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Welch, John Y., died at St. Louis | Brewer, Wm. P., enlisted February December 10, 1861.

Wright, Edmund F., captured at
Shiloh; discharged February 11,
Yowell, John.


Carlisle, Wm. H., captured at Black
River Bridge, Mississippi, August
15, 1863; died in rebel prison
March 22, 1864, at Raleigh, North

Dollarhide, Robt. H., enlisted Jan-
uary 1, 1864.

Griffin, John, enlisted January 5, 1864.

+Groves, Henry G.

Newman, Aaron, enlisted January 5, 1864.

Smith, Sidney, enlisted January 1,

Walter, Louis, enlisted February
15, 1862.
Wyman, Jacob.

Wilkin, William P., enlisted Sep-
tember 28, 1861; discharged Feb-
ruary 12, 1863.

5, 1864.

Lemmon, Thos. R.. enlisted April 26, 1864.


Owen, John E., discharged February
15, 1862.

Harlow, William F., died at St.
Louis November 20, 1861, of
measles and forced march.
Ridpath, Wm. M.

Reed, James B. F., captured at Shi-

Spaner, John G., veteranized January 1, 1864.

Spaner, Robert C., captured at Shiloh; died November 26, 1862.


Osborne, Lyman, captured at Shiloh;
died September 16, 1863, at Camp
Sherman, Mississippi.

Puitt, John, captured at Shiloh.
Stotes, David.

McGrew, William, enlisted April
22, 1864.


This is one of the noblest regiments of the State, and to have been a member of it is honor enough for any soldier. Its history is long and eventful-beyond the limits prescribed in this book. It was organized in February, 1862, mustered in March 14th, and joined Grant's army at Pittsburg Landing in April, where it went through its "bloody baptism," losing in two days over one-fourth its number. Briefly, its history may be summed up in nine divisions:

I. Pittsburg Landing-Battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862.

II. Siege of Corinth-Summer and fall of 1862-Bolivar-Iuka-Battle of Corinth, October 3d and 4th-Pursuit of Rebels to Ripley-Returu to Corinth October 13th.

III. Winter Campaign, 1862--Grand Junction-Holly Springs-Oxford-Abbeville-Yockena Station--Return to Lafayette-Memphis-Front of Vicksburg--Milliken's Bend-Providence-Canal digging to connect the Mississippi with bayous Macon and Tensas.

IV. Vicksburg Campaign-Miliken's Bend-Holmes' PlantationGrand Gulf-Haine's Bluff--Warrenton--Mechanicsville Expedition-Rear *Enlisted August 12, 1861. +Enlisted August 10, 1861.

Veteranized January 1, 1864.

of Vicksburg-Black River Expedition-Messenger's Ferry-Jackson-Return to Vicksburg.

V. Fall and Winter, 1863-4-Expedition to Monroe, Louisiana, in August; to Jackson in October; to Redbone in December; Meridian in February, 1864; Veteran furlough in March and April; thence to Huntsville. Alabama.

VI. Summer Campaign of 1864-Huntsville-Decatur--Rome-Ackworth-Sherman's March-Battles of Big Shanty, Noonday Creek, Brushy Mountain, Kenesaw, Nick-a-jack Creek, Atlanta, July 20 to 28-Jonesboro -Lovejoy-Atlanta.

VII. Fall Campaign of 1864--Reconnoisance to Powder SpringsPursuit of Hood to Reseca-Gaylesville-Marietta July 5—March to the Sea-Savannah, November and December, 1864.

VIII. Winter Campaign through the Carolinas-Beaufort-Battles of Garden Corner and Poctaligo, January 14th; Salkahatchie, February 3d; Orangeburg, February 12th; Columbus, February 13th; Fayetteville, March 11th; Bentonsville, March 20th; on to Goldsboro. This was one of the most arduous campaigns in the history of the regiment. Its marches by night through swamps for hours, waist deep, amongst dense forests and snags, will never be forgotten. For its promptness and heroism it received the special commendation of commanding officers.

IX. Closing Campaign-Northward to "finish the job "--RaleighReview by Gen. Grant--April 23d, Jones' Station-Surrender of JohnsonMarch to Petersburg-Richmond--Washington-Louisville-Muster out July 24th, 1865-Home again at Davenport July 29th.

Out of 1,763 men who were members of the regiment during its organization, 1,051 were absent, killed, died, or crippled for life; proof of valor, patriotism, and love of country. It suffered more casualties than any regiment sent from the State. It carried its battle-flag 7,898 miles, and it now haugs in the State arsenal, torn in shreds by leaden hail, a cherished relic of heroic deeds.

The regiment had three colonels: Hugh T. Reid, W. W. Belknap, promoted to brigadier-general, and J. M. Hedrick, promoted to brigadier-general by brevet. General Belknap subsequently became Secretary of War, a just and marked recognition of the merits of this regiment. The casualties will be found on page 184. Marion county was represented in companies A, C, G,I and K, and on the staff; to-wit.,

William T. Cunningham, major, wounded at Shiloh; promoted to lieutenant-colonel, August 1, 1862.

Rufus H. Eldridge, quartermaster-sergeant; promoted to first lieutenant company K, February 1, 1862.

Elisha Elliott, commissary-sergeant; promoted to quartermaster Twenty third infantry August 11, 1862.

Cornelius Englefield, hospital steward.

Henry Metz, drum major.

T. Cunningham, fife-major.


Martin, John, enlisted February 3, 1862; veteranized February 20, 1664.


Marinus, enlisted January 4, 1862; promoted to third corporal March 1, 1862; wounded at Shiloh.


Autry, Simon P., enlisted November 1, 1861; wounded at Shiloh; discharged August 20, 1862. Fry, Edward, enlisted January 1,


Gibbs, James, enlisted January 1, 1862.

Hartley, Francis M., enlisted October 17, 1862; promoted to wag


Van Morrell, Henry, enlisted October 17, 1862; died October 11, 1864, at Marrietta, Georgia.

Van der Linder, Laccus, enlisted Jannary 1, 1862; discharged March 26, 1863.


William T. Cunningham, captain; promoted to major August 1, 1862; wounded at Corinth, October 3, 1862; resigned January 6, 1863. +Roumlus L. Hanks, first lieutenant; promoted to captain August 1, 1862; wounded at Corinth; resigned August 26, 1864.

William M. Cathcart, second sergeant; promoted to second lieutenant August 1, 1862; killed at Corinth.

+Amos H. Gray, third sergeant. +Isaiah M. Welch, fourth sergeant; promoted to first lieutenant December 15, 1864.

Joseph W Stanfield, fifth sergeant; transferred to company K. Clark D. Mathew, first corporal; wounded at Shiloh; discharged at Corinth, July 18, 1862. Martin V. Stanfield, third corporal;

died at Keokuk, February 16, 1862. +Nathan S. Hays, fourth corporal; wounded at Shiloh; reduced to ranks June 23, 1862.

Henry Metz, musician; promoted to fife major July 19, 1862. T. A. H. Cunningham, musician; transferred to company K.

*Enlisted October 24, 1861.


Amon. Joseph, wounded at Shiloh; discharged August 21, 1862. Bates, John A., died at Keokuk, January 25, 1862.

Bunn, David H., discharged June 30, 1862.

Booth, John F., discharged De. cember 17, 1862.

Bidgood, William, died January 8, 1862.

Brobst, Albert M.,promoted to fourth corporal November 25, 1862; transferred May 20, 1864, for promotion in U. S. colored infantry. +Bye, Edwin P., promoted to third corporal; reduced to ranks; pronoted to second sergeant August 1, 1862, to second lieutenant October 4, 1862, to first lieutenant March 7, 1863, to captain August 27, 1864. Beebout, William H., died June 17, 1862, at Sixth division hospital. Booth, Hurston, transferred to company K, February 1, 1862.

Booth, Joseph, discharged December 17, 1862.

Copeland, Samuel, died at Bolivar, Tennessee, August 28, 1862. Corkins, Marion, transferred to company K, February 1, 1862. Davis, John G., promoted to third corporal April 23, 1862.

Duncan, James W., transferred to company K.

+Dewey [Denny], George W. +Essex, Hiram, wounded at Corinth. Eldridge, Rufus H., transferred to company K.

Elliott, Elisha W., promoted to commissary-sergeant Sept. 8, 1862. Essex, Alexander, wounded at Corinth.

Feagins, Grauville, killed at Shiloh. Glenn, Jesse V., discharged November 9, 1862.

Glenn, James, W., discharged January 30, 1864.

+Veteranized December 6, 1863.

Gray, John F., discharged Novem- | Shoemaker, Enos.

ber 2, 1863.

+Harger, John, promoted to seventh corporal June 30, 1862. Heatley, James B., promoted to fourth corporal June 30, 1862; killed at Corinth.

+Hannon, John, wounded at Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia, June 20, 1864.

Jeffres, Thomas, died at Monterey, Tennessee, June 7, 1862. +James, Lyman H. +Lawhead, Alfred. +McNeal, Alfred.

+McClure, Robert M., promoted to second corporal February 1, 1862; returned to ranks June 30, 1862. Mart, Marion, captured at Holly Springs, Mississippi, December 20, 1862; discharged March 31, 1863. Metz, Charles, transferred for promotion in the Mississippi Marine brigade.

+McGilvery, Alexander. Middlesworth, Bartholomew, wounded at Corinth; discharged November 2, 1862; died while en route home.

May, Draper, died September 29, 1863, at Memphis, Tennessee. Nitheron, David, discharged July 2,


Owen, Henry.

Stalcop, Mathias, transferred to company K.

Stanfield, Samuel.

Toverea, John, wounded at Shiloh; discharged August 1, 1862. Welch, John A., discharged June 30, 1862.

Welch, James L., transferred for promotion to colored troops. Walker, Charles, promoted to sixth corporal February 1, 1862; transferred to company K.

White, John, wounded at Shiloh; discharged for wounds September 15, 1862.

Newell, William, discharged October, 1862.

McVay, Jacob, wounded at Shiloh; promoted to fifth sergeant October 4, 1862; to second sergeant August 1, 1864; to second lieutenant December 22, 1864.


McNeal, Anderson, March 22, 1862. Amon, Joseph, December 23, 1863; re-enlisted.

Wagoner, Houston, December 28, 1863.

Adkins, Martin, February 14, 1864. Cooper, George H., February 4, 1864.

Clark, John C., March 2, 1864.

Overton, Stephenson, died at Quincy, Davis Jerome, February 14, 1864;

Illinois, July 18, 1862.

Ralph, James A.

Riddlen Timothy, wounded at Corinth.

Spencer, Darwin, died June 1, 1862, at Monterey, Tennessee. +Sanders, John W.

+Sanders, Richard, wounded at Ken-
esaw Mountain, July 3, 1864; died
July 4th of wounds.
+Smith, Samuel C.

Stone, Freeman, .wounded at Shiloh.
Swaggart, Daniel, promoted to first
corporal June 30, 1862; discharged
December 2, 1862.
Sherwood, William T.

+Veteranized December 6, 1863.

wounded near Marietta, Georgia, June 25, 1864; died of wounds June 27, 1864.

Estes, Jesse M., January 5, 1864. Griffin, James T., January 3, 1864;

wounded at Bentonville, South Carolina, March 21, 1865. Hitton, George, January 8, 1864. Henry, George W., January 3, 1864. Larew, James, February 29, 1864. Leibey, Geo. B., February 1, 1864. Lee, James A., March 28, 1864; wounded at Nickajack Creek, July 4, 1864.

Lee, Andrew, March 28, 1864.
Miller, David F., February 11, 1864.

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