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State. He married Miss Luella M. Keables in September, 1871. She was born in Michigan. They have two children: Murry A. and Henry.

CWARTZ, MIKE-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 29, P. O. Pella. Was born May 11, 1853, in Marion county. He was here raised and educated in the common schools of this county. He owns forty-five acres of fine bottom land which are under good cultivation; also raises considerable stock. He married Miss Mary Ostrom in 1876. She is native of Holland and was born in 1858. By this union thy have two children: Ella (born September 20, 1878), and Trankty (born September 11, 1880). Himself and wife are members of the Reformed Church of Pella.

EN BOER, X. C.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 24, P. O. Pella. Was born on the twenty-ninth of August, 1828, in Netherlands, and worked there as a farmer. Came to the United States in 1846, and settled in Ulster county, New York, and resided there ten years, and then journeyed to Iowa and settled in this county. Lived twenty-one years on Sec. 34. He moved on the place he now resides in 1878, and is in partnership with James Muntingh in the stock-raising business. They expect to keep an average of 100 head of cattle and 150 head of hogs. He married Miss Aaltje de Boest on the second of April, 1859. She is also a native of Netherlands, and was born on the fifteenth of October, 1833. They have by this union seven children: Annie (now Mrs. A. Hays of Pella), Mary (now Mrs. H. Wormhoudt of Pella), Dirk, Nellie, Jane, Cornelius and Henry. Lost four. They are members of the Presbyterian Church of Pella.

DUININK, PETER-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 5, P. O. Pella. Was born February 14, 1837, in Sealand and was raised there until ten years of age, attending the schools of that place. In 1847 he came to America with the Holland colony and settled in this county. He attended school some here and has made agricultural pursuits his business. He owns forty-one acres of fine farm land where he resides and seventy-eight acres in Polk township; has good and comfortable buildings. He married Miss Lena Verduct in 1857. She is a native of South Holland and was born January 10, 1834. They have three children: Newton, Mary and Gertie. Lost three. DYKSTRA, JOHN-Dealer in general merchandise. Was born on the thirteenth day of November, 1845, in the village of Nylander, province of Friestland, Netherlands, and was raised there, receiving the benefits of a common education. Spent his boyhood days on a farm with his parents, and in the spring of 1867 crossed the ocean and came to Iowa, settling in Jasper county. In the spring of 1874 he came to Pella and engaged in business with Van Spanckeren & Stubenrauch, in general merchandising. This partnership continued until the first of August, 1879, when he started in business for himself. He commenced life with small capital and has worked his way up until he is now one of Marion county's self-made men. He married, in the spring of 1878, Miss J. Terpstra. She is a native of New York and was born on the eighth of December, 1853, in the city of Albany. They have one child. Charlotte. Mr. D. has never sought political honors, but has always given his attention to his business.

ENGELSMA, MARTIN J.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 12, P.O. Pella.


Was born on the seventh of March, 1841, in the Netherlands. came to the United States in 1855 and settled in this county, and enlisted in the late war in August, 1862, in company G, Thirty-third Iowa infantry, and served three years. He was in the battles of Helena, Little Rock, Saline River, Siege of Mobile, and Camden. At the close of the war he returned


to this county and engaged in farming. He owns 105 acres of land. married Miss Gertitude van den Burg on the sixteenth of March, 1871. She was born on the twelfth of Ocotober, 1851. He has held the office of school director and holds that of school treasurer.

EYSINK BROTHERS-Farmers and stock-raisers, Sec. 25, P, O. Pella These young men formed their partnership in the spring of 1880. They own 120 acres of well improved land and have comfortable buildings for their stock. They commenced life poor boys and have worked their own way, and to day stand among the leading citizens of the county. L. A. EYSINK was born on the twenty-eighth of January, 1846, in Netherlands. He crossed the ocean in 1854 and has made his home in this county since. He married Miss Jennie Hendriks on the twenty-first of May, 1879. She was born in Muscatine county, Iowa, on the seventeenth of November, 1855. They have one child, Annie. He has held the office of road supervisor. H. W. EYSINK was born on the fifteenth of January, 1847, in Netherlands. He crossed the ocean in 1854 and was raised a Hawkeye. He married Miss Mary Hendriks on the twenty-first of May, 1879. She was born in Muscatine county, Iowa, on the eleventh of August, 1862.

AXON, CHARLES S.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 31, P. O. Pella. Was born on the twenty-fifth of September, 1822, in Niagara county, New York, and was raised there until eight years of age. Then emigrated to Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, with his parents. They settled in the city of Lewistown, and Charles spent his boyhood days in that city. His father was a machinist, and when Charles was out of school he helped his father in the shop. When he attained the age of twenty-one he emigrated to Bennington, Vermont, and worked in the cotton factories there as boss weaver for one year, and went from there to Perkinsville, upper falls, in 1846. Resided there one year and started two cotton factories, one of forty and one of sixty looms; thence to Manchester, New Hampshire and worked one year in the Amoskeag machine shops. Returned to Lewistown and remained there until 1849; next went to Maryland and worked awhile on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad; returned to his old home and married Miss Emily Bartholomew, on the thirty-first of December, 1849. She is a native of Chester county, Pennsylvania, and was born on the twentieth of September, 1824. In 1852 he went to Barnsville, Ohio, and acted as clerk for a railroad construction company for six months, returned to Pennsylvania, and went to work in the Pennsylvania Railroad shops for one year and went to Hollidaysburgh and acted as a master mechanic on the State road. From there he went to Memphis, Tennessee and acted as foreman of the Memphis, Charleston and Tennessee Railroad shops; thence returned to his old home, remained there until 1858, when he became master mechanic of the H. & B. T. Railroad. He remained in the employ of that company for some eleven years. Came to Iowa in the fall of 1869, and has remained in this county engaged in farming. Has a farm of 44 acres well improved and his buildings are comfortable. Has held the position of alderman of the Fourth ward; also the office of road supervisor. Himself and wife are members of the First Baptist Church of Pella, in which he has held the office of deacon two years. Their family consists of two adopted children: Harry K. Bickel and Ida May Young.

FORSYTHE, W. D.- Dealer in drugs, medicines and stationery. Was born October 31, 1830, in England, where he resided until twenty-four years of age. He enjoyed excellent educational advantages, first receiving

a classical, and afterward a mathematical course. In 1854 he came to America, locating in Narragansett, Pennsylvania, where he resided some two years engaged as a teacher in the academy. From there he came to Keokuk, this State, and for one year was engaged in surveying with Fox and Otley. Removed to Appanoose county, residing there between seven and eight years engaged in various occupations. He came from there to Pella, arriving here on the tenth of August, 1865. Was principal of the public schools of this place for nearly four and a half years when he became engaged in the drug business, which has employed his attention to the present time. His cash capital was small when he commenced life on his own account; but he had something better-a good education and energy. In 1871 he was elected city clerk and held the office two years. In 1867 was elected alderman of the First ward and for the past three years has filled the same office. Has been a member of the school board for the past three years. On the thirty-first of August, 1870, he was married to Miss Parmelia Davenport, a lady of high culture and standing. She is a native of Virginia, and was born on the tenth of May, 1840. By this union they have five children living: Mary, Grace, William, Edward and Claude. Lost one, Henry. His wife is a member of the Baptist denomination. Mr. F. is a Mason and secretary of the Pella Lodge, No. 55.


ARLICK, FRANK C.-Dealer in groceries and provisions. Was born on the eighth of June, 1845, in Peru, New York, and spent his boyhood days in that village and received an education. There in 1860 he opened a restaurant which he conducted for three years; then emigrated to West Chazy, New York, and remained there two years and went from there to New York City, spending five years. He traveled six years as advertising agent for Mac Eboys' New Hibernican, and finally settled in Pella, February 27, 1875. On the fourth of March, the same year he commenced the mercantile business. He married Miss Henrietta Schoolmaker, on the twenty-seventh of July, 1876, in New York City. She was born in that city on the twenty-fifth of November, 1857, and died on the eighth of September, 1877. She was a member of the Pilgrim Baptist Church of New York while she resided there, and was a member of the Pella Baptist Church at the time of her death. On the twenty-sixth of November, 1879, he married Miss Jennie Mortimore. Mr. Garlick is a member of the First Baptist Church of Pella.


GEORGE, W. S.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 24, P. O. Pella. Was born November 18, 1814, in Fayette county, Ohio, and spent his boyhood days on a farm. In 1841 he emigrated to Peoria county, Illinois, and resided there fourteen years; came to this county in the fall of 1855 and engaged in farming. He owns forty acres of good land. He has filled the office of school director three years, also road supervisor three years. married Miss Susan Wilson in December, 1834; she was born February 2, 1814, in Ohio. By this union they have five children: Wilson B., James W., Fountain W., Abel T. and Marion M. Lost five, two of whom died in the late war. In his religious belief, Mr. G. is a liberal. His mother-inlaw lives with him. She was born September 19, 1790, and still possesses her faculties in an unusual degree.

GEORGE, J. W.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 8, P. O. Pella. Was born on the thirty-first of August, 1844, in Peoria county, Illinois, and was raised there until eleven years of age. Came to this county in the fall of

1855 with his parents. He spent his boyhood days with his father on the farm and received an education in the common schools. In 1872 he rented a farm and commenced farining on his account. In 1874 he moved on the place he now occupies and owns-eighty acres of improved land and five acres of timber. He displayed his patriotism during the late war by enlisting in the Seventeenth Iowa infantry, company G, in the spring of 1862. and served three years. He took part in the siege of Corinth, battle of Iuka, second battle of Corinth, Jackson, Mississippi, Champion's Hill, siege of Vicksburg, Mission Ridge, and was taken prisoner at Tilton. Georgia, and held for one month. He married Miss E. Prosser on the fif teenth of October, 1865; she was born in Illinois on the twenty-first of February, 1843. They have five children: William, Luella, Ida, Viola, and Minnie. Lost two.

GESMAN & FISHER-Attorneys and notaries public. This partnership was formed in the fall of 1879. Both of these gentlemen have been practicing for a number of years and they are well and favorably known throughout the county. N. J. Gesman was born on the seventeenth of December, 1835, in the village of Charlois, Netherlands. He came to this county with his parents and the first Holland colony. They settled in Pella. N. J. was raised in this city and received an education. At sixteen years of age he commenced to learn the carpenter's trade and worked at it several years. In 1861 he commenced teaching and taught some four years, then worked at his trade for a while, and then taught school again. In 1867 he became editor of the Pella Gazette and filled that position about one year. About this time he commenced the study of law and has been in the practice since. He has held the office of city solicitor six years. He married Miss Anna de Jong on the twenty-ninth of November, 1856; she is a native of the Netherlands, and was born on the sixth of February, 1836. They have six children: Arie, Jane, George A., Nicholas J., Alida J. and Anna E. Lost three.

GUTHRIE, A.-Physician and surgeon. Was born in West Virginia on the sixth day of December, 1841. He was raised a farmer, and, in 1862. after making choice of the practice of medicine as a profession, commenced reading, with Dr. J. T. Cotton as preceptor. He attended lectures at the Ohio Medical College in Cincinnati, and graduated in 1866. After his graduation he resumed his studies and attended another course of lectures, and in 1867 received the appointment of resident physician in the Cincinnati hospital and remained in this position two years. He then removed to this county and entered upon the active duties of his profession. To his most thorough qualifications as a physician he adds promptness and energy in his professional duty. He is a member of the Des Moines Valley Medical Association and of the Iowa State Medical Society; he is also assistant surgeon of the C., R. I. & P. R. R. He married Miss Mattie van Vark in 1877; she was born in Pella. They have one son, John A.


AAN, D. DE-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 16, P. O. Pella. Was born February 21, 1831, and is a native of Heerjansdam, South Holland. Was there reared and received the benefits of an education, and in 1849 he crossed the ocean with his father. Settled in Pella and attended school there and afterward engaged in the mercantile business for some two years, and then turned his attention to agricultural pursuits. Owns 260 acres of fine farm land, well improved and well adapted to the raising of all kinds of grain and fruit. He has a neat little brick house and comfortable buildings for his

stock. He stands foremost among the well-to-do farmers here. He married Miss Gritge Nugteren on the twenty-sixth of July, 1857. She is a native of the Netherlands, and was born January 28, 1840. Theyhave seven children: Ellen, Simon, Jacob, Floris, Catherine, Kate and Margrette. Lost three. Himself and wife are members of the Reformed Church of Pella.

HAGENS, W. C.-Fariner and stock-raiser, Sec. 28, P. O. Pella. Was born December 28, 1842, in Gelderland and when five years of age came to America with his parents, they being with the noted first Holland colony. W. C. spent his boyhood days in this township, and attended school in Pella. In 1860 he commenced business for himself. First settled on his father's place close to Pella. In 1870 he moved where he now resides, and has given his attention to agriculture and stock-raising. He owns 160 acres of tine land, well improved and well adapted to the raising of all kinds of grain and fruit. His farm is well stocked. He married Miss Antinette Pos, in January, 1860. She is a native of Adann, North Holland, and was born January 5, 1843. Six children are living: Byhe, Tony, Gerret, Mina, John and Grades. Lost two. Mr. H. holds the office of township trustee.

HAPGOOD BROS.-Stock-raisers and dairymen, Sec. 9, P. O. Pella. These brothers came to Pella in 1873 and purchased thirty acres of land adjoining the town, one lot lying within the corporation. They raise considerable young stock, some graded. Their buildings are models of neatmess and convenience. Their mother, Mrs. Percy D. Hapgood, presides over the home. She is a native of Brattleboro, Vermont, and was born March 23, 1812. She made her home principally in Massachusetts until coming to this county in 1874. GEO. HAPGOOD, the elder brother, was born October 30, 1843, in Middlesex county, Massachusetts, and spent his boyhood days on a farm, receiving an education in the schools of that county and resided there until twenty years of age and then moved to Brattleboro, Vermont, and came to this county in 1873. EUGENE HAPGOOD was born September 23, 1851, in Acton, Middlesex county, Massachusetts, and was raised in that vicinity on a farm and received an education in the schools of that county. He worked some five years in a general merchandise store and about one year in Jones & Clark's sewing factory. Then went to Brattleboro, Vermont, and worked one year and a half in the Estey organ factory, and came to this county in 1873.

HAMILTON, R. G.-Lumber dealer. One of the first settlers of Marion county, as well as one of its most worthy citizens. Was born in Bath county, West Virginia, on the second day of February, 1824, and lived there until seven years of age, and then moved with his parents to Indiana and settled near Madison in 1833, and after a short residence in this State removed to Illinois and settled near Peoria, and in April, 1836, removed to Lee county, Iowa, and in April, 1843, came to this county, and was one of the first to select a claim. He learned the trade of carpenter in his youth, but after he came to this county engaged in farming until 1855, when, owing to an accident, he was compelled to relinquish it and moved into Pella and worked at his trade of contractor and builder and followed it until 1872, since which time he has been engaged in the lumber business. He has held the office of justice of the peace, town trustee and mayor of the city. But few men have a better record. He is known as a man of sterling integrity and decided character, and as a business man is endowed with rare good sense and a well balanced mind. He married Miss Rebecca Given in 1848.

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