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HANNA, A. J.-Farmer and stock-dealer, Sec. 19, P. O. Durham. One of the most extensive agriculturalists and stock-raisers of Marion county is the subject of this brief sketch. He was born in Greenbrier county, West Virginia, May 5, 1827. When but seven years of age he came with his parents to Jackson, county, Ohio, where they remained about two years, when they then went to Ross county, Ohio, where his parents deceased. His father was of English and his mother of Irish descent. Both were born in Pocahontas county, West Virginia. Mr. Hanna, after his father's death, made his home in Athens county. In 1851 he took a trip to California, where he remained about three years, then returned to Athens county, Ohio. In 1856 he came to Marion county, Iowa, and at that time was a man of but ordinary means, and has, by his wise and judicious application of labor to nature's resources, increased his wealth and prosperity, and now stands as a model in his business, and is deserving of more than special notice in the history of his county. He now owns 1,550 acres of well improved farming land. He keeps 100 head of cattle, twenty one of which are thorough-bred Short-Horns, fifty head of horses, about 200 head of hogs and 1,000 head of sheep. His barns and buildings are convenient, and his residence and its surroundings are inviting and pleasant. Has been twice married; first, April 8, 1855, to Miss Catharine S. Russel. She died July 19, 1855. His present wife, formerly Miss Sarah Knowles, was born September 11, 1835. They were married in Athens county, Ohio, October 19, 1856. There family consists of three children: Win. R. (born May 22, 1862), Andrew J. (born July 26, 1864) and Mary M. (born June 19, 1867). Mr. and Mrs. Hanna are members of the M. E. Church.

HORN, E.-Proprietor of Horn's Ferry, Sec. 30, P. O. Iola. Was born in Fairfield county, Ohio, May 7, 1830, where he received a common school education. He lived in Ohio until twenty-five years of age, a part of which time he spent in Hancock county. Then moved to St. Joe, Putnamn county, Indiana, where he lived fifteen years. He came to Marion county, Iowa, in 1860, and remained about one year and returned to Indiana, where he lived until 1869, when he returned to Marion county, and settled on his present place where he has lived since. He owns twenty-two acres of land. In 1875 he discovered a very valuable stone quarry which extends under the whole portion of his land, twelve acres of which is of a superior quality. It is a pure white stone, and dresses very much like marble. Also in connection with this he has about four and one-half feet of very fine limestone. He also finds coal to a considerable extent on his land. He married Miss Mary Blodgett, July 2, 1844. They have had ten children: Nancy J., Martha D., Lorra, Alice, Eva, Mary, Matilda, Franklin, Luddia and Lewis. Martha, Luddia and Lewis are deceased.

HUCKLEBERRY, C. F.-Druggist, Tracy. Was born in Birmingham, Van Buren county, Iowa, June 29, 1852, where he lived until sixteen years of age, and received a thorough common school education. He then moved on a farm where he lived six years, and thence to Independence, where he served two years as an apprentice in a flouring-mill, and in July, 1876, he came to Tracy and settled and engaged in his present business, with Dr. Geo. Baker as a partner. They continued business about thirteen months. Mr. Huckleberry then bought his partner out, and since then the business has been run exclusively in his own name. He has taken a partial course in medicine, which he finds to be very helpful, as well as useful, in the drug business. His wife (formerly Miss Miss Alvina A. Bott) was

born in Van Buren county, Iowa, August 10, 1852. December 8, 1870. Their family consists of three (born November 5, 1871), Paul R. (born August 4, (born July 25, 1880).

They were married children: Albert E 1878) and Edith G.

HUNTER, M..C.-Farmer, Sec. 33, P. O. Bethel City. Was born in Tippecanoe county, Indiana, August 22, 1833. When seven years of age was deprived of his father by death. He was cared for by his uncles, one in Butler county, Ohio, and the other in Henry county, Indiana, until 1844, when his mother was again married. He then moved to Decatur county, Indiana. In 1851 he apprenticed himself to the carriage and wagon maker's trade, which he followed until the fall of 1863, when he came to Marion county, Iowa, and located on a farm, and since then has been engaged in agricultural pursuits. In the late war he was a volunteer in company D, Seventh Indiana, and also for a time in company E, Seventysixth Indiana. Was married to Miss Emily Ronze, of Decatur county, Indiana, August 6, 1854. By this union they have three children living: Ellen A., Mary F. and Fanny, and have lost two. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter are members of the M. E. Church.


OHNSTON, MRS. NANCY-Farmer, Sec. 18, P. O. Durham. Was born in Warren county, New Jersey, April 20, 1818. Her maiden name was Miss Nancy Stephens. She moved with her parents to Warren county, Ohio, when fourteen years of age, where she lived until 1844, when they moved to Knox county, Illinois. Then in 1867 she came with her husband to Marion county, Iowa, and in 1869 they moved to their present place. Her husband, James R. Johnston, was born in Warren county, New Jersey, December 3, 1814. They were married May 1, 1836, in Warren county, Ohio. Mrs. Johnston's family consists of: Hannah (born March 6, 1837), Elner (born February 7, 1839), Edward C. (born June 14, 1841), Sarah (born September 5, 1843), Gennett (born January 26, 1846), Ancel (born November 3, 1848), Mary A. (born July 1, 1851), Clarrissa and Clarinda (born October 20, 1854); Clarinda (died August 1, 1875), Nancy A. (died May 16, 1858), Edward C. (died August 9, 1851) and Sarah (died September 26, 1853). Mr. Johnston departed this life August 5, 1870. Mrs. Johnston owns sixty-four acres of land.

MANN, T. W.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 36, P. O. Tracy. Was

born in Eaton, Preble county, Ohio, March 7, 1819, where he was raised and lived until twenty-eight years of age, when he moved to Miami county, Indiana, and lived there eight years; thence to Edgar county, Illinois, where he lived nine years. Came to Marion county the winter of 1863. He has 155 acres of well improved farm land with an attractive and beautiful residence, a large, commodious and well finished barn. His wife, formerly Miss Emily F. Way, is a native of Iowa, born November 2, 1846. They were married November 31, 1864, by Robert Wharton, Esq. Their family consists of six children: Rosella, Elmira M., Harvey L., Charles T., Liddie J. and Minnie A.

MOORE BROS.-Dealers in general merchandise, Durham. This firm is composed of William M. and W. F. Moore. They were born in Iroquois county, Illinois. W. F. was born January 7, 1853, and Wm. M. September 9, 1854. They came with their parents to Marion county, Iowa, in November, 1854, where they were educated and have since lived. They were raised on a farm, and in December, 1879, they engaged in the mercantile business at Durham Station. William M. married Miss Arimenta J.

Maddy September 24, 1876. Their family consists of one child, Dennis W. (born July 25, 1879). W. F. married Miss Sarah E. Liter, in Marion county. Have one child, Carlton E. (born August 8, 1876). September 7, 1880, W. F. had his left hand taken off while oiling a threshing machine.

MOORE, AARON-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 6, P. O. Durham. Was born in Adams county, Ohio, March 28, 1818, and lived there until fourteen years of age. He then came with his parents to Iroquois county, Illinois, where he lived until 1864, when he moved to Iowa and settled on the place on which he now lives. He has from time to time added to his estate, and now owns about 400 acres of land. His wife, formerly Miss Sarah E. Kindall, was born in Indiana, March 31, 1831. They were married December 3, 1851. Their family consists of ten children: Warren F., William M., Samuel E., Mark B., Merritt E., Aaron R., Loiss C., John S. Frank A. and Oscar. Mark met with a remarkable accident on the night of the fifteenth of June, 1878. He was shot while on his way home from a temperance meeting which was held in Victory school-house. His brother, who was also with him, barely escaped, being hit with but few shot. They were horseback. The one who fired the shot was a guard, who was stationed there for the purpose of catching a horse-thief, Charles Pew, who had stolen horses several times before in this vicinity. The guards were stationed at Moore's bridge by order of the sheriff. Just as the boys crossed the bridge, which is only about 100 rods south of Mr. Moore's residence, the sentinels cried "halt" The boys consented, but before they had time to stop they were fired upon. Mark being on the left side from which the shot was fired received most of the charge. The wound was severe but not fatal. He was struck by three buck-shot; one passed through his left arm near the shoulder, another through his right side, and the other passed through his left cheek, breaking out several teeth, and the upper part of his body was struck with ninety-seven bird-shot, which were counted by Mr. Moore, who vouches for this statement. Whether the deed was owing to carelessness and ignorance of the officers in placing the sentinels, or the recklessness of the sentinel, yet remains to be told.


LNEY, WILLIAM-Carpenter and builder, P. O. Iola. Was born. March 23, 1817, in Chautauqua county, New York, where he lived until four years of age, when he moved to Warren county, Pennsylvania, where he lived until thirteen years of age. He then moved to Washington county, Ohio, and remained there until twenty-one years of age, and in the spring of 1838 he came to Van Buren county, Iowa, where he commenced business as carpenter and builder. Here he lived until the new purchase was made and then moved to Monroe county, Iowa, and took a claim of 160 acres, where he lived nine years, during which time he worked at his trade in Albia. In June, 1852, he moved to Pella, Marion county, where he continued at his business, and for about ten years his family lived on a farm, which was worked by his sons, and in 1875 he moved his family to Pella. He then went to the Pacific coast, where he remained two years, during which time he was in Oregon and Washington Territory. He then returned home and moved his family to his present place in the fall of 1878. His wife, formerly Miss Eliza A. Grum, is a native of New York; was born June 30, 1821. They were married July 18, 1839, in Van Buren county, Iowa. They have six children: Warren, Mary, Jasper, Ervin, Frank and Albert. Lost two, Albert and Cyrus. Warren and Cyrus were

in the late war. Warren enlisted in company B, Third Iowa infantry, in the spring of 1862. He was wounded slightly at the battle of Shiloh and was taken to St. Louis, where he was appointed clerk of the adjutantgeneral's office, in which he served one year. He unexpectedly received a commission from Lincoln as captain of a colored company, number 72, of the United States army, which office he held two years and resigned the summer of 1866 and returned home to Pella, Iowa. Cyrus was mustered in company F, Eighth Iowa cavalry, September 30, 1863, under General Sherman. He served until June, 1865, when he was discharged on account of poor health. He died September 20, 1867.

ÓLNEY, JASPER-Painter, P. O. Iola. Was born in Albia, Novem ber 1, 1850, where he lived three years and theu came with his parents to Marion county, Iowa. In 1875, while learning his trade in Chicago, he fell from a scaffolding, a distance of thirty feet, breaking two ribs and dislocating his right hip.

ARSONS, JAMES S.-Farmer, Sec. 16, P. O. Durham.


Was born in Worcester county, Maryland, July 7, 1828, apd remained in tha: State until he attained the age of ten years, when, with parents, he moved to Dearborn county, Indiana. There remained about three years, when they became citizens of Van Buren county, Iowa, and there resided about three years, then came to Marion county. He now has 400 acres of good land. He was married to Miss Catharine Giesy, of Indiana, January 1, 1856. She was born April 2, 1836. They have eleven children living: Jasper S Laura J., Marion S., Annie A., James A., Esther C., Albert N., Mary E. Charles T., Herman C. and Estella A. Have lost one.


IDLEN, WILLIAM--Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 28, P. O. Bethe City. Prominent among the old settlers of Marion county is the subject of this brief sketch. Was born in Dearbon county, Indiana, where he lived until seven years of age. He then moved with his parents to Decatur county, where he lived until twenty-four years of age, then moved to Shelby county where he lived until February, 1848, when he came to Marion county, Iowa, and settled near the present site of Bethel City. There he remained until the spring of 1865, when he moved and settled on his present farm, which consists of 287 acres of land, most of which is under cultivation and is good farming land. He married Miss Malinda Devore. who was born on the 12th day of November, 1823, in Indiana. They were married June 18th, 1843. Their family consists of six children living: Matilda J., Wm. B., Eliza E., Rachel R., Sabry and Mary. They have lost four: Sarah, Samuel, Ebenezer and John

TRIBLING, JAMES- Farmer, Sec. 15, P. O. Tracy. Is one of the oldest settlers of this section of the county. Was born in Clark county. Kentucky, in March, 1804. Here he lived until about twenty-five years of age when he moved to Parke county, Indiana, lived there five years, and then moved to Fountain county, where he lived thirteen years. In the fall of 1849 Mr. Stribling came to this State and settled in Marion county on his present place, where he still lives. He now owns 105 acres of land. about 75 acres of which are well improved. He was married to Miss Eliza beth Curtis in August, 1828. Mr. and Mrs. Stribling have lived devoted Christian lives from their youth up. They raised a family of six children, all of whom are living except one. Their names are: Lucinda S., Mary A., Jno. C., Susan E., Wm. L. and Catherine O. Jno. C. enlisted in the late war of the Rebellion August 9th, 1862, and served his country eleven

months. He died at Vicksburg, July 11th, 1863. Mrs. Stribling departed this life April 27th, 1879.

HISSELL, O. S.-Farmer, Sec. 32, P. O. Bethel City. Was born in DeWitt county, Illinois, October 10th, 1841. When eight years of age he moved with his parents to Mahaska county, Iowa, and settled at Bellefontaine, then called Tally's Ford. While there he engaged in the mercantile business. He moved to his present location in 1872, and now owns 1831 acres of land, 160 acres of which are in cultivation. Has been twice married: first, to Miss Anna Gordon, of Pennsylvania, November 15, 1865, and had six children: William, Frank, L., Clara, Thomas and Florence. Miss S. Ruple, of Marion county, became his second wife December 25th,


ISSER, G.-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 19, P. O. Pella. Was born spent five years in the Holland army. He crossed the ocean in 1847 with the Holland colony and settled in Pella. Resided there three years working for H. P. Scholte. He then engaged in farming for himself on Skunk River, and moved from there to the farm on which he now resides in 1852. He owns 145 acres, 60 acres of which are improved, and on which he has good and comfortable buildings. He also owns a first-class ferry on the river near his farm and is always ready to accommodate the wants of the people. He married Miss J. Keeple in 1849. By this union they have six children: Martin, Jane, John, William, Dennis and Gertie.

HALEY, J.-Farmer, Sec. 4, P. O. Durham. Was born in Mor

WH gan county, Ohio, July 31, 1843. Moved from there while young

with his parents to Henry county, Iowa, where they lived two years, and then came to Marion county, Iowa, in the fall of 1845, and settled in Clay township, where he was raised and still lives. He owns 191 acres of land, on which has been found one of the best stone quarries in the country, from which stone has been used for building purposes in Knoxville, Des Moines and many of our Western cities. It is widely known as a superior quality of stone for all finishing as well as building purposes. Mr. W. also finds coal, to a considerable extent, on his place. His farm is also well adapted to the raising of corn and other grain. He now holds the office of town clerk; has also served as assessor for three years. He owns one share in the co-operative store at Durham Station. He was married to Miss Ellen D. Larew, August 10, 1876, by Rev. E. H. Waring. They have one daughter, Sylvia; one, Alta, died while young.

WISE, JOHN-Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 10, P. O. Durham. The subject of this brief sketch was born in Greene county, Pennsylvania, May 10, 1813, where he was raised and lived until about twenty-two years of age, when he came to Burlington, Iowa, where he remained two years, then moved to Van Buren county, where he lived five years, when he came to Marion county, Iowa, the spring of 1842, and settled on his present place where he has since lived. He owns 267 acres of land. His wife, formerly Miss Sarah Long, is a native of Pennsylvania, born March 5, 1818. They were united in marriage March 24, 1834. Their family consists of seven children: Titus (born March 13, 1837), Sarah J., Edward, George F., Wiliiam, Richard and Columbus. Titus enlisted in company F, Fortieth Iowa infantry, and was under Generals Steele, Grant and Asbury. He served two years and six months; was discharged February 14, 1865, on ac

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