School-days of Eminent Men: I. Sketches of the Progress of Education in England, from the Reign of King Alfred to that of Queen Victoria. II. Early Lives of Celebrated British Authors, Philosophers and Poets, Inventors and Discoverers, Divines, Heroes, Statesmen and Legislators

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Follett, Foster, 1860 - Počet stran: 309
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Strana 216 - glade, Where grateful Science still adores Ye distant spires, ye antique towers. Her Henry's holy shade; And ye, that from the stately brow Of Windsor's heights, th' expanse below Of grove, of lawn, of mead survey, Whose turf, whose shade, whose flowers among Wanders the hoary Thames along His silver-winding way: A
Strana 65 - preached before the king's majesty now. He married my sisters with five pounds, or twenty nobles, each, having brought them up in godliness and fear of God. He kept hospitality for his poor neighbors, and some alms he gave to the poor; and all this he did of the said farm.
Strana 78 - cruelly threatened, yea presently sometimes, with pinches, nippes, and bobbes, and other wayes, which I will not name, for the honor I beare them, so without measure misordered, that I think myself in hell, till time come, that I must go to Mr. Elmer, who teaches me so gently, so pleasantly, with such
Strana 142 - of stature small they take in hand, Which with pellucid horn secured are To save from finger wet the letters fair." Cowper thus describes the Hornbook of his time: " Neatly secured from being soiled or torn Beneath a pane of thin translucent horn, A hook (to please us at a tender age
Strana 217 - green, Say. Father Thames, for thou hast seen The paths of pleasure trace; Who foremost now delight to cleave, With pliant arm thy glassy wave ? The captive linnet which enthrall! What idle progeny succeed To chase the rolling
Strana 174 - the Latin phrase, At once I had; For fault but small, or none at all, It came to pass, thus beat I was ; See Udall see, the mercy of thee To me, poor lad! No such inhumanity, we may be assured, would be perpetrated at Eton while Sir Henry Wotton was provost; and Evelyn, who says that he
Strana 271 - English man-of-war, lesser in bulk, but lighter in sailing, could turn with all tides, tack about, and take advantage of all winds by the quickness of his wit and invention."—
Strana 214 - For not a wind might curl the leaves that blew, But their limbs shuddered, and their pulse beat low; And as they looked, they found their horror grew, And shaped it into rods, and tingled at the view. Near to this dome is found a patch PO green. On which the tribe their gambols do display ; And at the
Strana 170 - by a most logical ratiocination ; such a vast knowledge, that he was not ignorant in anything; yet such an excessive humility, as if he had known nothing, that they frequently resorted and dwelt with him, as in a college situated in a purer air; so that his
Strana 214 - the dame disguised in look profound, And eyes her fairy throng, and turns her wheel around. Her cap far whiter than the driven snow, Emblem right meet of decency does yield : Her apron, dyed in grain, as blue, I

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