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THE Author of these Conversations is conscious that the subjects she has ventured to discuss may not only subject her to the imputation of temerity, but be considered beyond the sphere and capacity of woman. In commencing her enquiry into the nature of Good and Evil, she was not aware of the depth and extent of the subject, or should not have had sufficient confidence in her abilities to attempt its investigation. She can only with deference submit her work to the promoters of mental culture, and hope that the first production of a

female pen will be considered with liberality and indulgence, and received with that favour which the friends of human happiness bestow on every attempt, however humble, to accelerate the progress of intellect, and advance the glorious cause of Truth and Virtue.


REV. J. Arthur

Captain Atkins

Mr. Abbott

Mrs. Abrahams, Oxford-street

Mrs. Adeane, Clifton

Mr. Amies, King-street West, London

Mrs. Charles Arden, Beverley

Miss Atkins

Mrs. Atkin, Hull

Mr. A. Atkinson. Beverley

Mrs. G. Austin, Bristol; 2 copies

Mr. J. Ayres, Keynsham

Mr. M. A. per Mr. Bulgin, Bristol

The Duchess Dowager of Beaufort
Lady Barrow

Lady Bromley

Sir Henry Baring

Lady Baring

John Baring, Esq.

William Baring, Esq.

John Barrow Esq.

Batho, Esq. Hounsditch

Mr. C. Bennett, R. N.

Dr. Berjew

Thomas Bevan, Esq. Bitton

Mrs. Birch, Cowley-Grove, near Uxbridge
Mr. Brewster, Beverley

Mrs. Hawkins Browne, South Audley-street
Mr. Samuel Brice, Frenchay; 3 copies
Miss Harriet Brice

Miss Emma Brice

Mrs. Brunette

Mr. Bulmer, Beverley

Mrs. Bunker, London

Henry Burgess, Esq. Bell-Yard, Fish-street Hill

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Chichester Honourable General Crew

Honourable Mrs. Crew

Honourable Mrs. Carpenter

Honourable Miss Carline

Rev. C. C. Cay, Hornsey

Mis Calton, Pocklington

Mr. Carter, Walkington, near Beverley

Mr. Cater, Pall-Mall

John Cave, Esq. Brentry-House, Henbury

Mrs. Stephen Cave, Cleve-Hill

Mr. Chapple, Pall-Mall; 4 copies

Miss Chapple, Croydon; 2 copies
Mr. Thomas Chubb, Bristol

Mr. William Chubb

Miss Chubb

Mrs. Clent, Bristol

Miss Clayton, Manna Cottage, Walworth

Madame Coindè, 9, Upper Montague-street

Mrs. Collinson, Beverley

Miss Comer, Kensington-place, Bath

Mr. Conant, Mortlake

Mrs. Crowe

G. Crumhaar, Esq.

B. Cuffley, Esq. Stoke-Newington; 2 copies
Miss Cuffley

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Derry
Henry Daniel, Esq. London

Mrs. Daniel

Mr. Dawes, Newman-street

Miss Sarah Dawes, Camberwell

Thomas Dax, Esq.

Mrs. Dawson

Mrs. Dean, Oxford-Road

Mrs. Dermer, Wendon, near Saffron-Waldron

Francis Devoreux, Esq. Bell-Yard, Fish-street Hill
Miss Dickson

Mr. Doubleday, Richmond

Mrs. Dowson

Charles Stokes Dudley, Esq. Bell-Yard, Fish-street Hill Dunn, Esq. 1, Charles-place, Charles-square

Mrs. De Visme, Notting-Hill-House

The Earl of Essex

The Countess of Essex

The Right Hon. the Marchioness of Exeter

The Rev. John Evans, Academy, Kingsdown, Bristol The Rev. Thomas Evans, Frampton-upon-Severn

Mr, Eagleton

Mr. Edwards, 1, City-Terrace, City-Road

Miss Evans, Kingsdown, Bristol

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