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Merchant's Magazine:

Trades Man's Treasury,

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I. Arithmetick is Whole Numbers and Fractions, Vulgar and

Decimal ; with the Reason and Demonstration of each Rale; Adorn'd with

curious Copper. Curs of the chief Tables and Titles,
II. Merchants Accompts, or a most concise Way of Casting up

the value of Merchandize, Tare and Trett, Interest of Coin, Rule of Barter,
Lors and Gain, Fellowship, Equation of Payments, and several Matters relating

co Exchange, never before made Publick.
III. Book Keeping, after a Plain, Easie and Natural Method,

shewing how to Enter, Post, Clofe and Ballance an Accompt, &c.
IV. Marims concerning Bills of Exchange, Factors and Fa&orage :

The Law concerning Brokers, &c.
V. The post of Letters to and from Foreign countries; and the

Days when Males are sent to, and due from those Countries,
VI. An Account of the Commodities produced by all Countries:

Their chief Towns of Trade, and bigness of the Country compared with England.
VII. A Merchant or Trader's Dicionary, explaining the most difficult

Terms ufed in Trade.
VIII. Precedents of Merchants Writings; as, Bills of Lading, Invoyces,

Bills of Exchange, Letters of Credit, Charter-Parties, &c. With many other
Things not Extant before, as by the Table of Contents appears.
Accommodated chiefly to the Pra&tice of Merchants and Tradesinen:

Bur is likewise useful for Schools, Banks, Diversion of Gentlemen, Business
of Mechanicks, and Officers of the King's Custom and Excise.

quhe Severith Inprefiion Torreded and Improved.

By E. HATTON, Philomathemat.
Arbore deje&ta quivis ligna colligit. Juven.


Three Cro.

V, Ted for Chr. Coningsby, at the Ink-Bottle, over-against

Fetter-Lane, Fleet Street ; and Dan. Midwinter, at the
Paul's Church-Yard. MDCCXIX.

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