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immediately started for town to learn the truth of the statement. Twelve miles she rode, unprotected and alone, through the darkness of night to learn that he was dead and must have a common burial with comrades and strangers, on that bloody battle-field.


The population of Union township by the United States census of 1870





The population in 1875 was 700; in 1880, 707.

The following are the present township officers:

Trustees-D. B. Horsman, A. C. Sumner and W. E. Hyer.
Justices of the peace-G. W. Franks and W. Blain.

Constable-F. M. Womacks.

Clerk-Amos Moomaw.

Assessor-M. V. Harsin.




A post-office called Lucas Grove was established in 1875, in section 16. J. W. Smithson was the first, present and only post-master.

There are in the township three saw-mills and one saw and grist-mill. The M. E. Church was organized in 1874. The congregation having no house of worship meets in the Rees school-house, located near the center of the township.

The following were the first members of the society: J. E. Rees and wife, D. B. Horsman and wife, Mrs. May E. Worthington, Miss Emma Worthington, Mrs. Ann Harsin, Jasper Nye and wife, H. D. Lucas and wife. The society now numbers about twenty members. Rev. A. H. Shaffer has been their pastor. There is a Sunday-school in connection with the church which numbers about thirty pupils. Amos Moomaw is superintendent and Miss Cora Moomaw secretary.

The Christian Church was organized in 1878. Services are held at the Prickett school-house. There are about thirty members.


AMOS, JAMES Sec. 3, P., O Red Rock was born March 16th, 1822, in Highland county, Ohio, where he remained with his parents till 1848, when he came to Marion county, Iowa, and remained until 1851, when he returned to his old home in Ohio and returned to Marion county in 1857. He owns a farm of 540 acres on which is situated a barn and house, both of which denote comfort and prosperity. He was married to Miss Martha A. Brown, of Highland county, Ohio, August 24th, 1845. She was born November 6th, 1829. They have six children living: Narcissus, J. B., Forrest, H. J., Laura and A. H. They have four deceased. Mr. Amos served one year in the Mexican War.

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ARNES, WILLIAM--Farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 18, P. O. Pleasantville. One of the most prominent stock-raisers and farmers of Union township is the subject of this sketch. He was born in Pike county, Illinois, in 1841, and is the son of Ninevah and Sobrina Barnes. William came to Marion county with his parents in 1853, and was here raised to manhood and educated. His boyhood days were spent in tilling the soil and to this he has principally adhered, being a constant resident of this county with the exception of five years sojourn on the Pacific slope, engaged in mining. Mr. Ninevah Barnes has been closely identified among the pioneer agriculturists and respected citizens. The subject of the sketch married in 1871 Miss Matilda Bacon, a native of Marion county, daughter of Samuel Bacon, one of the Marion county pioneers. Their union has been blessed by three children: Girtie D., Miles O., and R. Loretto. His estate consists of 260 acres of choice land and his buildings are among the finest in the township, the barns and sheds being well adapted for his extensive stock-raising.

BUNTING, HENRY-Farmer and stock-dealer, Sec. 16, P. O. Knoxville. He was born November 7th, 1835, in Muskingum county, Ohio, and is a son Eli and Hannah; the former of Virginia, the latter of Ohio. When twenty-one years of age he went to Henderson county, Illinois, where he remained five years, and in the fall of 1866 he moved to Marion county. He came here in meager circumstances and he now owns a farm of 331 acres, which is well adapted to the raising of all kinds of stock. Mr. Bunting makes a specialy of buying and selling stock and has been very successful in this business. January 1, 1863, Miss Nancy A. Cornell, became his wife. She was born July 28, 1840, in Hancock county, Illinois. They have six children, four of whom are living: John E., Joseph E., Emma C. and Elfie A.


BURCH, Wм.-Farmer, Sec. 16, P. O. Lucas Grove. Was born February 25, 1822, in Barren county, Kentucky, where he spent his young days on a farm. He first came to this State in 1843, but only remained one season, when he returned to Kentucky. In 1846 he took a trip to Texas with the intention of locating there, but not being so well satisfied as with the State of Iowa, he returned home and in 1851 came to Marion county. He owns a farm of 130 acres, 10 acres of which are timber. Has been twice married; first, to Sarah J. Kinslow, a native of Kentucky, June 19, 1849. By this union they have three children: Eugenia, Sarah F. and Aaron S. Was married to Miss Pheba H. Funk, his present wife, a native of Indiana, and have seven children: Trizali K., Leonard G., Jessie A., Lincoln E., Albinus H., Joseph R. and Jared W. One deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Burch are members of the Baptist Church.


ROOKHAM, H.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 29, P. O. Pleasantville. Was born September 8th, 1812, in Jackson county, Ohio, and was raised in his native county on a farm. In 1838 he removed to Ross county where he was largely engaged in feeding stock. In 1874 he emigrated to Iowa and settled in Marion county, where he has large landed interest, comprising about 2,000 acres in Iowa, besides 1,000 acres in Ohio. Mr. Crookham has proved a valuable acquisition to the agricultural interest of the county, and he is preparing to build him a dwelling that will be an ornament to the county. He has been twice married; first, to Mrs. Elizabeth Davis (whose maiden name was Hayes), February 22, 1840. She died September 14, 1865. His second marriage occurred April 3, 1866, to Miss

Mary Montgomery, of Chillicothe, Ohio, born February 9th, 1845. She is a daughter of David and Sarah Montgomery, her father being a prominent merchant of that city. Their family consists of six children: Elizabeth (born April 8th, 1867), Charles D. (born January 15, 1869), Horace (bor November 27, 1870), George L. (born April 3, 1873), Nellie S. (born October 16, 1875), Minnie M. (born Dec. 10, 1877).

CROSSEN, MRS. M. I.-Widow of John Crossen, Sec. 16, P. 0. Knoxville. She was born May 28th, 1831, in Fayette county, Pennsyl vania. Remained with her parents until she had attained the age of fifteen years, when they moved to Athens county, Ohio, where she became the wife of John Crossen on the 3d day of February, 1857. In the same year they moved to Mahaska county, Iowa, where he was engaged in farming until the spring of 1878, when they moved to Marion county. He died September 24, 1878. They have nine children, eight of whom are living: Louisa V., Mary E., Emma J., Martha B., Wm. D., Jessie O., Charles I. and Franklin W. Lost one.

ENTON, JOHN-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 20, P. O. Lucas Grove. Was born June 21st, 1797, in the county Kerry, Ireland. and was raised to manhood, educated and followed agricultural pursuits until 1847. In that year he bade adieu to the gem of the sea for to seek his fortunes in America. He landed in New York City, which he made his home for a time and subsequently, resided in Ohio, Indiania and Wisconsin, coming to Marion county in 1868. He married in Indiana Miss Mary Kelleher, a native of the county Kerry, Ireland. They have seven children by this union: Ann, Ellen, John, Bridget, Patrick, Simon and Thomas. Mr. Fenton came to his adopted country in very humble circumstances, and by untiring industry and skillful management has secured a fair competency. His estate consists of 160 acres of as fine land as there is in Union township. In stock-raising he does a business that will compare favorably with any in the neighborhood. Himself and family are members of the Catholic Church and are among its staunch supporters.


FRANKS, G. W.--Sec. 32, P. O. Pleasantville. Was born August 12, 1833, in Fayette county, Pennsylvania. He remained in his native county until fifteen years of age, when with his parents he moved to Wayne county Ohio, where he remained about fifteen years engaged in agricultural pursuits, excepting in the year 1857, which time he spent in Iowa, Missouri and Dakota, and the summer of 1860 in Michigan. the spring of 1863 he moved to Mahaska county, Iowa, where he remained until the spring of 1864, when he moved to Marion county, locating in Pleasantville for the season, and in the latter part of winter he moved on the farin where he now resides, consisting of 207 acres. He was elected a member of the board of supervisors in the fall of 1865; has been justice of the peace for four years and holds the same for the next two years. Was married to Miss M. E. Walker, of Marion county, Indiana, May 18, 1863. They have had nine children, six of whom are living: T. J., J. W., Charles, Orpha, Olive and Frank. They have three de


OWSARE, J. A.--Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 16, P. O. Lucas Grove. Was born October 5, 1830, in Bedford county, Pennsylvania. At the age of two years came with his parents to Coshocton county, Ohio, where he spent his boyhood days. He moved to Marion county in the year 1856, where he remained, engaged in agricultural pursuits, un

til 1860, when he moved to Wabash county, Indiana, where he remained. about three years, and returned to Marion county. He owns 311 acres of land, 280 of which are in cultivation, and 31 acres timber. He has been a member of the M. E. Church about six years. Was married in August, 1855, to Miss Margaret Smith, of Coshocton county, Ohio. She died January 16, 1880, leaving two children: Marian and Ira.

T. K.-Miller, Sec. 31, P. O. Pleasantville. Was born

August 1, 1821, in Athens county, Ohio, and raised a farmer. In 1847 he enlisted in the Mexican War. After his discharge be returned home, and for one year was engaged in boat building. He also worked at this business three years before going into the army. He then engaged in mill-wrighting and milling. In 1851 he came to Van Buren county, Iowa, and lived there for some time, working in various counties at his trade. He returned to his native county and remained there two years, and once more came to Iowa, living in various places until 1860, when he went to Adams county and engaged in farming until 1863; then went to Madison county and engaged in milling. In 1866 he came to this county, and since that time has been engaged in the milling business. He first purchased a saw-mill, which was situated six miles up the river, and built in addition to that a flouring-mill and moved both to their present location in 1871. He owns thirteen acres of ground on which is located a coal mine, known as Mohler's Coal Mine. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge. Wa as married to Miss Maria Balcom, a native of Canandaigua, Ontario county, New York. She was born September 5, 1831. Have nine children: Íra J., M. A., Samuel, Almira P., Hiram B., Ziba, Elmer G., T. K., Clarence L. Lost three.

MOOMAW, AMOS--Farmer and stock-raiser. Was born June 24, 1834, in Ross county, Ohio, where he was raised and educated. At the age of nineteen years he began teaching school, which he followed most of the time for eight years in his native county, and then was engaged in agricultural pursuits for a time, after which he moved to Boerneville, Ohio, and engaged in the hotel business for one year; then moved to Bainbridge, Ohio, where he was engaged in the butcher business for most three years. He then moved to Hillsborough, Highland county, Ohio, where he was engaged in the mercantile business for three years, and in the summer of 1869 he moved to Marion county and engaged in teaching school for four years. He then purchased the drug store in Red Rock, which business he followed for three years when he traded his store for part of the land which he now occupies. He owns 200 acres: also owns property in Red Rock, consisting of four lots, on which is located a very fine residence. Has been clerk of his township for the last year. He is a member of the Dunkard Church and was appointed minister of the same on the twenty-second day of May, 1880. He has been twice married; first, to Miss Maggie J. Ferrell, of Ross county, Ohio, June 30, 1859. She died September 9, 1878, leaving a family of three children: James, Cora and Harry. Was married the second time September 2, 1880, to Mrs. Maggie E. Young, whose maiden name was Taylor. She has one child by her former husb and, Samuel A Young.

REES, ALFRED-Farmer, Sec. 10, P. O. Lucas Grove. Was born in

Berkley county, Virginia, February 4, 1811, spent his boyhood days on a farm with his parents. When he attained the age of nineteen years

he learned the carpenter and cabinet trade. He followed his trade in Frederickstown until the age of twenty-one, when he went to Highland county, Ohio, to make his home. He worked in Dayton eleven months, and in Goshen, Indiana, three months; in the fall returned to his home in Ohio: in the spring, in connection with his trade, he was engaged in agricul tural pursuits, until 1849, when he came to Iowa and became a citizen of Marion county. He owns a farm of eighty acres and has given to his children over 1.200 acres. He was married March 17, 1835, to Miss Nancy Amos, of Highland county, Ohio. She was born February 2, 1820. They have eleven children, five of whom are living: Martha J., J. W., Mary E John H. Have six deceased.

REES, JAMES W.-Sec. 33, P. O. Red Rock. A prominent agricultur ist and stock-dealer of Marion county. He was born in Fayette county, Ohio, October 1, 1843, at which place he lived with his parents, on a farm, until about twelve years of age, when they moved to Randolph county, Indiana, where he remained until 1871, when he came to Marion county. Mr. Rees is engaged, at the present time, principally in the buying and shipping of stock, and has had very good success in this business. He owns 400 acres of land, most of which is equal to any in the county. He was married to Miss Melda C. Judy, of Greene county, Ohio, February 1, 1866. She was born July 4, 1848. They have three children: Montraville, (born February 14, 1868), Adda J. (born March 20, 1874), Fred E. (born January 20, 1880). Mr. Rees is one of the present trustees of his township.

RUCKMAN, AMOS-Retired farmer, Sec. 11, P. O. Red Rock. Wss born in Barren county, Kentucky, February 17, 1806. In 1852 he moved to Marion county, Iowa. Entered land, on which he now resides. He has been a hard working, honorable and an upright man. He and his son, E. B., possess 845 acres of land. He was justice of the peace two years, 1857-8. He was married to Miss Amanda T. Houck, a native of Barren county, Kentucky, January 14, 1836. They have had three sons, two of whom were killed in the late war, 1863: John L. and Joseph. E. B RUCKMAN, the only living son of Amos Ruckman, is now living with his parents. He was born April 28, 1837, in Barren county, Kentucky. He came to Marion county with his parents at the time before mentioned. He is now one of the most influential farmers and stock-raisers in Marion county. He has recently purchased some of Kentucky's finest bred cattle. He was county surveyor for a term of three years, 1863-66. He was married to Miss Charity Walker, of Ross county, Ohio, March 17, 1859. Nine children were the fruit of this union, eight of whom are living: Robert Q (born December 20, 1859), Mary E. (born October 9, 1861), Eliza J. (born December 28, 1863), John L. (born January 25, 1868), Joseph I. (born July 4, 1870), Zaccheus (born April 4, 1873), Martha S. (born January 29, 1876), Wm. Clyde (born May 17, 1878). Hannah (deceased, born February 8, 1866). Her death was caused by lightning, May 25, 1878. Mrs. Charity Ruckman's death occurred in January, 1881.

RUSSELL, S. E.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 17, P. O. Lucas Grove. Was born June 2, 1834, in Greene county, Pennsylvania. He spent his boyhood days on a farm with his parents. Came to Marion county in the spring of 1869. He owns a farm of forty acres. Was married November 15, 1858, to Miss Elizabeth McClure, of Greene county, Pennsylvania. By this union have six children living: Buena Vista (born August 17, 1859),

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