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Emma, Charlie, Albert, Anna, Henry, Clara, Lyda. They lost three: Willie, Mena and Mary.

KEEFER, DAVID-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 4, P. O. Knoxville.

Was born in county, December 2, 1830. His parents were Benjamin and Mary Madgalene, who were among the early settlers of that county. The subject of this sketch was there raised and educated, and resided on the old, homestead engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1873, when he discontinued farming and for three years was engaged in various pursuits. In 1876 he came to Iowa, locating on his present farin, which consists of 100 acres, located one and a half miles from Knoxville. He has recently erected a new residence which will compare favorably with any in the township. On the eighth day of December, 1853, Miss Nancy Simpson, a native of Ireland, became his wife. By this union they have a family of seven children: John Knox, Daniel Z., James R., Nancy, Hannah Jane, Ella T. and Maggie T. Mrs. Keefer is a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Mr. Keefer is a member of the M. E. Church.

KELLY, JAMES P.-Druggist. Was born in Mercer county, Pennsy vania, April 11, 1825, and raised there. At the age of seventeen he com menced learning the carpenter's trade and followed the business until 1852, and then moved to Illinois and lived there three years, and then came to Iowa and settled in Knoxville. In 1867 he was appointed to fill an unexpired term as sheriff, and in 1868 was elected to the same office and was reelected his own successor two successive terms, and few officers have retired with more universal esteem and respect. In 1873 he purchased a stock of drugs, and has since done a good business and secured a large patronage He married Miss Catharine Walters October 13, 1855. She was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania. They have three daughters: Alice A., Laura E. and Mary B.

KENT. J. K.—Proprietor of Tremont House. Was born in Bradford county, Pennsylvania, May 25, 1818. Was raised to manhood and learned the blacksmith trade in the State of New York. For seventeen years be was engaged in boating on the Erie Canal. He resided for a time in Wisconsin, and in 1852 removed to Fayette county, Iowa, and engaged in farming and blacksmithing. In 1864 he enlisted in company H, of the Fourth Iowa cavalry; was honorably discharged in 1865. He married, April 24, 1850, Miss M. L. Craumer, a native of Bradford, Pennsylvania. They have one daughter, E. M. (wife of B. F. Dixon).

KERR, A. J.-Dealer in dry goods, clothing, etc. Is the oldest merchant in Knoxville, in point of residence. He was born in White county, Tennessee, in November, 1831, and lived there until seven years of age, and then removed with his parents to Jefferson county, Iowa, and in 1849 came to this county. He was raised on a farm and followed this occupation until 1854, when he commenced his mercantile experience, and in 1855 engaged in his present business, and in connection with which he conducts a general store in Pleasantville. He is a man of good sound understanding, and large practical experience. He is a good illustration of what an industrions man can accomplish by giving his time mainly to one subject and bending his energies in one direction. He has always shown a worthy public spirititedness and has heartily sympathized with all local improvements and enterprises calculated to be of benefit to the city of his residence, and may truly be termned one of the self-made and truly successful mer

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chants of Marion county.
son, a native of Indiana.
C., Ida, Nellie and Eva.

He was married in 1856 to Miss Julia FergiTheir family consists of four children: William

KING, JEHU-Sec. 17, P. O. Knoxville. Of the citizens of Marion county who have taken an active part in its development and industrial advancement, there are none more worthy of special notice than the subject of this sketch, who was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, August 28, 1820. His parents, Jacob and Eva King, were born and raised in Somerset county. Jehu was there educated and raised to manhood. In early life he learned the trade of brick-laying and masonry, which he has made his business the greater portion of his life. On the fourth day of December, 1845, Miss Eliza Collins, of Somerset county, became his wife. She is the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Collins, who were early settlers in that State. Their union has been blessed by six children: Silas, Andrew, Jake, Edwin, Estea, Ann. In 1855 came to Knoxville and embarked in contracting and building. Many of the old landmarks are specimens of his handiwork. Among these are the Methodist church, courthouse and Tremont House. During his sojourn of twenty-six years he has been identified with the building interests of the town. In 1872 he commenced the manufacturing of brick where he now resides, which he has made a specialty.


KINKEAD, L.-Of the firmn of Anderson & Kinkead attorneys, was born May 10, 1846, in Guernsey county, Ohio, and lived there until nine years of age and in 1855 came with his parents to Marion county, Iowa. He is

the son of David Kinkead and Lydia,' nee Haines. His father was a native of Virginia and was born in 1803. He learned the trade of shoemaker. From Virginia he removed to Pennsylvania and thence to Ohio where, he was admitted to the bar. He was also doing a large business as horse contractor. In 1855 he removed to Iowa and the same year died of cholera leaving seven children of whom four still survive: William (now a resident of California), L. A., Eliza J. (now Mrs. Wall) and Maria (now Mrs. Harkness of Cambridge, Ohio). His mother, still living, finds a pleasant home in the family of her son. The youth of the subject of our sketch was divided between attending school and working in a printing office. In June, 1861, he enlisted in company E, Eighth Iowa infantry and was wounded by a shot through the lungs at the battle of Shiloh and in 1864 was discharged on occount of disability. After his return he was engaged in the printing business and had a mercantile experience of some years and followed the business of auctioneer, also of traveling salesman. Having a taste for the practice of law he commenced reading with his present partner, T. J: Anderson, and in 1875 was admitted to the bar and has since been engaged in the active duties of his profession and with a good degree of success. He married Miss Jennie Zuck in 1865. She was born in Pennsylvania. Their family consist of five children: Arthur L., William C., Alta, Olive and an infant.

LANHAM, T. S. Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 7, P. O. Knoxville. Was born in West Virginia March 23, 1836, is the son of Benjamin and Rebecca Lanham natives of that State. T. S. was raised to manhood, educated, and followed agricultural pursuits in his native State until 1864, when he emigrated to Henry county, Illinois, and there resided up to 1873. In that year he located in Marion county. Mr. L. made his debut in life in very humble circumstances and has attained his prominence as a citizen

and farmer by his own exertions. His estate consists of 142 acres of land. He married, January 14, 1864, Miss H. M. Holland, a native of West Virginia, daughter of Eli and Louise Holland. They have five children: Emma L Helen R., Grace M., Lucian E. and Orfie J. His father died in Virginis and the mother in Illinois. Himself and family are members of the Baptist Church.

LEONARD, M --Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 36, P. O. Knoxville. Was born in Henry county, Indiana, October 26, 1828, and there partially raised and educated. His parents were Thomas and Annie, the former a native of Pennsylvania, and the latter of Connecticut. His early life was spent principally in tilling the soil. The father for a time was engaged in merchandising at New Lisbon, and at the time of his death was a resident of Delaware county. The subject of the sketch, when he attained his majority, was a resident of Miami county, where he was engaged in various pursuits. In 1852 he removed to Carroll county, and in 1854 emigrated to Iowa, locating in Marion county, on the land where his present home stands. His estate consists of 280 acres, the greater portion of which is rich in coal. He deals extensively in stock, keeping fine grades. Mr. Leonard is the architect of his own fortune, as he started in life a poor boy, has accumulated a competency, though his own exertions and management. He is a man whose perceptive faculities are well developed; is a warm friend and a liberal contributor when necessity makes known its wants. Is a member of the I. O. O. F. He has been twice married; first, in 1850, to Miss Martha Snider. She died in 1852. By this union he has one son, Arthur. His present wife was Miss R. J. Snider, married in 1856. They have a family of five children: Lizzie, Deleno P., Irvin S., L. B. and John C.

LONDON, N. S.--Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 33, P. O. Knoxville. This pioneer agriculturist was born in Morgan county, Illinois, April 3. 1844. Is the son of James and Prudence London. The family emigrated and located in Marion county in 1847, being among the first settlers. They passed though all the privations the pioneers of that day had to contend with. Mr. James London was closely identified with the development of the county until the time of his demise which occurred in 1854. N. S. was raised to manhood and educated in the county, although the educational advantages in his boyhood days were rather limited. On the twenty-eighth of March, 1864, he left for Montana, where he was engaged in mining for eighteen months. He was married November 30, 1865, to Miss Caroline Good, a native of Iowa. They have a family of seven children: Mary L., Robert N., Samuel E., James H. and Minnie B. His farm consists of 40 acres. In the spring of 1875, his mother, who was a pioneer of the county, died. Newt., as he is generally called, is well and popularly known through. out the county as an old settler and a public spirited citizen.

LOONEY, A. T.-Dealer in hats, caps and gentlemen's furnishing goods. Among the more recent acquisitions of business men in Knoxville is the name that heads this sketch. He was born in Cass county, Indiana, on the third day of March, 1842, and when young was taken by his parents to Marshall county, the same State, where he lived until twelve years of

In 1855 the family emigrated to Iowa, and settled first in Poweshiek county and thence to Washington county, where he was raised on a farm. In 1864 he commenced his mercantile experience in Washington, and in 1877 removed to Knoxville and commenced his present business, and in

which he has secured a large patronage and a constantly increasing trade. As a business man is prompt and energetic, upright in all his dealings and he has attained to a well merited success. He was married in 1875, to Miss Ella Chapman, a native of Ohio. They have one daughter, Lottie.

LYTTLE, MRS. CAROLINE--Sec. 21 P. O. Knoxville. Was born in Germany, December 4, 1830. She is the daughter of Simon and Mary Rohm. The family emigrated to America when Caroline was an infant, locating in Holmes county, Ohio, where they engaged in farming; they died when Caroline was quite young. In her fourteenth year she removed to DeKalb county, Indiana, with her brothers, Frederick and Simon. She here married, September 21, 1850, Dr. John Wesley Lyttle, a native of Ohio. Dr. Lyttle was a student of Dr. Garris, of Enterprise, Indiana, and subsequently pursued his studies at Goshen and Orland, Michigan. He was born in German, Harrison county, Ohio, September 8, 1828. After a successful professional career in Indiana, in 1863 he came to Marion county, locating where his widow now resides. Being thoroughly skilled in the profession, he soon had a large practice, but on account of his family's health he returned to Indiana, and as before soon had his usual practice. After a short sojourn he again returned to Marion county, where he was closely identified with the medical fraternity up to the time of his demise, August 17, 1870. In regard to Dr. Lyttle as a professional man and a citizen, we glean in substance from the Knoxville Democrat: "The deceased was highly respected by all who knew him; as a practitioner he stood second to none in the county; he was a warm friend and always was found on the side of right and justice. He was a Free and Accepted Mason, and a member of the Christian Church." Mrs. Lyttle had all the difficulties to contend with after his death, that a person similarly circumstanced could possibly have, but possessing considerable skill as a manager she soon overcame this and at the present time herself and family are in comfortable circumstances. Her farm consists of 120 acres. She is a lady whose sense of duty is strong, and is possessed of those graces of heart that make her many friends. She is a member of the Pleasant Ridge Christian Church. She has a family of three children living. Lydia, Ann (a teacher in the Marion county schools), William L. K. and John W. She lost three: Adolphus G., Louis Kossuth and Mary Elizabeth.

CCLAIN, J. M.--Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 29, P. O. Knoxville.

Of the substantial and enterprising citizens of the Northwest may be mentioned the subject of this sketch, who was among the pioneers and farm openers of Marion county. He was born in Kentucky October 11, 1827. His parents were Philip and Raphael. He traces his lineage to Irish and Dutch ancestry. When in infancy his parents removed to Indiana, where they resided until 1840, during which time he attended the common schools. In 1840 the family came to Iowa, locating in Henry county, where they resided one year, after which they removed to Van Buren county, where they resided for a time, and where his mother's death occurred. The father and son came to Marion county in the autumn of 1845, but returned after a short stay to Henry county, and in 1849 or '50, the subject of this sketch returned to Marion county, locating where he now resides. Mr. McClain was twice married; his first wife was Nancy J. McClain, married in 1850. By this union he has three children: Sarah Jane (now Mrs. Owen), Martha Ann (now Mrs. Owen), Rosetta. Mrs. M.

died in December, 1856. He was again married, in 1858, to Miss Martha Jane Huron, a native of Ohio, daughter of Seth and Matilda. By this union they have a family of five: Mary Louisa, Raphael Matilda, James Ely, George Washington and Nancy M. His estate consists of 120 acres. His residence is pleasantly located. Has a fine orchard of 150 trees. His barn, which is among the finest in the township, is commodious and arranged to accommodate his extensive stock-raising. He keeps thoroughbred Short-Horns and grades of hogs which will compare with any in the county. He is the architect of his competency, as his exchequer when he came to the county was $15, $13 of which he invested in a cow. He owes his success in life to industry, frugality and good judgment. Mr. Philip McClain died in July, 1874.

MCCLURE, B. K.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 3, P. O. Knoxville. Was born in Clarion county, Pennsylvania, April 10, 1831. His parents were John and Nancy, who were residents of the farming district of the county. B. K. was there raised and educated, following agricultural pursuits continually until 1865, with the exception of five years spent in the lumber region of that State. In 1865 came to Marion county, locating on his present home. His landed estate consists of 242 acres. His residence is a model of taste, and the general surrounding are an indication of skilled overseers. He married, May 17, 1859, Miss Mary Douglass, a nstive of Pennsylvania. By this union they have six children: "James E., John D., Rose, Effie, Bertha, and Jessie.

MOCOLLUMN, JAMES-Farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 35, P. O. Knoxville. Was born in the County Tyrone, Ireland, September 15, 1829, and is the son of John and Jane McCollumn. His early life was spent in attending school and tilling the soil of the "Gem of the Sea." His father died when James was quite young, and his mother married a second husband, James Hindman. The family, including the subject, came to the United States in 1845, locating in Muskigum county, Ohio, engaging in farming, where James resided until the autumn of 1853, when he came to Iowa and took up his abode in Marion county. He came to the county in meager circumstances, and passed through many of the hardships of the pioneers. By industry and good management has become one of the leading farmers of the township. His estate consists of 220 acres, twenty of which are timber. His residence is among the finest in the neighborhood, and his barns and sheds are commodious and well arranged for stock-raising, in which line he is one of the leaders. Mr. M. has been married twice; his first wife was Miss Mary Coats, of Ohio, whom he married in 1858. She died in 1863, leaving two children: Mary T. and Louanna May. Was again married in 1865 to Miss Rebecca Taggart, daughter of John and Jane. By this union they have five children: Sarah J., James B., Zallah M., Robert E., Mattie F. Himself and family are members of the United Presbyterian Church.

MCCORMACK, CAPT. J. L.-Editor and publisher of the Marion county Reporter. The subject of this sketch owes his nativity to London, Madison county, Ohio, where he was born on the fifteenth day of December, 1836. His boyhood days were passed in his native town, receiving the full benefits of the union schools. At an early age he entered the office of the Ohio State Journal, at Columbus. After his graduation as a compositor he worked at the case until 1854, when he decided that the law offered a broader scope for the employment and cultivation of his best powers, and he decided to

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