Institute of Pacific Relations, Honolulu Session, June 30-July 14, 1925: History, Organization, Proceedings, Discussions and Addresses

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Strana 134 - To provide the fullest and most unembarrassed opportunity to China to develop and maintain for herself an effective and stable Government ; 8.
Strana 47 - Ah Love! could you and I with Him conspire To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire, Would not we shatter it to bits — and then Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire...
Strana 134 - If there should develop between any of the High Contracting Parties a controversy arising out of any Pacific question and involving their said rights which is not satisfactorily settled by diplomacy and is likely to affect the harmonious accord now happily subsisting between them, they shall invite the other High Contracting Parties to a joint conference to which the whole subject will be referred for consideration and adjustment.
Strana 134 - China; (4) To refrain from taking advantage of conditions in China in order to seek special rights or privileges which would abridge the rights of subjects or citizens of friendly States, and from countenancing action inimical to the security of such States.
Strana 134 - China, agree : (1) To respect the sovereignty, the independence, and the territorial and administrative integrity of China ; (2) To provide the fullest and most unembarrassed opportunity to China to develop and maintain for herself an effective and stable government; (3) To use their influence for the purpose of effectually establishing and maintaining the principle of equal opportunity for the commerce and industry of all nations throughout the territory of China ; (4) To refrain from taking advantage...
Strana 84 - Whereas for the speedy accomplishment of such purpose it is desirable to place in the hands of the people of the Philippines as large a control of their domestic affairs as can be given them without, in the meantime, impairing the exercise of the rights of sovereignty by the people of the United States...
Strana 134 - ... insular possessions and insular dominions in the region of the Pacific Ocean...
Strana 84 - Whereas it is, as it has always been, the purpose of the people of the \ United States to withdraw their sovereignty over the Philippine^ Islands and to recognize their independence as soon as a stable J government can be established therein...
Strana 84 - We regard ourselves as trustees acting not for the advantage of the United States, but for the benefit of the people of the Philippine Islands. Every step we take will be taken with a view to ultimate independence of the islands and as a preparation for that independence.
Strana 134 - If the said rights are threatened by the aggressive action of any other power the high contracting parties shall communicate with one another fully and frankly in order to arrive at an understanding as to the most efficient measures to be taken, jointly and separately, to meet the exigencies of the particular situation.

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