collection of Poems: On Various Subjects, Including The Theatre, a Didactic Essay ... Ornamented with Cuts, and Illustrated with Notes, Original Letters and Curious Incidental Anecdotes

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R. Marchbank; sold by Exshaw [and others], 1792 - Počet stran: 343

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Strana xxx - Then die, that she The common fate of all things rare May read in thee ; How small a part of time they share, That are so wondrous sweet and fair.
Strana xxxi - But let concealment, like a worm i' the bud, Feed on her damask cheek: she pin'd in thought, And with a green and yellow melancholy, She sat like Patience on a monument, Smiling at grief.
Strana 311 - The inventor propofed, by the figures of the four fuits or colours, as the French call them, to reprefent the four ftates or clafles of men in the kingdom.
Strana xxxviii - J'en use d'autre sorte; et, me laissant guider, Souvent à marcher seul j'ose me hasarder. On me verra toujours pratiquer cet usage. Mon imitation n'est point un esclavage : Je ne prends que l'idée, et les tours, et les lois Que nos maîtres suivaient eux-mêmes autrefois. Si d'ailleurs quelque endroit plein chez eux d'excellence Peut entrer dans mes vers sans nulle violence, Je l'y transporte, et veux qu'il n'ait rien d'affecté, Tâchant de rendre mien cet air. d'antiquité.
Strana 283 - The tone of her voice was not harsh ; it had something in it humbled and disconsolate ; a mingled effort of authority and pleasure. Poor soul ! few were her visitors of that description — no wonder the creature barked...
Strana 238 - To John I ow'd great obligation ; But John unhappily thought fit To publish it to all the nation : Sure John and I are more than quit.
Strana 334 - ... loth to offer to the other two hundred shillings. God that sitteth in heaven laugheth their choice to scorn, and rewardeth their liberality as it should ; for he suffereth them to have tame and well-ordered horse, but wild and unfortunate children ; and therefore in the end they find more pleasure in their horse than comfort in their children.
Strana 282 - Her habitation was a wretched thatched hovel, situated on the way to Islington in the purlieus of Clerkenwell Bridewell, not very distant from the New River Head, where at that time it was usual for the scavengers to leave the cleansings of the streets, &c.
Strana xxxiii - From which ingredients first the dext'rous boy Pick'd the demure, the awkward, and the coy. The Graces from the court did next provide Breeding, and wit, and air, and decent pride: These Venus cleans'd from ev'ry spurious grain Of nice coquet, affected, pert, and vain. Jove mix'd up all, and the best clay employ'd; Then call'd the happy composition FLOYD.
Strana 64 - I A god of rank and station was so good To take a lady from a hideous wood, Brought her to all the pleasures of his court, Of love, and men, and music the resort ; Bid mirth and transport wait on her command ; Gave her a ball, and offered her his hand ; And she, quite country, obstinate, and mulish, Extremely fine, perhaps, but vastly foolish, Would neither speak, nor laugh, nor dance, nor sing...

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