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on a farm and attended the common schools. In his sixteenth year he removed to Indianapolis, Indiana, remaining there nine years, and in 1842 came to Iowa, settling in Jefferson county. Resided there one year and on the seventeenth of March, 1842, he married Miss Sarah Welch, a native of North Carolina, born February 26, 1825. On the first of May, 1843, he came to this county, took up his claim, and on the eighteenth of the same month brought his family. They settled on the Des Moines River, abou: three miles south of Pella, built a cabin (which, to Mr. N.'s knowledge was the second one in the county), and broke a piece of ground. He built the first horse-mill for grinding corn in the county, and in partnership with his father-in-law started the first pottery, in 1845. Started a horse saw-mil. on the first of September, 1845. He was elected the first coroner, and by virtue of his office acted as first sheriff of Marion county. He was a member of the first jury that sat in Mahaska county. Bought an interest in Joseph Porter's first saw-mill of Pella and in 1851 he opened the Franklin Mill in Pella, running it for about three years. He commenced the mercantile business the same year and was thus employed for ten years. Next engaged in making lime and started the first perpetual lime-kiln in Iowa. In 1872 he moved to Pella and commenced hotel keeping. In 1875 he built the house which now bears his name, which he operated until the fall of 1880, then renting it to his son-in-law, J. W. Todd. His family consists of twelve children living: Mary E. (now Mrs. J. W. Todd), Eliza J. (now Mrs. Theodore Thomas), John C., Isabella (now Mrs. W. C. Hyler), W. W., Frank. Eva C. (now Mrs. John Shupe), Caroline, Sallie, Harmon, Allen J., and William J. Lost one, Emina. Himself and wife are members of the Baptist Church of Pella, they being its founders.

NUTT, MRS. M. A.-Farmer, Sec. 7, P. O. Otley. Was born on the 24 of November, 1826, in New Jersey, and removed from there to Ohio in 1837. She married W. L. Nutt in 1848. They came to Iowa in 1856. Mr. Nutt died on the 23d of February, 1878, leaving Mrs. Nutt with seven children: W. C., J. M., A. J., L. J., M. E., E. E., and J. A. She owns 100 acres of land, and has a fine residence. Is a member of the Baptist Church. The third son, A. J., resides with his mother at present, and superintends the farm. He was born on the 5th of February, 1855, in Delaware county, Ohio, and was brought to this county by his parents in 1856. He spent his boyhood days on a farm and received a common school education. He has been twice married; first, to Miss Anna Doyle on the 31st of October, 1877. By this union they had one child, Joseph W. (born on the first of February, 1879). Mrs. Nutt died on the 24th of September, 1879. On the 29th of December, 1880, he married Miss M. E. Boot. She was born September 2, 1858. They are members of the Baptist Church of Otley.

One of the leaders of the original Holland colony who settled here

VERKAMP, I.-Whose portrait appears in another part of this work

in 1847. He was born in the Netherlands February 26, 1810. He received excellent educational advantages in his youth and followed the occupation of teaching. In 1847 he emigrated with the colony to the United States and was one of the number that selected Lake Prairie township as their home. He was the first teacher in Pella, and has always been interested in educational matters, and there is no one in the city whose life has been more closely identified with its interests. He has held the position of city treasurer since Pella was incorporated, excepting the time he was serving as mayor. He has held the office of township clerk and postmaster. He

is an elder in the First Reformed Church, and one of its staunch supporters and most liberal contributors. He is a man whose standard of morality is high, and whose convictions of duty are strong, and in all places and under all circumstances he is loyal to truth, honor and right, and he justly rates his own self-respect and the deserved esteem of his fellow citizens of more value than gold. His social powers are admirable and his moral character irreproachable. At over three score and ten his step is still firin, his form erect, and his countenance cheerful. He married Miss H. den Beste in 1850. She was born in the Netherlands in 1828, and died in Marion county in 1854, leaving one daughter, Artie (now Mrs. John D. Gaass), with whom Mr. Overkamp finds a pleasant and happy home.

OVERKAMP, G. H.-Retired merchant. Was born in De Hague, Holland, February 15, 1808, and was taken from there to Leersdam when two years of age. Was there raised and educated and learned the painter's trade, and at the age of twenty-one he opened a shop and worked at his trade until 1847. Then came to this country with his parents, being in the first Holland colony. He was the first Hollander to erect a house in Pella. In 1850 his second son, Isaac, started a furniture factory, continuing that business until 1857, when he died. Mr. Overkamp, in company with Mr. G. H. Wormhoudt, was his successor, and they conducted the business until 1880, Mr. Overkamp then retiring. He married Miss Aafje Kruyt on 2d of January, 1830. They have lately celebrated their golden wedding. She was born on the 6th of September, 1804, in Holland. Their family consists of four children living: Aafje (now Mrs. G. H. Dingeman), Hendrina (now Mrs. Henry Hospers), Antje (now Mrs. H. Wormhoudt), Marie (now Mrs. J. Vos). Himself and wife are members of the First Reformed Church of Pella, in which he holds the position of elder. Being one of the first settlers here he has taken an active part in the early settlement of this county.

DORTER, JOSEPH-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 25, P. O. Pella.


youth on a farm, with his father, until nineteen years of age. Then walked to Lafayette, Indiana, a distance of 900 miles, and made the trip in twentysix days. There worked on the Wabash and Erie Canal and at odd jobs. In 1841 he commenced farming, and followed that occupation seven years. In 1847 he emigrated to this county, purchased a claim, and after residing upon it about five years he moved to Pella and built a saw-mill, which was about the first in the county. Two years afterward he built a second mill in Pella, and a grist-mill in the township, and he sawed most of the lumber for the first buildings in this part of the county. In 1857 he traded his mills to John B. Hamilton for part of the tract of land on which he now resides. He owns 300 acres of fine land, well improved, and he has a handsome brick residence and one of the finest barns in the county. Has about seven miles of fence on his farın, and also owns three farms in Mahaska county, containing in all 270 acres; also owns one-third interest in 320 acres in Kansas. He has held office of township trustee about fifteen years, and school director, off and on, for some twenty years, and has always discharged his official duties with scrupulous care and fidelity. He married Miss Mary A. Chezern December 31, 1840. She is a native of Indiana, and was born July 22, 1821. By this union they have nine children living: James, Elizabeth (now Mrs. Wm. Millison), Marion, Nancy (now Mrs. N. Wray), William, Charles, Mary F. and Joseph F. (twins), and Margaret Catharine.

They lost four. He owned the first reaper in the county, and also run one of the first threshing machines. He commenced life without much capital, and by his honesty and industy has been the architect of his own future, and belongs to that noble army of self-made men of whom Iowa can so proudly boast.

POST, M. H.-Was born in St. Francisville, Missouri, on the sixteenth day of August, 1840, and is the son of Rev. M. J. Post, deceased, mention of whom is made in another place. His father being a Baptist minister, they lived in various places until 1847, when they removed to this county, and the settlement of the Holland colony was made in Pella at the suggestion of Mr. Post's father, who had traveled the trackless prairies on his mission. His father died the following year. Here the subject of our sketch was reared and educated. For a long time was engaged in the hotel business, in which he was satisfactorily successful. He married Miss

Nancy Mortimer in 1862. She was born in Indiana, and died in 1869, leaving one daughter, Nancy J. He married for his second wife, Miss Nellie van der Linder, in 1871. She was born in the Netherlands. By this union they have two children: Helen and Julia. Lost one daughter, Hattie.

PROUTY, S. F.-Professor of Latin and natural sciences in the Central University. Was born in Delaware county, Ohio, January 17, 1854, and came to this county in 1855. He was raised a farmer, and his time was divided between farm duties and attending school. He was educated at Central University and graduated in the class of 1877, and it is a high compliment to his scholarship that his "Alma Mater" has selected him for his present position. In 1879 he was elected by the Republican party to the lower house of the State Legislature another compliment for one so young. He married Miss A. E. Livingston in 1878. She is also a native of Delaware county. They have one child.

RAMSA, WILSON, July 6, 1939, as raised is born, race Prinz AMSAY, WILSON-Dealer in lightning rods. Was born near Pitts

an education in the common schools. During the late war he enlisted, in the spring of 1864, in company D, Seventy-seventh Pennsylvania infantry, as a private and at Nashville was made mounted-orderly for the quartermaster general of the supply train. He served some eight months and was dis charged on account of sickness. In the spring of 1867 he came to Iowa. locating in Pella, and, in company with his brother, engaged in the agricultural implement and grain business. This they continued about five years, when he engaged in the pump and lightning rod business. 1875 he has confined himself to the latter, and runs from two to six teams every season. He owns a fine residence, pleasantly situated, and a conve niently located warehouse. In 1851 Mr. R. went to California, spending two years in mining. He married Miss Eliza J. Smith on the fifteenth of June, 1858, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a native of that place. and was born on the seventeenth of April, 1836. By this union they have eleven children: Virginia A. (now Mrs. L. H. Springer of Prairie City Parthenia A. (now Mrs. E. M. Cathcart of Pella), Howard N., Harry E.. Ida M., Lilly B., George W., Florence M., Albert E. and Alfred E. (twins) and Anna B.

RENAUD, EDMUND C.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 19, P. 0. Pella. Was born February 6, 1854, in France, and was brought to this country, when about eight years of age, by his parents, who settled in this

county. Edmund spent his boyhood days on a farm. In 1877 he cominenced farining for himself, and cultivates 100 acres of land. He married Miss Johanna van Rees in 1877. She was born in this county, on the thirteenth of August, 1860. They have two children: Edmund J. and Aaron J. He is one of the rising young men of the county. Was

REUS, ARIE DE-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 8, P. O. Pella. born on the eighth of April, 1837, in the Netherlands, and was raised on a farm. He came to the United States in 1850 and settled in this county, and engaged in farming, and cultivates fifty-six acres of land. He has held the offices of school-director, secretary of the school board and constable. He married Miss Margrette Bruggman in 1859. She is a native of the Netherlands and was born on the seventeenth of December, 1839. this union they have nine children: Maggeltje, Arie, Peter, Henry, Nellie, Johnnie, Mary, Willie and Nelus. Lost four.


RIDDLE, W. S.-Moulder. Was born on the twenty-second of September, 1853, in Mt. Pleasant, Henry county, Iowa, and was brought to Pella by his parents when six months old, and he has here been raised and educated. In 1874 he commenced to learn the moulder's trade, with the Pella Manufacturing Company, which he has since followed. He is corporal in Cox's light infantry company, and plays B flat cornet. married Miss Hattie Horner July 16, 1878. She was born July 31, 1862, in Eddyville, Wapello county, Iowa. By this union they have one child, Claude L.


RHYNSBURGER, C.-Dealer in general merchandise. Is one of Marion county's representative business men, and is deserving of more than a passing notice. He was born in the Netherlands, on the eighth day of January, 1839, and lived in his native country until sixteen years of age. In 1855 he emigrated to the United States and settled in Marion county. He was raised a farmer and followed it until 1861, when he commenced his mercantile experience. In connection with his business as a dealer in general merchandise, he is also a jobber of notions, and as a business man has been eminently successful. He is upright in his dealings, prompt and energetic, and has secured the esteem of all with whom he has had business intercourse. In every measure calculated to benefit the city he has been prompt to act and efficient to work. He has taken a deep interest in educational matters, and has served for nine years in its school board. is also a member of the State Board of Emigration. He married Miss R. van der Ley in 1863. She was also born in the Netherlands. Their family consists of seven children: Willie, Jennie, Mary, Nellie, Peter, Cornelia H. and Amelia E.


RHYNSBURGER, JOHN-Of the firm of G. van Vlick & Co., grocers, bakers, etc. Is a native of South Holland, and was born June 11, 1859, and was raised in his native country until ten years of age, and then emigrated to America and settled in Pella, where he has since made his home, and he is one of the rising young business men of the town.

RIETVELD, W.-Retired fariner, and one of Marion county's most suc cessful agriculturists, is a native of the Netherlands and was born on the twenty-first day of February, 1829. He was raised in his native country until eighteen years of age on a farm. His father, John Rietveld, was one of the leaders of the Holland colony, and a man who contributed his full share in establishing the reputation for which it is so widely known. The

subject of our sketch emigrated with his parents to the United States in 1847, and the same year settled in Marion county, since which time he has been prominently identified with its history and growth. He owns 900 acres of land and for years has been one of the largest stock-raisers and feeders in this part of the county, and is known as a man of sterling integrity and large practical experience. He married Miss Annie Grundman, on the first day of July, 1858. She was born in the Netherlands and came to the county in 1849. Have one son, Herman, aged sixteen years. Lost three: Johnnie, Conrad J. and Diedrick.

RIETVELD, DIRK-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 17, P. O. Pella. Was born October 18, 1846, in Netherlands, and was brought to this country by his parents in 1847. They came with the first Holland colony. Dirk spent his boyhood days on a farm and attended the common schools of this county. In 1867 he commenced farming on his own account, and owns a farm of 117 acres in Clay township. He lives at present on his brother's farm, consisting of 150 acres. He came here when the country was new and has had his share of the hardships to endure. He commenced here poor and what he enjoys is the fruit of honest toil. He married Miss Elizabeth van Lint in 1865. She was born in this county on the twelfth of January, 1849. They have six children: John, Cornelius, Altje, Dirk, Dirkie and Adriannas N.; lost two.

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CHOLTE, HENRY PETER-Founder of the Holland colony, was born on the twenty-fifth of September, 1805, at Amsterdam, kingdom of the Netherlands. Here he was educated, passing a literary examination in the University of Leyden in 1824; studied theology in the same institution, and was licensed to preach in 1832; entered upon the active duties of the ministry in 1833, in the National Reform Church, Synod of Holland, where he officiated until the division in 1835. Owing to religious persecution he came to this country in 1846, for the purpose of finding a place for the founding of a colony. Various States were mentioned but finally Iowa was selected, and the land in Marion county chosen for their abode. Preparations were at once commenced for the reception of the emigrante, and in 1847 they came, Mr. Scholte meeting them at Baltimore. He erected a meeting-house in 1856, at his own expense, and it was occupied by him at the time of his death. The organization was not connected with any particular denomination, though in sympathy with all that were evangelical in their tendencies. A sketch of Mr. Scholte's life appears in connection with the history of Lake Prairie township. He was twice married; first, to S. M. Brandt, at Amsterdam, Holland, December 20, 1832. There were born to them: Sara J. S. (November 9, 1833, at Doveren, now the wife of Dr. B. F. Keables), Maria (May 3, 1836, died July 3, 1836, at Amsterdam), S. M. (December, 1837, died February 19, 1838, at Utrecht), S. M. (June 6, 1879, died January 14, 1876, at Pella; first wife of P. H. Bousquet) and S. J. S. (June 3, 1842, at Utrecht, now the wife of John Nollen). Mrs. Scholte died January 23, 1844, at Utrecht. His second marriage was to M. H. E. Krantz, at Utrecht, June 16, 1845. She was born at Maestrecht, in the Duchy of Luxemburg, March 26, 1821. By her he had nine children: Six died in infancy; one, T. M. J., died in her twelfth year; and two, Henry P. and J. W. David, are still living. Mr. Scholte died at Pella, August 25, 1868, aged sixty-two years and eleven months. By his death the county lost one of its true and noble-spirited citizens. He had done much for the county and for the city of Pella, and his loss was keenly felt.

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