The Principles of Psychology, Svazek 1

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D. Appleton, 1883

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Strana 213 - The sense of space, and in the end the sense of time, were both powerfully affected. Buildings, landscapes, &c. were exhibited in proportions so vast as the bodily eye is not fitted to receive. Space swelled, and was amplified to an extent of unutterable infinity.
Strana 293 - is a definite combination of heterogeneous changes, both simultaneous and successive, in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences.
Strana 280 - ... which, on the average, agreeable or desired feelings went along with activities conducive to the maintenance of life, while disagreeable and habitually-avoided feelings went along with activities directly or indirectly destructive of life ; and there must ever have been, other things equal, the most numerous and long-continued survivals among races in which these adjustments of feelings to actions were the best, tending ever to bring about perfect adjustment.
Strana 199 - A whiff of ammonia coming in contact with the eyes, produces a smart ; getting into the nostrils, excites the consciousness we describe as an intolerably strong odour ; being condensed on the tongue, generates an acrid taste ; while ammonia applied in solution to a tender part of the skin, makes it burn, as we say.
Strana 206 - ... what we are conscious of as properties of matter, even down to its weight and resistance, are but subjective affections produced by objective agencies which are unknown and unknowable.
Strana 132 - For that which distinguishes Psychology from the sciences on which it rests, is, that each of its propositions takes account both of the connected internal phenomena and of the connected external phenomena to which they refer. In a physiological proposition an inner relation is the essential subject of thought ; but in a psychological proposition an outer relation is joined with it as a co-essential subject of thought. A relation In the environment rises into co-ordinate importance with a relation...
Strana 487 - To havo succeeded in gaining such attachment from, and sway over, another, is a proof of power which cannot fail agreeably to excite the amour propre. Yet again, the proprietary feeling has its share in the general activity : there is the pleasure of possession — the two belong to each other. Once more, the relation allows of an extended liberty of action.
Strana 151 - It is possible, then — may we not even say probable ?— that something of the same order as that which we call a nervous shock is the ultimate unit of consciousness ; and that all the unlikenesses among our feelings result from unlike modes of integration of this ultimate unit.
Strana 519 - From beginning to end, therefore, the development of nerve results from the passage of motion along the line of least resistance, and the reduction of it to a line of less and less resistance continually. The first opening of a route along which equilibrium is restored between a place where molecular motion is in excess and a place where it is in defect, comes within this formula.

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