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SCHERMERHORN, B. S. & Co.--Dealers in eggs and butter. Among the business interests of Marion county special attention should be given to the business of this firm, who themselves are deserving of more than a passing notice. The firm is composed of B. S. Schermerhorn, J. J. Bousquet and H. Rhynsburger. But few houses in Iowa are doing as large a business in their line and still fewer have the good reputation for their sterling business integrity and their standard business qualifications, and they are contributing their full share in sustaining the business reputation for which the city of Pella is noted. A prominent feature of their business in the future will be their creamery, for the accommodation of which they have just completed a large building to be conducted on the most approved system, and with all the improvements, calculated to raise the standard of the products. In this, as in other enterprises, this firm are entitled to the gratitude of the community and the city to this important factor of future prosperity, and they have earned and richly merit the success which is sure to crown their enterprise. Mr. B. S. Schermerhorn, the senior member of the house, is a native of New York, and was born on the thirty-first day of March, 1837. His early life was spent on a farm. He learned the milling business and followed it in New York and New Jersey for twelve years. In 1878 he came to this county, and soon took a prominent place among its business men. He is peculiarly clear and transparent in all his business transactions and inspires confidence in all with whom he has business relations. He married Miss Margaret A. Van Allen in 1861; she was born in New York. Their family consists of two children; Charlie and Louie.

SCHAKEL, ARIE-Sec. 16, P. O. Pella. Was born in South Holland, June 6, 1821, and was there reared. In 1857 he came to this county and for fifteen years was engaged in farming. He has now retired from the active duties of life. He is a member of the Reformed Church of Peila. Has been a hard working, industrious citizen, and as he commenced life. without means, what he now has is the result of his own labor.

SCHUBRING, E. H.--Owner and proprietor of Schubring's Hotel. Is a native of Prussia and was born in the city Broemberg, May 7, 1828. Was raised in that village, and received the benefits of an education. At the age of fourteen he apprenticed himself to learn the blacksmith trade, and followed it while there. In 1854 he crossed the ocean and landed at New York, and worked about two months in that city. Then went to Michigan, worked about six months in Detroit, thence to Iona county, the same State, where he resided some six years, following his trade. Miss Margaret Farley, a native of England, became his wife on the second of March, 1856. She was born on the twentieth of December, 1830. In the spring of 1859 he sold his shop and started for Colorado. He spent one year and eight months among the mines and working at his trade, and in the fall of 1860 returned to Michigan. From there he came to Iowa in the spring of 1861. Arrived at Pella in July of that year, bought a blacksmith shop and commenced to work at his trade. In 1864 he started the Pella City Brewry in partnership with two others, and after three years sold his interest and bought the lots upon which his hotel now stands. There was a blacksmith shop and a dwelling house on it at that time, and he worked in this shop until 1875, excepting one year and eight months. In 1877 he built the hotel he now owns. His family consists of three children: Ida, Lilly and William. Lost one, Surepta. He commenced life without much.

capital and has been the architect of his own fortune, and by his honesty and industry has won the respect and esteem of a large number of friends. His hotel will compare favorably with any in the county.

SELL, MARTIN-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 30, P. O. Pella. Was born on the thirtieth of August, 1832, in Preble county, Ohio, and was raised there until 1840, when he emigrated with his parents to Elkhart county, Indiana. He spent his boyhood days there on a farm and received an education in the cominon schools.. In 1850 he came to Iowa and settled in Pella and acted as sawyer in Joseph Porter's mill, remaining eleven years. In 1861 he took up agricultural pursuits and has made that his business since. In his youth he learned the carpenter's trade, and he has followed it some through life. He has a farm of fifty acres, well improved. He married Miss Henrietta Hiemstra on the third of July, 1856. She is a native of Friestland, and was born October 20, 1835. They have raised one young man, William T. Woodward, and have another adopted child, Olevia B. Reynolds. For eleven years he has been president of the school board. Himself and wife belong to the Baptist denomination.

SHEESLEY, .GEO. P.-Editor of the Weekly Visitor. Was born in Columbus, Ohio, on the second day of October, 1853, and in 1854 was brought by his parents to Mahaska county. He was educated at the Central University of Iowa, and graduated in 1878. After teaching for nearly ten years he embarked in his present business, and is well worthy the success which has attended his career. A. H. BETZER-Of the firm of Sheesley & Betzer, editors and publishers of the Weekly Visitor, and one of the most practical printers of Marion county. Was born in Ross county, Ohio, in March, 1850. When six years of age he removed with his parents to Illinois, and lived there twelve years. His youth, until eighteen years of age, was spent on a farm. In 1868 he came to this county and learned the trade of printer. He married Miss Lucretia Dearinger in 1876. She was born in Iowa. Their family consists of two children: Irvin and an infant daughter.

SIMPKINS, WILLIAM N.--Carpenter, contractor and builder. Was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, October 2, 1830, and was raised there. When fourteen years of age he commenced to learn the carpenter's trade. In 1853 he moved to Ohio and came to Iowa, settling in Van Buren county in 1854. Worked at his trade ten years and came to this county in the spring of 1864. Engaged in the lumber business and kept a hotel one year, and then took up his present business. He held the position of foreman of the building of the first large court-house at Winterset; also two school buildings at Knoxville. In 1879 he took a trip to Kansas and spent eighteen months. He married Miss Naomi Jolley, in March, 1853. She was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, on the twentysecond of September, 1833, in the same house in which her father was born. They have nine children living: Jennie, Milton, Emma, Alexander, Adelia, Kate, William, Earl and Clyde. Lost one, Bell. Mrs. Simpkins is a member of the Baptist Church.


SLOT, JOHN--Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 7, P. O Pella. Is a native of Friestland and was born on the twenty-fifth of December, 1825. resided with his father on the farm and attended the common schools. In 1847 came to this country with his parents, being in the Holland colony. His father died at St. Louis. John settled on the land which he now occupies, engaged in farming, and has made that his business since. He owns

154 acres of improved land, with comfortable buildings. Also owns twenty acres of timber. He commenced life a poor boy and has made what he has by hard work. He is honest, industrious and energetic, and a first-class farmer. He married Miss Maggie Millner in 1857. She is a native of Friestland and was born in 1832. They have four children: Jacob, Maggie, Jane and Peter. Lost six. Himself and wife are members of the First Reformed Church of Pella.

SNOW & HUBER-Dealers in grain and produce, Pella. No business firm in Marion county are more widely known than Snow & Huber, and none have contributed more to its good name. They have always been foremost and taken an active part in every public improvement and contributed liberally to every enterprise. They have always acted on the prin ciple that in every good bargain both parties are benefited. In the purchase of grain the have confined themselves to a legitimate business, and this has secured the unlimited confidence of the community. Their shipments are the largest on the line of K. & D. M. V. R. R., and it is an acknowledged fact that no firm has contributed as great a benefit to the city or greater advantage to the agricultural interests. C. E. SNOW, of the above firm, was born in Jefferson county, New York, August 31, 1828, and was raised with a mercantile experience. In 1856 he emigrated to Iowa and settled in Keokuk. During the building of the K. & D. M. V. R. R. he had charge of the west end of the road in putting the stations in good running order, until the road reached Eddyville, and there engaged in the grain trade, and at one time he was interested in four houses on the line of the road, but being unable to give them as much attention as was necessary, the firm concentrated all their interest at this place in 1868. His life has been one of ceaseless activity and is remarkable for energy of body and mind. In business he attends to its minutest details--has let no

threads run loose and nothing needlessly run to waste. He is no political aspirant. preferring the peace and quiet of his legitimate business to the strife and turmoil of public life. He has been twice married; first to Miss Sarah Norris, who died leaving one son, Frank A. His second marriage occurred in 1859 to Miss Sarah Matthews, a native of Ohio. By this union they have five children: Jennie, Carrie, Bessie, Eddie and Allie. D. S. HUBER, of the above firm, is a native of Pennsylvania, and was born on the nineteenth day of February, 1838, and lived there until 1851, and then moved to Winchester, Van Buren county. In 1852 he went overland to California and remain there two years and was engaged in mining apd farming. He then returned to Pennsylvania, where he had a mercantile experience of four years and then came to Iowa, and thence to Missouri, where he remained one year, and then engaged in his present business and in which he has been very successful. He married Miss S. A. Goodall in 1863. She was born in Van Buren county, Iowa. They have two children, Lucy W. and an infant.

SNYDERS, H. J.-Merchant tailor. Was born in the Netherlands, October 10, 1819, and was raised there until seven years of age. Then went to Germany to learn the trade of tailor, and worked at it for fourteen years. Then returned to Holland and settled in Amsterdam where he lived for six years, pursuing his chosen avocation. Removed to Utrecht, worked four years, and from there to Elsts, where he remained eleven years. He emigrated to the United States, and settled in Pella. He started the shop he is now in and has been engaged in the business since, and is well and favor

ably known throughout the county. He was left an orphan at seven years of age, and has worked his own way through the world. He has been twice married; first to Miss G. Hebek, in 1845. She died in 1854, leaving threechildren: Bert, Amanda and Gertie. Lost four. He was married again to Miss Neltje de Booy, in 1854. She died October 8, 1880. He is a member of the Baptist Church of Pella.

STEENBERGEN, LEONARD VAN-Coal operator, Sec. 22, P. O. Pella. Was born September 30, 1842, in the Netherlands, and was there raised until eleven years of age, on a farm, receiving an education in the schools of that land. He came to this country with his parents in 1854, and in 1865 took a trip to Oregon. Resided there a short time and returned to this county and commenced farming and coal operating. He owns 28 acres of coal land and the coal is of the finest quality in the County. He does a fair business, everything around the bank is in good repair, the veins are from two and a half to three feet. He has held the offices of school-director three years, and road supervisor one year. His father, C. van Steenbergen, resides on section twenty-two. He owns 42 acres of land. Is a native of Holland and was born November 17, 1806. He married Miss H. de Brown, February 19, 1830. She is also a native of Holland and was born October 30, 1816. They have seven children: Dirkie, Nelle, Leonard, Wilhelmina, Mary, Jennie and Kryn. Lost four. STEENHOEK ARIE-P. O. Pella. Was born July 4, 1829, in the Netherlands, and came to the United States in 1857. Landed in this county on the eighth of May of that year. He owns 164 acres of fine land and has comfortable buildings. He married Miss Petermella Steenhoek in the fall of 1856. She was born in September. 1833, in Netherlands. By this union they had four children: Adriana, Trankje, John and Cornelius. Lost three. Mrs. Steenhoek died on the twenty-ninth of July, 1865.

STEENHOEK, GYSBERT-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 30, P. O. Pella. Was born on the twenty-seventh of August, 1837, in Netherlands, and was there raised and received the benefits of an education. He spent his boyhood days in the city of Ond Beyerland. Emigrated to this county in the spring of 1857 and settled in Pelia and engaged in farming. He enlisted in the Seventeenth Iowa infantry, company H, on the first of February, 1862, and took part in the battles of Raymond, Jackson, Champion's Hill and Vicksburg. Was severely wounded at the latter battle and was in the hospitals at Memphis and Jefferson Barracks until May, 1864, when he was discharged. He owns a fine farm of 179 acres well-improved. He has held the office of road supervisor one term and school director some five years. He married Miss Henrietta Klyn, on the eighteenth of July, 1865. She is a native of the Netherlands, and was born on the eleventh of February, 1846. By this union they have nine children: Lena, Arie A., Gysbert S., Neiltje, Lyntje, Gerret, Jana, Foliewa and Simon. Lost one. Himself and wife attend the Third Reformed Church of Pella.

STUBENRAUCH, JNO. H.-Cashier of the First National Bank of Pella. Is one of Marion county's most respected citizens and stands prominent among the self-made men of Iowa. He was born in Netherlands, October 8, 1842, and in 1846 was brought by his parents to the United States, settling first in Baltimore, thence to Albany, Buffalo and St. Louis, and in April, 1851, came to this city. His father and grandfather were by occupation tailors, and it was natural, according to the custom of the country, that the son should become proficient in the same trade. He worked with

his father until fifteen years of age. The business being distasteful and trade dull, and at this period the free school system having gone in operation, he availed himself of this opportunity and made the best practical use of his time, and after supplementing his education thus received by a few months attendance at Central University, he engaged in teaching and from 1860 until 1876 was engaged in teaching in this independent district. For three years previous to resigning his school he was employed out of school hours as book-keeper for the First National Bank, and in 1876 devoted his entire time to the business, of which he was assistant cashier, and in January, 1880, became the cashier, a position he is eminently qualified to fill. While it is true that some men inherit greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them, a large number are the architects of their own fortune. He has held various township offices, serving as clerk seven years, five years city assessor, member of the city council, and city clerk. In 1878 was appointed by Gov. Gear one of the trustees of the institution for the deaf, and dumb, and in 1880 was elected to the same position by the State Legislature. He married Miss Catherine Dielman in 1868. She was born in Iowa, May 15, 1850. Their family circle consists of three children: Dirk, Peter and Frank. Lost one daughter, Everdiena.

SYDE, H. VAN DER-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 17, P. O. Pella. Was born on the twentieth of January, 1828, in Netherlands, and worked there as a farmer. He came to the United States in 1855, and settled in Amsterdam, this county, and engaged in farming. Owns 254 acres of land with good buildings. Has held various township offices. He married Miss Nellie Rysdyk in 1853. She is also a native of Netherlands, and was born on the eighth of December, 1830 They have eight children: Jane, Elizabeth, Harriet, Jacob, Bessiejanie, Cornelia, Cornelius and Nellie. Lost six. His wife died on the twenty-fourth of February, 1880. His daughters are his housekeepers. He and two of the daughters are members of Bethel Church.


ER BEEST, HENRY-Of the firm of Komagore & Co., owners and proprietors of Skunk River Steam Saw-mill. Was born in Netherlands, January 25, 1847, and in 1865 came to the United States. He remained three years in Wisconsin, and after traveling over the Northwest for a time, settled in this county. He married Miss Cornelia Visser in 1871. She is also a native of Netherlands, and was born in November, 1847. They have one child living, Peter. Lost four. Komagore & Co. started their mill in 1874, and are doing a very good business.

TER LOUN, JOHN--Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 13, P. O. Pella. Was born in the Netherlands April 22, 1825, and was raised there a farmer. He emigrated to the United States in 1855, and settled in this county, and now owns a farin of 216 acres. He has served his township as school director. Mr. Ter Loun was married in 1859 to Miss Stantje Korver, a native of the Netherlands, born March 12, 1843. They have seven children: John, Martje, Gerret J., Hendrek, Geritje J., Nekalas and Wansena. Have lost five. Mr. and Mrs. Ter Loun are members of the First Reformed Church of Pella.

TER LOUN, H.--Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 21, P. O. Pella. Was born February 17, 1824, in South Holland, and was there raised on a farm and attended the schools of that land. After becoming of age he worked as a laborer until 1855, when he came to Pella. He worked at odd jobs for some time and settled on the place where he now resides in 1862. His farm

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