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With triumphs,' mirth, and rare solemnity. In this play there is a strange mixture of know Comc, let us go; we will include all jars. ledge and ignorance, of care and negligence. The

Val. And, as we walk along, I dare be bold versification is often excellent, the allusions are With our discourse to make your grace to smile : learned and just ; but the author conveys his What think you of this page, my lord ?

heroes by sea from one inland town to another in Duke. I think the boy hath grace in him; he the same country: he places the emperor at Milan, blushes.

and sends his young men to attend him, but never Val. I warrant you, my lord ; more grace than mentions him more ; he makes Proteus, alter au boy.

intervicw with Silvia, say he has only seen her picDuke. What mean you by that saying ? ture: and, if we may credit the old copies, he has, Val. Please you, I'll tell you as we pass along, by mistaking places, left his scenery inextricable. That you will wonder what hath fortun'd. The reason of all this confusion seems to be, that Come, Proteus ; 'tis your penance, but to hear he took his story from a novel which he sometimes The story of your loves discovered:

followed and sometimes forsook; sometimes reThat done, our day of marriage shall be yours; inembered, and sometimes forgot. One feast, one house, one mutual happiness. That this play is rightly attributed to Shak

(Exeunt. speare, I have little doubt. If it be taken from hun,

to whom shall it be given? This question may be (1) Masks, revels. (2) Conclude. asked of all the disputed plays, except Titus An

dronicus ; and it will be found more credible, that Shakspearc might sometimes sink below his highest flights, than that any other should rise up to his llowest.




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Sir John Falstaft

(Robin, page to Falstaff. Fenton.

Simple, servant lo Slender. Shallow, a country justice.

Rugby, servant to Dr. Caius. Slender, cousin to Slullow,

Mrs. Ford. Mr. Page;}two gentlemen dwelling at Win-lsor. Mrs. Page. William Page, a boy, son to Mr. Page.

Mrs. Anne Page, her daughter, in love with Fenlon. Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh

Mrs. Quickly, servant lo Dr. Caius.
Dr. Caius, a French physician.
Host of the Garler Inn.

Servants to Page, Ford, fc.
Pistol, followers of Falstaff.

Scene, Windsor; and the parts adjacent.




Èva. It is not meet the council hear a riot; there is no fear of Got in a riot : the council, look you,

hear SCENE 1.-Windsor. Before Page's home shall desire to hear the fear of Got, and not to

Enter Justice Shallow, Slender, and Sir' Hugh" Shai. Hla? o my life, if I were young again, the Erans.

sword should end it. Shallovo.

Eva. It is petter that friends is the sword, and

jend it: and there is also another device in my Sir Hugh, persuade me not ; I will make a Ster hit here'is Anne Page, which is daughter to chamber inatter of it: if he were twenty Sir John moster George Page, which is pretty virginity, Falstafss, he shall not abuse Robert Shallow, es Plin. Mistress Anne Page? 'She has brown hair, quire.

and speaks small like a woman. Slen. In the county of Gloster, justice of peace, Eyd. It is that fery person for all the 'orld, as and coram.

just as you will desire; and seven buni, ed pounds Shal. Ay, cousin Slender, and cust-alorum. ?

of mones and gold, and silver, is her grandsire, Slen. Ay, and ratolorum too; and a gentleman upon his death's bed'(Got deliver to a joyfui resurborn, master parson; who writes himselt'armigero; rections !) give, when she is able to overtake seven. in any bill, warrant, quittance, or obligation, ar- teen years old! it were a goot motion, if we leave migero. Shal. Ay, that we do; and have done any time between masie: Abrahain, and mistress Anne

our pribbles ard prabbles, and desire a scarriage these three hundred years.

Page. Slen. Al his successors, gone before him, have

Shal. Did her stardsire leave her scvon hundred done't; and all his ancestors, that come after him, pound? may: they may give the dozen white luces in their

Eva. Ay, and her failer is make her a petter penny.

Shal. I know the young gentlewoman; the hus Shal. It is an old coat.

good gifts. Eva. The dozen white louses do become an old

Eva. Seven hundred pounds, and possibilities, is coat well; it agrees well, passant: it is a familiar

goot gists. beast to man, and signifies-love. Shal. The luce is the fresh fish; the salt fish is Falstaff there?

Shal. Well, let us sce honest master Page : is an old coat.

Eva. Shall I tell you a lic ? I do despise a liar, Slen. I may quarter, coz?

as I do despise one that is false; or, as I despise Shal. You may, by marrying:

one that is not true. The knight, sir John, is there; Era. It is marring indeed, if he quarter it.

and, I beseech you, be ruled by your well-willers. Shal, Not a whit. Era. Yes, py'r lady; if he has a quarter of your What, hoa ! Got pless your house here!

I will peat the door [knocks] for master Page. coat, there is but three skirts for yourself, in my simple conjectures : but that is allone : if Sir John Falstaff have committed disparagements unto you,

Enter Page. I am of the church, and will be glad to do my be pevolence, to make atonements and compromises

Page. Who's there?

Eva. Here is Got's plessing, and your friend, Shal. The councile shall hear it; it is a riot.

and justice Shallow : and here young master Slen

(3) By our. (4) Court of star-chamber (2) Custos .

(5) Advisement, 16) Soft.


between you.

my heart,


der; that, peradventures, shall tell you another tale, understand: that is, master Page, fidelicet, master if matters grow to your likings.

Page; and there is myself, fidelicet, myself; and Page. I am glad to see your worships well : I the three party is, lastsy and finally, mine host of thank you for my venison, master Shallow. the Garter.

Shal. Master Page, I am glad to see you ; much! Page. We three, to hear it, and end it between good do it your good heart! I wished your venison them. better; it was ill killed :-how doth good mistress Eva. Fery goot: I will make a prief of it in my Page?-and I love you always with iny heart, la ; note-book; and we will afterwards 'ork upon the with

cause, with as great discreetly as we can. Page. Sir, I thank you.

Fal. Pistol, Shal. Sir, I thank you; by yca and no, I do. Pist. He hears with cars. Page. I am glad to see you, good master Slen Eva. The tevil and his tam! what phrase is this,

Ile hears with ear? Why, it is affectatious. Slen. How does your fallow greyhound, sir? I Fal. Pistol, did you pick master Slender's purse? heard say, he was outrun on Cotsale.'

Slen. Ay, by these gloves, did he (or I would I Page. It could not be judg’d, sir.

might never come in mine own great chamber again Slen. You'll not confess, you'll not consess. else,) of seven groats in mill-sixpences, and two

Shal. That he will not;— 'tis your fault, 'lis your Edward shovel-boards," that cost me two shilling fault :-'tis a good dog.

and two pence apicce of Yead Miller, by these Page. A cur, sir.

gloves. Shal. Sir, he's a good dog, and a fair dog; can Fal. Is this true, Pistol ? there be more said? he is good, and fair. Is sir Era. No; it is false, if it is a pick-purse. John Falstuff here?

Pist. Ha, thou mountain-foreigner -Sir John, Page, Sir, he is within; and I would I could do and master mine, a good office between you.

I combat challenge of this latten bilbo :8
Eva. It is spoke as á christians ought to speak. Word of denial in thy labras' here;
Shal. He hath wrong'd me, master Page. Word of denial; froth and scum, thou liest.
Pare. Sir, he doth in some sort confess it.

Slen. By thesc gloves, then 'twas he. Shal, If it be confess’d, it is not redress'd; is not Nym. Be advised, sir, and pass good humours that so, master Page? he hath wrong'd me; in- I will say, marry trap, with you, if you run the deed, he hath ;-at a word, he hath ;-believe me ;-nuthook'sio humour on me; that is the very note of it. Robert Shallow, esquire, saith, he is wrong'd. Slen. By this hat, then he in the red face had it : Page. Here comes Sir Jolul.

for though I cannot remember what I did when you

made me drunk, yet I am not altogether an ass. Enter Sir Jolin Falstaff, Bardolph, Nym, and Fal. What say you, Scarlet and John ? Pistol.

Bard. Why, sir, for my part, I say, the gentle

mun had drunk himself out of his five sentences. Fa. Now, master Shallow; you'll complain or. Eva. It is his tive senses: fic, what the ignorance me to the king ?

is? Shal. Knight, you have beaten my men, killed Bard. And being fap'! sir, was as they say: my dcer, and broke open my lodge.

cashier'd; and so conclusions pass'd the careires. Full. But not kiss'd your keeper's daughter. Slen. Ay, you spake in Latin then too; but 'tis Shal. Tut, a pin! this shall be answer'd. no matter: I'll ne'er be drunk whilst I live again,

Fal. I will answer it straight;-I have done all but in honest, civil, godly company, for this trick: this :--that is now answer'd.

if I be drunk, I'll be drunk with those that have the Shal. The council shall know this.

fear of God, and not with drunken knaves. Ful. "Twere better for you, if it were known in Eva. So Got 'udge me, that is a virtuous mind. counsei: you'll be laugh'd at.

Fal. You hear all these matters denied, gentle Eva. Pauca rerbil, Sir John, good worts. men ; you hear it.

Fal. Good worts!? good cabbage.--Slender, I broke your head; what matter have you against Enter Mistress Anne Page with rine; Mistress

Ford and Mistress Page folloring. Slen. Marry, sir, I have matter in my head against you; and against your coney-catching?. Page. Nay, daughter, carry the wine in; we'll rascals, Bardolph, Nym, and Pistol. They carried drink within.

[Exit Anne Page. me to the tavern, and made me drunk, and aller Slen. O heaven! this is mistress Anne Page. wards picked my pocket.

Page. Ilow now, mistress Ford ? Bar. You Banbury cheese !*

Fal. Mistress Ford, by my troth, you are very Slen. Ay, it is no matter.

well met: by your leave, good mistress. · Pist. How now, Mephostophilus ?!

Ikissing her. Slen. Ay, it is no matter.

Page. Wise, bid these gentlemen welcome :-Nym. Slice, I say! parlca, p.iuca ; slice! that's Corne, we have a hot venison pasty to dinner; come, my humour.

gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindo Slen. Where's Simple, my man?-can you tell, ness. cousin ?

(Exeunt all but Shal. Slend, and Evans, Eva. Peace, I pray you! Now let us under Slen. I had rather than forty shillings, I had my stand: there is three umpires in this matter, as I book of songs and sonnets here:

me ?

(1) Cotswold in Gloucestershire.

(7) King Edward's shillings, used in the game Worts was the ancient name of all the cab.or shuffle-board. Dage kind.

(8) Blade as thin as a lath. (9) Lips. (3) Sharpers. (4) Nothing but paring. (10) Il you say I am a thief. (11) Drunk

The name of an ugly spirito 16' few words, 12) The bounds of good behaviour,

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