The modern British drama, Svazek 3

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Strana 1 - To make a child now swaddled, to proceed Man, and then shoot up, in one beard and weed, Past threescore years...
Strana 416 - I please, and choose conversation with regard only to my own taste; to have no obligation upon me to converse with wits that I don't like, because they are your acquaintance, or to be intimate with fools, because they may be your relations; come to dinner when I please; dine in my dressing-room when...
Strana 405 - Why do we daily commit disagreeable and dangerous actions? To save that idol, reputation. If the familiarities of our loves had produced that consequence of which you were apprehensive, where could you have fixed a father's name with credit, but on a husband?
Strana 21 - ... till they could all play very near or altogether as well as myself. This done, say the enemy were forty thousand strong, we twenty would come into the field the tenth of March, or thereabouts ; and we would challenge twenty of the enemy ; they could not in their honour refuse us. Well, we would kill them ; challenge twenty more, kill them ; twenty more, kill them ; twenty more, kill them too...
Strana 75 - Pythagoras' thigh, Pandora's tub, And all that fable of Medea's charms, The manner of our work : the bulls, our furnace, Still breathing fire ; our Argent-vive, the dragon ; The dragon's teeth, mercury sublimate, That keeps the whiteness, hardness, and the biting : And they are gather'd into Jason's helm (The alembic) and then sow'd in Mars his field, And thence sublimed so often, till they are fix'd. Both this, the Hesperian garden, Cadmus' story, Jove's shower, the boon of Midas, Argus' eyes, Boccace...
Strana 73 - And I would know by art, sir, of your worship, Which way I should make my door, by necromancy, And where my shelves ; and which should be for boxes, And which for pots. I would be glad to thrive, sir: And I was wish'd to your worship by a gentleman, One captain Face, that says you know men's planets, And their good angels, and their bad.
Strana 417 - Are you ? I think I have— and the horrid man looks as if he thought so too — well, you ridiculous thing you, I'll have you — I won't be kissed, nor I won't be thanked — here kiss my hand though. — So, hold your tongue now, don't say a word.
Strana 387 - Oh, prayers will be said in empty churches at the usual hours. Yet you will see such zealous faces behind counters as if religion were to be sold in every shop.
Strana 90 - This day the good old wretch here o' the house Has made it for us: now he's at projection. Think therefore thy first wish now, let me hear it ; And it shall rain into thy lap, no shower, But floods of gold, whole cataracts, a deluge, To get a nation on thee. Dol.
Strana 387 - The sooner the better. Jeremy, come hither, closer, that none may overhear us. Jeremy, I can tell you news. Angelica is turned nun, and I am turning friar, and yet we'll marry one another in spite of the Pope. Get me a cowl and beads, that I may play my part, for she'll meet me two hours hence in black and white, and a long veil to cover the project, and we won't see one another's faces till we have done something to be ashamed of; and then we'll blush once for all.

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