The Federal Registration Service of the United States: Its Development, Problems, and Defects

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1916 - Počet stran: 86

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Strana 71 - That for the purposes of this act the state shall be divided into registration districts as follows: Each city, each incorporated town, and each township * shall constitute a primary registration district...
Strana 20 - He shall obtain the required personal and statistical particulars from the person best qualified to supply them, over the signature and address of his informant. He shall then present...
Strana 76 - Age of mother at last birthday, in years. "(18) Birthplace of mother; at least State or foreign country, if known. "(19) Occupation of mother. The occupation to be reported if engaged in any remunerative employment, with the statement of (a) trade, profession, or...
Strana 70 - That the secretary of the State Board of Health shall have general supervision over the central bureau of vital statistics, which is hereby authorized to be established by said board, and which shall be under the immediate direction of the state registrar of vital statistics, whom the State Board of Health shall appoint within thirty days after the taking effect of this law, and who shall be a medical practitioner of not less than five years' practice in his profession, and a competent vital statistician.
Strana 73 - The medical certificate shall be made and signed by the physician, if any, last in attendance on the deceased, who shall specify the time in attendance, the time he last saw the deceased alive and the hour of the day at which death occurred.
Strana 76 - The occupation to be reported if engaged in any remunerative employment, with the statement of (a) trade, profession, or particular kind of work; (b) general nature of industry, business, or establishment in which employed (or employer).
Strana 76 - This certification shall be signed by the attending physician or midwife, with date of signature and address; if there is no physician or midwife...
Strana 74 - ... person in charge of the place of burial, before interring or otherwise disposing of the body: or shall attach the removal permit to the box containing the corpse, when shipped by any transportation company; said permit to accompany the corpse to its destination, where, if within the state of — , it shall be delivered to the person in charge of the place of burial.
Strana 76 - ... who have been registered in his district during the whole or any part of the preceding calendar year: provided, that no fee or other compensation shall be charged by local registrars to physicians, midwives, or undertakers for registering their names under this section or making returns thereof to the state registrar.1 SEC.
Strana 70 - Section 3 of this act, and in the central bureau of vital statistics at the capital of the state. The said board shall be charged with the uniform and thorough enforcement of the law throughout the state, and shall from time to time recommend any additional legislation * that may be necessary for this purpose.

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