Emotion in Dialogic Interaction: Advances in the Complex

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Edda Weigand
John Benjamins Publishing, 2004 - Počet stran: 282
This volume contains a selection of papers given at the European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop on 'Emotion in Dialogic Interaction' at the University of Munster in October 2002. In the literature, the complex network of 'emotion in dialogic interaction' is mostly addressed by reducing the complex and separating emotions or defining them by means of simple artificial units. The innovative claim of the workshop was to analyse emotion as an integrated component of human behaviour in dialogic interaction as demonstrated by recent findings in neurology and to develop a linguistic model which is able to deal with the complex integrated whole. Specific emphasis was laid on communicative means for expressing emotions and on emotional principles in dialogue. Furthermore, the issue of specific European principles for dealing with emotions was highlighted.

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Universality vs CultureSpecificity of Emotion
Emotions Language and Context
Body Passions and Race in Classical Theories of Language and Emotion
Interjections in a Contrastive Perspective
We Start Feeling Guilty?
Ambivalence as a Dialogic Frame of Emotions in Conflict
The Role of Emotions in Normative Discourse and Persuasion
Anticipation of Public Emotions in TV Debates
Interpreting Emotions in Literary Dialogue
The AuthorReaderText Emotional Bond in the Literary Action Game
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