Yearbook of the American Iron and Steel Institute

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American Iron and Steel Institute., 1924

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Strana 276 - Do the day's work. If it be to protect the rights of the weak, whoever objects, do it. If it be to help a powerful corporation better to serve the people, whatever the opposition, do that. Expect to be called a stand-patter, but don't be a stand-patter. Expect to be called a demagogue, but don't be a demagogue. Don't hesitate to be as revolutionary as science. Don't hesitate to be as reactionary as the multiplication table. Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.
Strana 12 - ... and that it interfered with family associations essential to the welfare of the children; that for these reasons it was, in a sense, opposed to the public interest. Whatever will be said against the twelve-hour day in the steel industry, investigation has convinced this committee that the same has not of itself been an injury to the employees, physically, mentally, or morally.
Strana 12 - It is asserted with confidence that there is less physical work, as a total per day, and less fatigue from the work of the twelve-hour day in the steel industry, than pertains to the large majority of the eighthour men. This is because in the former case there are more rest periods during the twelve hours on duty.
Strana 13 - Our investigation shows that if the twelve-hour day in the iron and steel industry should be abandoned at present, it would increase the cost of production on the average about 15 per cent; and there would be needed at least 60,000 additional employes.
Strana 276 - Not often do I see you or write you but I want you to know that if it were not for you I should not be here and I want to tell you how much I love you.
Strana 14 - If labor should become sufficient to permit it, the members of this committee would favor entirely abolishing the twelvehour day, provided the purchasing public would be satisfied with selling prices that justified it, and provided further that the employes would consent and that industry generally, including the farmers, would approve.
Strana 13 - moral" or "social" elements of a problem and its economic aspects runs counter to the teaching of religion. It exalts a misconceived "law of supply and demand" to a position of equal authority with the law of justice.
Strana 256 - Indians; we explore the heavens above, the earth beneath, and the waters under the earth — all these we do, and much more without the waving of bloody shirts or the planting of party platforms.
Strana 270 - I am impressed that in the reasoning of the report great weight should be attached to the fact that in the present shortage of labor it would cripple our entire prosperity if the change were abruptly made. In the hope that this question could be disposed of I am wondering if it would not be possible for the steel industry to consider giving an undertaking that before there shall be any reduction in the staff...
Strana 13 - It would be impossible, under existing conditions, to obtain a sufficient number of men to operate the plants on a three-shift basis up to a capacity which would supply the present necessities of the purchasing public. There are not now, under a two-shift practice at the furnaces, enough men to meet the demand for iron and steel.

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