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years, after which he went to Cochransville and engaged in selling goods; also kept a warehouse. In 1855 he came to this county and settled on a farm in Summit township, where he resided ten years. Then moved to Pella and started a dry goods and grocery store, continued it four years, sold out and retired from business for a short time. Four years of his time was spent in clerking after which he engaged in his present business. In March, 1832, he married Miss Dorcas A. Hopkins, a native of Mt. Pleas ant, Ohio, born in October, 1812. They have six children living: William H., Robert C., Samuel A., Mary F. (now Mrs. T. H. Scott of this county), DeKalb and James Q. Lost one, Napoleon. Mrs. A. is a member of the Second Reformed Church of Pella. Mr. A. held the office of postmaster in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and was assessor in Summit township. Also held the office of alderman of Second ward of Pella. He has been engaged in active business the most of his life; and, although now 78 years of age, his step is still firm and his faculties sharp and accurate.

AWTRY, S. P.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 14, P. O. Pella. Was born on the twenty-seventh of April, 1841, in Scott county, Illinois, and was taken from there to Jefferson county, Iowa, by his parents, in 1843. In 1844 he came to this county, and spent his youth on a farm, attending the common schools. In October, 1861, he enlisted in company C, Fifteenth Iowa infantry and served three years and ten months. Was wounded at Pittsburg Landing and taken to the hospital, joining his regiment again at Corinth. Was with Sherman on his march to the sea, being mustered out at Louisville, Kentucky, July 5, 1865. In the spring of 1866 he commenced farming and now owns 250 acres of land. He married Miss Margaret Flaugh, in March, 1867. She was born in Guernsey county, Ohio, September 14, 1847. Have six children: Ranson, Oliver, Emmett, Zella, Harry and Lena. Lost one, Cora.

ACH, L.-Dealer in dry goods, clothing, etc. Was born in Europe on the 21st day of September, 1844. His youth was spent in his native country where he also received good educational advantages. In 1863 he came to the United States and has since been engaged in selling goods, and is one of the most prominent merchants in Pella. He is eminently a self-made man and commenced in life without means. Has built up his trade on the strictly business principles of industry, honor and integrity and merits the success which has attended his career. He married Miss Julia Eeiustan, in 1877. She was born in Illinois, in 1845. They have two children: Isaac Milton and Henry K.

BAKKER, T. T.-Tonsorial artist. Was born August 4, 1845, in the East Indies, and in infancy was taken from that sunny clime to Holland by his parents. Was there raised and enjoyed excellent educational advantages. Served nine years in the Holland army, and for six years held the position of sergeant. In the winter of 1872 he came to America, and settled at Paterson, New Jersey, where he resided about nine months, then coming to Pella, commenced to learn the barber's trade, and in 1879 opened a shop. He is an accomplished workman, and by his geniality has won hosts of friends. In September, 1872, he was married to Miss Anna Deppe, a native of Winschoten, province of Gronengen, Holland, born March 28, 1847.

BARKER, W. H.-Dentist. Is a son of the late Hon. F. A. and Catharine Barker, who were among the pioneer settlers of Marion county, and of whom mention is made in another part of this work. He was born in Mor

gan county, Ohio, on the sixteenth day of October, 1840, and in 1844 accompanied his parents to Iowa. He was raised a farmer and followed it until the outbreak of the Rebellion, when he enlisted in company K, Third Iowa cavalry, and served four years, and was honorably mustered out. He returned to his home and resumed his former business. In November, 1867, decided to make the practice of dentistry an avocation, and in 1869 opened an office for the active practice of his profession and has continued. it until the present time, in which he has been very successful. He married Miss E. Edwards, in 1866. She was born in Pennsylvania, and died in 1876, leaving three children: Frank M., Elsie and Nellie. He married for his second wife, Miss Ruth Smith, in 1878. She was born in Illinois.

BEINTEMA, ALBERT-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 21, P. O. Pella. Was born on the 5th of July, 1840, in Netherlands, and worked there as a farmer. Came to the United States in 1867 and settled in Wapello county, Iowa, where he resided some two years farming. Came to this county in 1869. He moved on the place he now resides in 1878, and owns 80 acres of improved land. He married Miss Cebelta van der Ploeg, in 1864, she is also a native of Netherland, and was born on the tenth of September, 1844. They have two children: Dirk H. and Henriette.

BERG, H. G. VAN DER-Mason and brick-layer. Was born July 21, 1833, in Gelderland, Holland, and was there raised and attended school. He learned the mason's trade when young, and when twenty-one years of age, in company with his brother, came to America, and settled in Pella. Mr. van der Berg owns several lots and a handsome residence in the west part of town on Washington Street. He gives his attention entirely to his trade. He married Miss Minnie Bennink, in 1857. She is a native of Holland, and was born July 7, 1835. By this union they have four chil dren: H. J., Lizzie, Minnie and Harmon.


BEZEMER, ARIE-Farmer, Sec. 20, P. O. Pella. Was born Feb. ruary 23, 1806, in South Holland, and was there raised and educated. ter reaching his majority he worked as a laborer, and in 1849 came to this country, settled in Pella, and engaged in various pursuits. In 1853 he moved on the farm he now occupies, which contains forty-eight acres well improved, upon which are good and comfortable buildings. In 1831 he married Miss Gertrude Barendrecht, a native of the same place, as himself. She was born August 9, 1811. They have two children, Gerret and Mary; lost nine. Mrs. B. died on the ninth of April, 1877. Mr. B.'s daughter, Mary, now presides over the home. The family are members of the First Reformed Church of Pella.

BLOM, C.-Dealer in general merchandise. Was born October 18, 1812, in Netherlands and was there raised and educated. Followed various pursuits in his native country, and served six years in the army. He emigrated to America and located at Pella, in 1847. Worked at different occupations for several years and finally bought a piece of land, upon which was a stone The latter he worked for a time. quarry. Was elected constable; filled the office one year, and for two years held the office of road supervisor. Was a member of the school board over ten years; and also held the office of alderman. In 1865 he commenced his present business. Has been twice married. First to Miss Gannetje van der Hul, in 1839. They had four children by this union. Soon after coming to this country Mr. B. lost his wife and four children by death. December 29, 1847, he married Elizabeth Van Os, a native of Gelderland, born April 10, 1811. They have

one child, Elizabeth (now Mrs. A. van Zante). Lost three. Mr. and Mrs. B. are members of the Third Reformed Church of Pella. He has been deacon therein for twelve years, and elder three years. His lauded estate consists of ninety seven acres.

BLOM, JOHN-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 12, P. O. Pella. Was born in the Netherlands, on the twenty-eighth of March, 1830, and was raised a farmer. He came to the United States in 1856, and lived one year on Staten Island, New York. Came to this county in April, 1857, and now owns 300 acres of land. He had but twenty-five cents when he landed, and has made what he has by honest toil. He married Miss Williametje van Mavesan on the twenty-eighth of May, 1858. She was born on the fourth of May, 1834, in Netherland. They have five children living: Peter, John, Nellie, Eva and William. Lost five.

BLOMMERS, JOHN-Blacksmith and manufacturer of farm and spring wagons. Was born on the second of February, 1844, in North Baravia, Holland, and was raised on a farm and attended the common schools. At the age of fourteen years he commenced to learn the wagon-maker's trade, and worked at it some twelve years. In 1868 he came to America, settled in Pella, where he engaged in farming one year, and then commenced working at his trade, in the interest of Mr. Schubring. He worked for him one and a half years, and then joined the new colony in Sioux county. Reeided there some four years, and then returned to Pella and started the shop he now occupies, in 1874. He married Miss Nellie Groaneway in Marchi, 1872. She is a native of Iowa, and was born on the sixteenth of June, 1851. They have three children living: Mary, Lena and John. Lost one, Katie (died in 1878). His wife is a member of the First Baptist Church of Pella. BOEKENOOGEN, G. S.--Dealer in groceries and provisions. born on the twenty-ninth of November, 1847, in Herkimer county, New York, and came to Pella with his parents in 1852. He spent his boyhood days with his father on a farm in this township and received and education in the common schools. In the fall of 1873 he commenced clerking for F. W. Brinkhoff in his general merchandise store and continued with him until he commenced business for himself on the fourth of November, 1880. He commenced life a poor but honest boy and has been the architect of his own fortune. His father died when G. S. was in his sixteenth year, and the care of his mother and three younger children fell on him. On the twentysixth of November, 1876, he married Miss Minnie Wannewitz, a native of Holland. She was born on the twenty-fifth of June, 1847. By this union they have two children: Egbert P., and Lewis G. He is a member of the Baptist Church and his wife is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Pella.

BOGAARDS, ABRAHAM-Carpenter and joiner. Was born on the 24th of September, 1824, in South Holland, and spent his boyhood days in the city of Leersdain, where he attended school. At twelve years of age he coininenced to learn the carpenter trade, and worked at it while he remained there. In 1847 he crossed the ocean with the first Holland colony. He helped build the first house in Pella for the Hollanders, and since that time has given his attention to his trade He owns a house and lot on Washington Street and a fine farm of sixty acres, a mile and a half north of town. He commenced here with a small amount of capital and has made what he has by steady application to his work. He married Miss Johanna W. Koelman, in 1851. She was born in Gelderland on the 22d of December, 1830.

They have eight children living: Geertrueda (now Mrs. P. Oliveson), Arie, Lizzie, Abraliam, Minnie, Cornelia, Nellie and Peter; lost six. Himself and wife are members of the Holland Presbyterian Church of Pella, in which he holds the office of elder.

BONGERS, C.-Proprietor of the American House, is a native of Holland, and was born March 29, 1843. He emigrated with his parents to this county in 1848, and settled first in St. Louis, and thence to Keokuk in 1849. In 1858 removed to Eddyville and in 1864 to Pella, and the year folfowing to Des Moines, returning to Pella in 1866, where he lived until 1870, and then removed to Monroe. After a short residence there returned to Pella, where he has since been connected with the American House. He possesses in an unusual degree those qualities that have contributed to his success as a landlord, and he has secured a large patronage, and well merits and deserves the success which has attended his career. His father was a

carpenter, and in his youth he assisted his father. He then worked on a farin, and afterward was engaged in the milling business, and previous to engaging in his present business had a mercantile experience. He married Miss Angie Mortimore in May, 1869. She was born in Indiana. Their family consists of two children: Freddie and Bernard. Lost two: Frankie and Archie.

BOOY, H. DE--Dealer in general merchandise. Was born on the 22d of January, 1825, at Noordeloos, Netherlands. He was raised and educated there and spent his boyhood days on a farm. In 1847 came to America with his parents with the first Holland colony. They settled on a farm and he spent six years with his parents, then moved into Pella and started a grocery store in 1853, run that one year, then added a stock of dry goods. This is one of the oldest firms in the city, and he is well and favorably known throughout the county. He came here as a pioneer without much. capital to start with, and has been the architect of his own fortune, and is one of Iowa's self made men. He has held the office of overseer of the poor, and in 1868 he held the office of alderman of the Third ward and has held the same office for the last six years. He married Miss Antje van der Linden on the twenty-fifth of August, 1855. She was born on the twentyfifth of November, 1834, in Vuren, Gelderland. They have seven children living: Cornelia, Susanna, Annie, Matthew, Dina, Harry and Carolina. Lost three. Himself and wife are members of the First Reformed Church of Pella, of which he is a deacon.

BOOT, JOHN-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 8, P. O. Pella. Was born on the twenty-eighth of November, 1836, in Netherlands, and came to the United States in 1857, and settled in this county and engaged in farming. He owns 300 acres of land with good improvements, and is quite an extensive stock-raiser. He married Miss Helena Scarff in March, 1863. She is also a native of Netherlands and was born on the twenty-first of April, 1844. By this union they have nine children: Ira, Dora, William, Jane, John, Jacob, M., Frank and an infant. Mrs. B. is a member of the Bethel Church.

BOUSQUET, P. H.-Attorney. Pella was fortunate in having men of solid merit for its founders. Its early settlers gave a good reputation to the town, and that reputation still abides. The subject of this sketch is one who has contributed his full share to perpetuating this good name, and is deserving of more than a passing notice. He was born in the Netherlands on the twenty-third day of December, 1835, and is the eldest son of

A. E. D. and Henrietta M. B. Bousquet, who were prominent in the early settlement of the county. His youth, until 1849, was spent in his native country. He then accompanied his parents to the United States and settled in Marion county, which has since been his home. After coming to the county he engaged in mercantile pursuits for some years. Forming a taste for the profession of law, he made choice of it for an occupation, and after a thorough preparation he was admitted to the bar in Knoxville in 1862, and has been in active practice since that time, and has been very successful. He was one of the organizers of the Pella Savings Institution, which was succeeded by the Pella National Bank, and at the present time holds the position of president. He is a man of untiring energy in whatever he undertakes. He is a man of strong will and determined purpose. He is a quick observer and as prompt in his business as he is generous in his social relations. In character, as well as in purse, he is one of the solid men of the county, He has been twice married; first, December 1, 1864, to Miss Sara Maria Scholte, daughter of Rev. H. P. Scholte, who was so closely identified with the history of Pella. She died January 14, 1876, leaving two children: Ama C. and Sara Maria. His second marriage occurred in 1879 to Miss Emma Thompson, of Hunterdon county, New Jersey, a daughter of the Hon. Jas. Thompson of that State.

BOUSQUET, H. L.-Assistant cashier of the Pella National Bank. Was born in the kingdom of the Netherlands on the fourteenth day of February, 1840, and on the second day of May, 1849, sailed on board the ship Jacob Catz for the United States, and landed in New York on the first day of July and in August of the same year came to Pella and commenced attending school. His father had cherished the idea of engaging in the manufactory business, and thought it best that one of his sons should be familiar with the working of iron, and he was apprenticed to a blacksmith, but the work was distasteful, and after working at it one year he abandoned it and then learned the printing business and worked at it three years, and then resumed his studies one year at Central University. During the late war he enlisted in company G, in the Thirty-third Iowa infantry. After serving in this regiment two and a half years he was transferred to the Fourth Arkansas cavalry as quartermaster, and after holding this position for six months was honorably mustered out of the service. From this period until 1868, his time was largely spent in Memphis. In 1868 he returned to his native place and was elected clerk of the courts of the county, and in 1870 elected his own successor. On the twelfth day of January, 1873, he married Miss Hattie J. Briggs, a native of Troy, Davis county, Iowa, born on the tenth day of October, 1849, a lady of more than ordinary talent and culture, and whose graces of mind and person had endeared her to all who were privileged to enjoy her acquaintance. She died on the twenty-second day of June, 1877, leaving two sons: Cutts (born on the twenty-sixth day of October, 1873), and Henry Lyman (born on the fourth day of December, 1875). From January, 1873, until July 1, 1875, he managed a mill in the interest of J. Nollen & Co., and at the expiration of that time was elected to his present position of assistant cashier of the Pella National Bank.

BOUSQUET, HERMAN F.-Dealer in tin and shelf hardware, stoves and agricultural implements; is one of Marion county's representative business men and was born in the Netherlands the sixteenth day of August, 1841, and emigrated with his parents to the United States in 1849. He received his education in the common schools and at the Central University.

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