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Strana 86 - If I stoop Into a dark tremendous sea of cloud, It is but for a time ; I press God's lamp Close to my breast ; its splendor, soon or late, Will pierce the gloom : I shall emerge one day.
Strana 420 - ... shall perform such other duties as custom and parliamentary usage may require. He shall be the real head of the profession of the State during his term of office, and, as far as practicable, shall visit, by appointment, the various sections of the State and assist the Councilors in building up the county societies, and in making their work more practical and useful.
Strana 425 - Sec. 9. A physician living on or near a county line may hold his membership in that county most convenient for him to attend, on permission of the society in whose jurisdiction he resides. Sec. 10. Each...
Strana 418 - It shall make careful inquiry into the condition of the profession of each county in the State, and shall have authority to adopt such methods as may be deemed most efficient for building up and increasing the interest in such County Societies as already exist and for organizing the profession in counties where societies do not exist. It shall especially and systematically endeavor to promote friendly intercourse...
Strana 419 - The report of the Nominating Committee and the election of officers shall be the first order of business of the House of Delegates after the reading of the minutes on the morning of the last day of the general session.
Strana 32 - ... of such children so employed, to the secretary or an agent of the state board of education or to an agent of the board of school visitors, town school committee, or board of education...
Strana 416 - ... be entitled to any of the rights or benefits of this Association, nor shall he be permitted to take part in any of its proceedings until he has been relieved of such disability.
Strana 414 - Association; to extend medical knowledge and advance medical science; to elevate the standard of medical education, and to secure the enactment and enforcement of just medical laws; to promote friendly intercourse among physicians; to guard and foster the material interests of its members and to protect them against imposition...
Strana 423 - SEC. 3. The Committee on Public Policy and Legislation shall consist of three members and the President and Secretary. Under the direction of the House of Delegates it shall represent the Association in securing and enforcing legislation in the interest of public health and of scientific medicine.
Strana 85 - From the dream, the probation, the prelude, to find himself set Clear and safe in new light and new life, — a new harmony yet To be run, and continued, and ended — who knows? — or endure ! The man taught enough by life's dream, of the rest to make sure; By the pain-throb, triumphantly winning intensified bliss, And the next world's reward and repose, by the struggles in this.

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