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Johnes, Oscar L., discharged April | 20, 1862. Keables, Alonzo F., promoted to third sergeant November 1, 1861. Kline, Reuben K., captured while foraging February 20, 1863. Latham, Edwin R. Lewis, Eliphalet L.

Lindsey, Eli H., killed at Jackson, Mississippi, July 12, 1863. McKinnis, Henry.

+McClelland, Mailison, promoted drummer October 18, 1861. Meyer, Jacob.

Metz, Theodore, died at Corinth, Mississippi, June 15, 1862. Molesworth, Thomas L., died April 21, 1862, of wounds at Shiloh. McCorkle, James E., promoted to fifth sergeant January 4, 1864. +Moore, Napoleon B., promoted fifth corporal July 7, 1861; wounded at Shiloh.

Nutter, Francis M.

Oleny, W., transferred Jan. 21, 1864, to colored regiment for promotion. Pettit, James L.

Parrish, William O. Paul, James M. Rhoads, James F.

Ream, Isaac, promoted wagoner
April 10, 1861.

Ream, Emanuel, wounded at Hatchie
October 5, 1862; discharged Jan-
nary 6, 1863.
Robertson, Thomas W.

Standwood, Miles O, wounded accidentally April 9, 1862. Smith, Aaron.

Shepherd, William J.,. killed at
Jackson Mississippi.
Sperry, Emery F., wounded at Shi-

loh; discharged August 4, 1862. Stone, Melvin, wounded at Jackson, Mississippi; discharged for wounds November 23, 1863.

Totten, William H., died July 9, 1862, at La Grange, Tennessee. Taylor, Philip, discharged March 31, 1862.

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Bousquet, John J., November 23, Burch, John T., November 23. Burch, Richard M., November 23; wounded at Shiloh.

Killenberger, John H., November 1; wounded at Shiloh.

Nickols, Elias L., November 23; wounded at Jackson, Mississippi, and July 12, 1864, at

Nickols, Newton H., November 23, wounded at Shiloh; discharged January 24, 1864.

Parish, Örson B., November 23. Simpson, John W., September 3; discharged February 12, 1862. Stanfield, Asbury, October 18.. Norris, Adin, November 23; captured at Canton, Mississippi, Feburary 27, 1864.

Cecil, Hazel, F.; wounded discharged June 29, 1865. Stanley, Goldbury B., November 23; transferred February 15, 1864.

Veteranized in the Second consolidated regiment. +In 1861, unless otherwise noted.

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The Eighth infantry was organized during the summer of 1861, rendezvonsed at Davenport, moved to St. Louis in September, where it remained two weeks, received its equipment and moved to Syracuse, where it was stationed for three months engaged in scouting and pursuing Price in his retreat through Arkansas. It returned to Sedalia, in November, and went into winter quarters. In March following, it went by steamer to Pittsburg Landing, arriving just before the battle of Shiloh, in which it was engaged and was its first battle. It was commanded by Colonel Geddes, its first colonel, Frederick Steele, having been promoted to brigadier-general. In this battle the regiment, with the Second, Seventh, Twelfth, and Fourteenth Iowa regiments on its right, held an important position, the Eighth being the connecting link between the divisons of Wallace and Pentiss to defend a battery placed in front of them. The struggle to capture this battery by the enemy was desperate, and the Eighth lost heavily in stubbornly and successfully defending, losing nearly two hundred in killed and wounded. Colonel Geddes was severely wounded in the leg; Major Anderson was severely wounded in the head, thus imposing increased labor upon Lieutenant-colonel Ferguson, who received special mention for his gallantry. His reckless exposure of his person to the enemy evidenced his prowess and bravery. After maintaining their position from early in the morning until after four o'clock, Prentiss' line gave away, on the left of the regiment, and fled to the Landing, when, there being no opposition in front, the enemy swept around to the rear of the Eighth and thus effected its capture about six o'clock in the evening, together with a greater portion of the Twelfth and Fourteenth Iowa and Fifty-eighth Illinois. Companies I, C and H of the Eighth, partially escaped capture, and were subsequently attached to the Union brigade, which fought in the advance of Corinth with the second division. The Eighth was the last to leave the advance line of the Union army at Shiloh on that terrible Sunday battle. It could have retreated and saved itself from capture, but its motto was to obey orders, and it was left alone to defend itself and the battery before it for an hour after its supporting column had fled in terror from the field. From this date the paths of companies E, H and I diverged. The history of companies H and I is that of the Union brigade. The troops captured, were sent to Corinth, thence to Memphis, Mobile and Montgomery, where they were placed in cotton-sheds and treated badly for six weeks, when they were moved to Macon, Georgia, and were worse treated, being shot down without. provocation for three months, when they were taken to Libby prison and there exchanged, when they were permitted to come home on furlough, and in December the regiment was re-organized, and in the spring of 1863 joined Grant's army at Milliken's Bend, being assigned to third brigade, third divivion, Fifteenth army corps, which it accompained in all its tedious marches through Mississippi. It did not go with the army to Chattanooga, but remained at Vicksburg until winter, when it re-enlisted as veterans, came home on furlough, and returning, was ordered to Memphis, where it remained on provost duty nearly a year. It was while there, in August, Forest made his dash into the city. It was at the capture of Spanish Fort,

in the seige of Mobile, the regiment most distinguished itself on the eighth of April, 1865. It was the only regiment that engaged the enemy inside of his work. It captured three stand of colors, five pieces of artillery and four hundred and fifty prisoners, seven of whom were commissioned officers. For its gallantry on this occasion it was permitted to inscribe "Spanish Fort" on its banner. The regiment remained in the vicinity of Mobile until the spring of 1866, when, April 20, they were inustered out at Selma, Alabama, and those not otherwise accounted for mustered out then. Marion county was represented in companies E, H and I, and on the staff; to wit.,

John C. Ferguson, lieutenant-colonel.


John L. McCormack, captain; captured at Shiloh; resigned July 3,


Henry B. Cooper, second lieutenant; captured at Shiloh; promoted first lieutenant July 4, 1863; mustered out January 15, 1865. Walker Ream, first sergeant; reduced to third sergeant; discharged June 5, 1862. William W. Ferguson, first sergeant; captured at Shiloh; died in rebel prison at Macon, Georgia, August 13, 1862.

Alex. M. Clark, fourth sergeant; promoted to second sergeant; to second lieutenant July 4, 1863; to first lieutenant January 18, 1864; to captain March 3, 1865; captured at Shiloh.

John Q. Bishop, fifth sergeant, promoted to third sergeant, February 18, 1862.

Benj F. Wolfe, first corporal; wounded at Shiloh.

John H. Patterson, second corporal; killed at Shiloh.

John C. Finley, third corporal, killed at Shiloh.

Charles McCollough, fourth corporal; reported color sergeant February 19, 1862; captured at Shiloh; discharged for promotion March, 6,


Albert Groom, fifth corporal; killed at Shiloh.

Lemuel Kinkead, sixth corporal; wounded at Shiloh; discharged Augustus B. Stanfield, seventh corJanuary 29, 1864. poral.

David W. Rea, eighth corporal; George Fort, musician. captured at Shiloh. Wm. Jacob, musician.


Allen, Harlan, wounded and captured at Shiloh; transferred March 15, 1864 to invalid corps. Andrews, Thomas R., died of smallpox at Sedalia, Missouri, December 31, 1861.

Bacon, William, captured at Shiloh; wounded at Spanish Fort. Brewer, Albert, wounded at Shiloh; veteranized as corporal.

Banta, Benj. F., wounded at Shiloh; veteranized as corporal.

Boughman, Francis M., wounded at Shiloh; died of wounds April 15, 1862.

Clark, Jesse W., wounded at Corinth; captured at Jackson, Mississippi, July 10, 1862.

Curtis, Henry G., captured at Shiloh. Conwell, Joseph, killed at Shiloh. +Croy, David, wounded at Corinth, discharged March 1, 1866.

Coats, Josiah G., discharged April 26, 1862.

Catrell, Andrew J., discharged January 13, 1862.

*Enlisted August 13, 1861, unless otherwise stated. Veteranized January 1, 1864.

Cloe, Philip A., died September 6, | Newman, David, wounded at Cor1863, at Sedalia, Missouri. Druse, Stephen L.

Deem, Melvin H., wounded at Shiloh and Corinth.

Ferguson, John C., promoted to major September 23, 1861; to lieutenant-colonel February 7,


Fowler, Zebina H., wounded at Shiloh.

Garton, William.

Henderson, Robert A., captured at Shiloh.

Hughes, Thomas, wounded and captured at Shiloh; died in rebel prison at Macon, Georgia, August 5, 1862.

Inman, Abel.

Jessup, Solomon P., captured at Shiloh; wounded at Spanish Fort. Lawhead, William, captured at Shiloh; died in rebel prison at Macon, Georgia, October 7, 1862. Long, Nicholas M., died September

2, 1862, at Danville, Mississippi. Lemmon, Henry R., captured at Black River Bridge, Mississippi, August 18, 1863.

Marsh, Cyrus, died March 18, 1862, at Sedalia, Missouri. McMillan, John, captured at Shiloh. +Mark, Edward H. Mark, Peter H. Mitchell, John E.

McNeil, Israel, died November 16,

1861, near Sedalia, Missouri. May, Henry B., captured at Shiloh. May, Alexander S., captured at Shiloh; wounded at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 9, 1864; died May 5, 1864, at New Orleans. McFarling, Wm. M., wounded at Shiloh and Corinth. Mitchell, Alfred. Neeley, Joseph. Neeley, Daniel..

Neeley, Henry, discharged August

10, 1862.

Newman, Isaiah E., wounded at Shiloh.

Veteranized January 1, 1864.


Nutter, Thomas.

Nicholson, James A., killed by rebels at Independence, Missouri, January 17, 1862.

Neill, Wm. H., captured at Shiloh; captured at Jackson, Mississippi, July 10, 1863.

Patterson, James, killed at Shiloh. Pettit, Nathaniel.

Pershall, James R., captured at Shiloh.

‡Parker, John H., captured at Shiloh.

Petty, John, captured at Shiloh; discharged December 8, 1862. Parker, Lawton B., captured at Shiloh; died July 9, 1863, at Vicksburg.

Ralph, Albert C., captured at Shiloh.

Richardson, William.

Reed, John, captured at Shiloh; promoted to sergeant; thence to first lieutenant March 3, 1865. Roebuck, Wm., wounded and captured at Shiloh.

Rigg, Newton P., died at Sedalia, Missouri, January 7, 1862.

Scott, Lewis, died June 29, 1862, at Keokuk.

Sweezy, Samuel S., discharged February 16, 1862.

Shoey, Joshua, discharged February 23, 1862.

Starr, Vanness, died at Sedalia, Mis-
souri, December 12, 1861.
Sherwood, Francis H.
Seley, Ernest, captured at Shiloh,
Thompson, Charles B., captured at

Vanderley, John, wounded at Cor

inth; discharged January 8, 1863. Vinyard, Thos. J., discharged February 15, 1862.

Vanderkolk, Thos., killed at Shiloh. Woodward, T. J., killed at Shiloh.

Wolfe, Wm. H., wounded at Shiloh. Warren, J. Lewis, wounded at Corinth.

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