The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, Svazek 5

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Mississippi Valley Historical Association, 1918

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Strana 37 - The Governor and Judges, or a majority of them, shall adopt and publish in the District, such laws of the original States, criminal and civil, as may be necessary, and best suited to the circumstances of the District...
Strana 231 - A country west of Missouri and Arkansas has been assigned to them, into which the white settlements are not to be pushed. No political communities can be formed in that extensive region, except those which are established by the Indians themselves or by the United States for them and with their concurrence.
Strana 19 - ... vote at any election in this State by reason of his failure to possess the educational qualifications herein prescribed, provided he shall have registered in accordance with the terms of this section prior to December 1, 1908.
Strana 32 - The prosperity of Texas has been the object of my labors, the idol of my existence — it has assumed the character of a religion for the guidance of my thoughts...
Strana 219 - ... for the repose of Europe as well as of America, the European and American political system should be kept as separate and distinct from each other as possible.
Strana 251 - ... all classes and persons upon precisely equal terms. That system has promoted an amount of immigration and settlement, of which the history of the world affords no other example; and it has produced to the United States a revenue which has averaged about half a million sterling per annum, and has amounted in one twelve month to above four millions sterling, or more than the whole expenditure of the Federal Government.
Strana 95 - Franklin, as president of the "Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery," etc., issued the following letter: — "AN ADDRESS TO THE PUBLIC. " From the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, and the Relief of Free Negroes unla-wfully held in Bondage.
Strana 149 - tis thine emblem — dust Is on thy brow. And I could love to die : To leave untasted life's dark, bitter streams — By thee, as erst in childhood, lie, And share thy dreams. And...
Strana 150 - Can gild the horrors of the gloom. But bitter, bitter are the tears Of her who slighted love bewails ; No hope her dreary prospect cheers, No pleasing melancholy hails. Hers are the pangs of wounded pride, Of blasted hope, of wither'd joy ; The flattering veil is rent aside, The flame of love burns to destroy.
Strana 37 - Governor, numerous, complicated and extensive, authorized and required him to adopt and publish such laws of the original States, criminal and civil, as might be necessary and best suited to the circumstances of the Territory...

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