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Simul & jucunda, & idonea dicere vitæ. Horat.


Printed for D. Midwinter, J. and P. Knapton, H. Knap-
lock, A. Ward, A. Bettefworth and C. Hitch,
H. Lintot, J. and R. Tonfon, W. Innys, T. Longman,
R. Robinson, T. Wotton, S. Birt, B. Motte,
C. Corbet and G. Conyers.




Volpone, Childless, Rich, feigns Sick, Defpairs.
Offers his State to Hopes of feveral Heirs,
Lies languishing: His Parafite receives
Prefents of all, affures, deludes; then weaves
Other cross Plots, which op' themselves, are told.
NewTricks for fafety are fought; they thrive: When bold
E ach tempts the other again, and all are fold.



OW, Luck yet fend us, and a little Wit
Will ferve, to make our Play hit;

(According to the Palates of the Season)
Here is Rhyme, not empty of Reason.
This we were bid to credit, from our Poet,
Whofe true fcope, if you would know it,
In all his Poems ftill hath been this Measure,
To mix Profit with your Pleasure;

And not as fome (whofe Throats ther Envy failing)
Cry boarfly, All he writes is Railing:

And when his Plays come forth, think they can flout them,
With faying, He was a Year about them.

To these there needs no Lie, but this his Creature,
Which was two Months fince no Feature;
And, though he dares give them five Lives to mend it,
'Tis known, Five Weeks fully penn'd it;
From his own Hand, without a Co-adjutor,
Novice, Journey-men, or Tutor.

Yet thus much I can give you, as a Token
Of his Plays worth, No Eggs are broken,
Nor quaking Custards with fierce Teeth affrighted,
Wherewith your Rout are fo delighted;

Nor hales he in a Gull, old Ends reciting,
To flop Gaps in his loofe Writing;

With fuch a deal of monftrous and forc'd Action,
As might make Beth'lem a Faction:

A 3


Nor made he his Play for Jefts fol'n from each Table,
But makes fefts to fit his Fable;
And fo prefents quick Comedy Refined,

As beft Criticks have defigned:

The Laws of Time, Place, Perfons he obferveth,
From no needful Rule he fwereth:

All Gall and Copprefs from his Ink he draineth,
Only a little Salt remaineth,

Wherewith he'll Rub your Cheeks, till (Red with Laughter)
They shall look fresh a Week after.

[blocks in formation]

Fine Madam Would be, the Knight's Wife.
Celia, the Merchant's Wife.

Commandadori, Officers.

Mercatori, three Merchants.
Androgyno, a Hermaphrodite.

Servitore, a Servant.

[blocks in formation]
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