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During the Rebellion he entered company B, Third Iowa infantry and served his country three years faithfully and well, seventeen months of the time in the signal service. He was honorably mustered out of the service and went to Holland for a visit. After his return he formed a partnership with F. W. Brinkhoff, under the firm name of Bousquet & Brinkhoff, dealers in general merchandise. This relation existed until when Mr. Bousquet engaged in his present business. His room is now the finest salesroom in the county and he has secured a large patronage by his straightforward business course. He was elected one of the county supervisors in 1874 and again in 1877. His sound, practical judgment and wide experience for one of his years, has constituted a full share in the successful management of the county's affairs. As a business man he has been upright, reliable and honorable; as a soldier, brave and chivalrous; as a public official, attentive and obliging. He married Miss Sarah C. Reynolds in 1867. She is a native of Iowa and was born in Van Buren county. Their family consists of three children: Abraham E. D., Julia and Herman F. Lost one daughter, Mary.

BOWEN, BANNER G.-Dealer in general merchandise. Is one of the oldest merchants in point of residence in this city, and is deserving of special mention. He was born near Dayton, Ohio, on the thirty-first day of January, 1832. His youth was divided between attending school and assisting in the management of the farm. He followed farming until twentytwo years of age and then emigrated to Iowa and stopped for a short time at Oskaloosa, and thence to Pella. After working for a short time at the carpenter trade he commenced his mercantile experience, and there is no one in town that has sold goods continuously for a greater length of time, and no man in the city enjoys more fully the confidence of the community. He has always shown a worthy public spiritedness, and is closely identified with every public improvement. He was elected in 1868 to represent his district in the State Legislature, and made a diligent and faithful representative, serving with credit to himself and reflecting honor on his constitnents. He is a member of the Baptist Church and is one of its active workers and most liberal contributors. He married Miss Alice J. Lindsay in 1857. She was born in Pennsylvania. They have four children living, Arazella I. (now Mrs. W. W. Gibbs, of Harlan, Iowa), Inez Josephine, John B. and Alice Pearl. Lost five.

BROWN, G. W.-Stock-dealer, Pella. Was born in Ashland county, Ohio, on the tenth day of December, 1835, and was raised there on a farm. On the twentieth day of March, 1868, he came to Marion county, and settled on a farm and followed agricultural pursuits and stock-raising until 1874, when he moved to Pella and engaged in the grain and stock business. He is now devoting his time entirely to stock. Mr. B. is a good illustration of what a man can accomplish by energy and economy. He came here with out means and by pursuing a straightforward course has acquired a reasonable competency. He is a public-spirited man and takes an active interest in the welfare of the city, and is a member of the city council. He married Miss Sarah A. Ilayes in 1859. She was a resident of Ashland county, Ohio but born in Pennsylvania. The have one son, Clyde G., and they lost one son, Charlie, and a daughter, Blanche.

BROEK, B. TEN-Cooper. Was born on the eighteenth of January, 1830, in the city Wageningen, Gelderland. He was raised in that province until fourteen years of age, and received a common school education, and

at nine years of age commenced to learn the cooper trade with his father, and followed it while he remained there. In the fall of 1846 he crossed the ocean with his father and brothers. They landed at New Orleans about the first of the year 1847, and came up the river to St. Louis and settled. His father died that same year and the boys went to work at their trades. Our subject worked there some eight years and then came to Pella. In 1854 he opened a shop. Himself and son made 8,500 egg barrels in the last year for B. S. Schermerhorn & Co., besides duing considerable repairing. He commenced here without means and has worked his own way up, and belongs to that class of self-made men of Iowa. He married Miss Gertrude Van Os on the ninth of October, 1854. She is a native of Gelderland, and was born on the twenty-seventh of January, 1828. They have four children living: Henry, Annie (now Mrs. Dr. H. Hierman), Aart and Elizabeth; lost three. His son Aart works with his father in the shop. He is now in his nineteenth year, and is an intelligent and industrious young man.

BUERKENS, BARNEY-Wagon manufacturer. Was born on the twenty-fourth of July, 1842, in Netherlands, and was raised there until twelve years of age. In 1854 he came to America with his parents, and came to Iowa, settling near Burlington on a farm. Here our subject resided for five years, when he commenced to learn the wagon-mnaking trade with Jedia Bennett, of Burlington. In the spring of 1865 he came to Pella and opened a shop, and soon afterward took in Abraham Wisse as a partner. He was one of the organizers of the Pella Manufacturing Company and took eighty-five shares of the stock. In August, 1880, he traded his stock for a farm of 120 acres in Mahaska county. In April, 1880, he opened the shop he now operates. He employs eight men, and his work is well and favorably known throughout the county. He commenced life with a limited capital and las been the architect of his own fortune. He married Miss Jane Johnson, at Burlington on Christmas Eve, 1864. She is a native of Sweden and was born on the twenty-fifth of March, 1842. They have four children living: Nettie, Carrie, Charles E. and James. Lost one, Lucy. His wife is a member of the Second Reformed Church. He is at present a meinber of the school board.

BUWALDA, ANDREW-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 29, P. O. Pella. Was born on the 5th of March, 1855, in Marion county, and spent his boyhood days on a farm, receiving the benefits of an education in the schools of this county. At eighteen years of age he commenced farming for himself, and owns forty acres of fine land. He narried Miss Heika Beasina on the 14th of April, 1880. She is a native of Netherlands, and was born on the 16th of December, 1860. He is one of the rising young men of this township. His father, Abraham Buwalda, lives with him. He was born on the 21st of March, 1802, in Netherlands, and came here in 1847. He married Miss Altje Havenga in 1829. She was born on the 24th of March, 1810. They have seven children living: Gertje, Boukje, Trynty, Povlina, Doetje, Gerret and Andrew; they lost five. Mrs. B. died in 1869. The old gentleman is now in his seventy-ninth year, and is still active and enjoys good health.

ASSATT, E. R.-President of the First National Bank of Pella. Was born in Wabash county, Indiana, on the 14th day of April, 1839. He lived there until 1857, and then came to Marion county. His education

was received in the common schools of his native State and at Central University of Pella. After finishing his college course he returned to Indiana and read law with the Hon. John W. Pettit, and was admitted to the bar in Knoxville in 1863. He became associated with Hon. J. E. Neil, one of the most enterprising men who ever made his home in the county: but his health soon commenced to fail, and he was obliged to change his business, and was for a time engaged in milling. He was one of the organizers of the First National Bank of Pella, and of the Marion County National Bank of Knoxville. Of the former he has been president since it first went in operation. In a business point his life has been a success. He is a cautions, skillful and prudent man, and one of the best of financiers. He married Miss Emily H. Neil in 1860. She was born in Lee county, Iowa. Their family consists of two daughter: Hortense (now Mrs. Snow), and Nellie.

CATHCART, HON. J. M.-Among the many worthy citizens of Marion county deserving of special mention is the subject of this sketch. He is a native of Indiana, and was born on the 19th day of August, 1819. His early life was spent on a farm, and he followed it as an occupation until 1872, when he retired from active duties. In 1857 he followed a cherished desire of coming to the then new State of Iowa and settled in Indiana township, Marion county. At that time there was not a frame barn in the township, a marked contrast to the substantial improvements of to-day. Here he proved himself one of the most successful agriculturalists and stock-raisers and dealers that ever made his home in the county. He has been closely identified with the growth and improvement of the county, and has always favored what was of a substantial benefit. He has never been a political aspirant, but has been compelled to serve as a member of its board of supervisors and justice of the peace. In 1869, without solicitation on his part, was elected to represent the county in the State Senate. In his youth his educational advantages were limited, the schools of the day being few in number and inferior in quality, but by reading and personal observation he bas acquired such knowledge as places him among the leading men of the county. He commenced life without means, and the competency he now enjoys is the reward of an active life combined with industry, honor and sterling integrity, and his character as a business man may be inferred from the success which has attended his career, and his example is before the young men of Marion county as worthy of emulation. He married Miss Nancy Sherwood in November, 1837. She was also born in Indiana. Their family consists of six children: J. K., Thomas S., D. P., E. M., Mary F. (now Mrs. Neff), and Hester E. The highest compliment that can be paid Mr. and Mrs. Cathcart are that their four sons are each of them during a good business and are recognized among the leading men of Marion county. CATHCART, E. M.-Grain and stock-dealer. Is one of Marion county's live business men. He was born in Washington county, Indiana, April 24, 1855, and came with his parents to Iowa in 1857, and was raised on a farm until 1872. He was educated in Central University, graduating in 1877, and since that period has been engaged in his present business, and few men of his age have done more business, made more judicious investments, or manifested a more mature judgment than the subject of this sketch. He belongs to a family whose watchword is success. He married Miss Emma Ramsey, December 22, 1880. She is a native of Pennsylvania. CLARK, GREEN T.-Farmer and stock-dealer, Sec. 24, P. O. Pella.

Prominent among the early pioneers in this county may be mentioned the subject of our sketch. He was born on the twenty-fifth of March, 1823, in White county, Tennessee, and was taken to Illinois by his parents when six years of age. Removed to Lee county, Iowa, in 1834, and from there to to this county in 1843. He settled near where his residence now stands, and owns 700 acres of fine land, and has a handsome residence. At the first election held in the county he was elected assessor. In 1854 he was elected a member of the Fifth General Assembly of Iowa, and was re-elected in 1856. He was again elected in 1874, and re-elected in 1876. He has held the office of justice of the peace some fifteen years, and has also been a member of the board of county supervisors. He is one of the leading stock-dealers in this county. He commenced life a poor boy and has been the architect of his own fortune, and is one of Iowa's self-made men. married Miss Nancy Wilson in 1846. She is a native of Kentucky, and was born in 1824. Their family consist of four children: Thomas J., Louisa, Allen H. and Ada. Lost two. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


COLE & BROTHER-Seedmen. These young men are genuine Hawkeyes, and were born and raised in this county. Charles Cole, the elder, was born on the seventh of June, 1853. E. N. Cole, the younger brother, was born on the thirty-first of December, 1856. They were raised on a farın near Pella, and received the benefits of an education in the schools of this city. In 1870 they commenced the seed business, on the farm at first, but their business increased so rapidly that they moved to town in December, 1879. They occupy a building twenty-two by forty feet, two stories high, besides the basement. They have a printing press of their own and do most of their own printing. They keep constantly on hand a large variety of seeds, and have over 700 different varieties this year. They issue an annual seed catalogue, and have for the present year, 1881, issued some fifteen thousand copies, containing forty-four pages each. Also advertised in some sixteen hundred papers and periodicals. Their trade extends from ocean to ocean, throughout all parts of the United States and Canada, and their seeds are becoming very popular, as they deal in none but a genuine article. They commenced with a very limited capital, and have built up their business by honesty, industry and enterprise, and they stand among the leading business firms of Iowa. They are industrious and enterprising young men, and such as Iowa may be proud to own.

COLYN, JACOB-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 10, P. O. Pella. Was born on the twenty-third of December, 1829, on the line between North and South Holland. He spent his boyhood days on his father's farm and attending school. In 1847 caine to America with the first Holland colony; his parents also came at the same time. He married Miss Pertige de Haan the seventh of March, 1853. She is also a native of Holland and was born on the twenty-fifth of November, 1827, and came to the county in 1849. Soon after his marriage he moved on the farm where he now resides, and lived here some three years, then moved to section 16 and built a brick house and resided there until 1877, when he moved back to his present place. He owns 200 acres of farm land besides the place on which he resides. He ran a stone quarry eleven years and a lime kiln five years. His family consists of five children living: Ellen, Frankie (now Mrs. D. van Zante), Jacob, Kate and Leonard. Lost eight. Himself and wife are

members of the First Presbyterian Church, in which he holds the office of deacon.

CORY, C. C.-Superintendent of schools in Pella, and one of the most successful, thorough and prominent instructors in the State, is deserving of more than a passing notice. He is a native of the Green Mountain State, and was born on the eighteenth day of September, 1833. He received an academical education at Derby Academy, but he supplemented his education here by close study and application at home. At the age of seventeen he commenced teaching. His close application and study were fast injuring his health, and in 1855 he came to Iowa and for several years was engaged in various pursuits until 1865, when he again commenced teaching. In 1866 he took charge of the grammar department of the Central University, and in 1870 took charge of the city schools. His record from that time until the present is one that any teacher in Iowa may covet. In the management of his schools he has the hearty support of his teachers and school officials. His reputation as a conductor of normal institutes is appreciated by a host of friends, and there is always an urgent demand for his services. But few men have a better record or have achieved more grand results from a small and discouraging beginning. He is known as a man of sterling integrity, decided character and untiring energy, and receives and merits the confidence and esteem of those who know him best. married Miss Aurora Moran in 1857. She is also a native of Vermont. Their family consists of two children: Fred M. and Hattie M.


COTTON, J. B.--Superintendent of the Pella Manufacturing Co., mention of which has been made in another portion of this work. Is a native of New Hampshire and was born on the second day of December, 1826, and lived there until 1865. He was raised a farmer, and at the age of twentyseven he commenced a mercantile experience. In 1865 he came to this county, and in 1874 was one of the organizers of the Pella Manufacturing Co., and at the present time has entire charge of the work which has become one of the important industries of the city, and is doing a satisfactory business. He is a man of large practical experience and excellent judgment. He married Miss Mary Moran in 1849. She was born in Vermont. They have eight children: Annie E., Jennie G., Ada J., Charles S., Joseph F., Harry A. D., Mabel B. and Leslie E.

COX, J. M.-Station agent Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. The subject of this brief sketch was born in Fulton county, Ohio, March 23, 1814, and when young came with his parents to Iowa. During the late war of the rebellion he enlisted in the Seventeenth Iowa infantry as a musician. After he was mustered out of the service he became connected with the Des Moines Valley Railroad, afterward the Keokuk and Des Moines, now the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, and it is not saying too much to note that of the many gentlemanly employes for which the road is noted, no one has a higher standing with the public or is more thoroughly appreciated than Mr. Cox. He is a man of quick perception, clear judgment and a high sense of honor, and as a business man, upright, reliable and honorable and as a public official attentive and obliging, but inflexible and unswerving in the discharge of his duty; in all places and under all circumstances he is loyal to truth, honor and right. He is captain of company F, Second Iowa National Guards, also manager of Cox's Light Infantry Band, mention of which is made in another part of this work, a band second to none in the

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