The American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, Svazek 73

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W.A. Townsend & Adams, 1916

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Strana 386 - ... the volume of breast milk but the amount of its fat content. But to accomplish this, it must be a real extract of malt and hops and not a cheap imitation.
Strana 571 - Professor of Diseases of Children, New York PostGraduate Medical School and Hospital; Visiting Physician to the New York Post-Graduate and German Hospitals; Consulting Physician to Isabella Home and Hospital, etc.
Strana 571 - Society and Godfrey Roger Pisek, MD. Sc.D., Professor of Diseases of Children and Attending Physician to the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital; Professor of Diseases of Children.
Strana 164 - ... the specialization essential in any well-organized hospital. 3. The College will ask the faculties of medical schools to consider the advisability of conferring a supplementary degree of proficiency in general surgery and in the various specialties of surgery. 4. The College will issue readable monographs, educational in nature, to the press, to the general public, to hospital trustees, and to the profession of medicine upon subjects of medical procedure and the whole meaning of fitness to practise...
Strana 180 - I), for the guinea-pig, intraeutaneoutly on the flexor surface of the forearm or arm. The contents of the bottle are sufficient for about 35 tests. On account of the fairly rapid deterioration, it is not advisable to use the diluted toxin after twelve to twentyfour hours.
Strana 858 - ... upon young and old who seek our advice in matters sexual. Certainly it is better, as St. Paul says, to marry than to burn, but if the former is not feasible there are other altars than those of Venus upon which a young man may light fires.
Strana 119 - Lives the light vow scarce longer than 'tis kept ? Ah, call not perfidy her fickle choice ! Ah, find not falsehood in an angel's voice ! True to one word, and constant to one aim, Let man's hard soul be stubborn as his frame ; But leave sweet woman's form and mind at will To bend and vary and be graceful still.
Strana 382 - ERYSIPELAS TREATED WITH WHOLE BLOOD FROM CONVALESCENT PATIENT: — AD Kaiser (Arch. Pediat, Amer. Jl. DW and Child.) reports a case of erysipelas in a girl six years old. Attempts to check it early were made with the usual methods — antistreptococcus serum, leukocyte extract and so forth. They seemed to have no effect on the course of the disease, the child's condition gradually becoming worse.
Strana 575 - The author has also seen it several times in aortic aneurism. Its presence in the delicate child is exceedingly suggestive of tuberculous involvement of the tracheobronchial glands. Occasionally enlargement of the bronchial glands is present when there is no change in the whispered voice. In old people in whom the usual physical signs of pulmonary tuberculosis are sometimes exceedingly difficult to elicit the character of the whispered voice in the interscapular space should always be ascertained,...
Strana 165 - ... or play of incident with a certainty not excelled by an utterly rational course. The Fellows of the College, in their widely scattered districts, fuse their consciousness of the organization with a splendid hope in their hearts to advance all that is important and valuable in the profession. This very attitude of mind is the first promise for the future of the College. It is a promise that admits of no defeat. It is a pledge of loyalty to medical patriotism which means loyalty to the public welfare...

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