On Mr. Spencer's Unification of Knowledge

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Trübner & Company, 1882 - Počet stran: 476

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Strana 279 - Evolution is an integration of matter and concomitant dissipation of motion ; during which the matter passes from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity to a definite, coherent heterogeneity ; and during •which the retained motion undergoes a parallel transformation.
Strana 266 - Fifthly, from their first rudiment, or primordium, to the termination of their lives, all animals undergo perpetual transformations; which are in part produced by their own exertions in consequence of their desires and aversions, of their pleasures and their pains, or of irritations, or of associations; and many of these acquired forms or propensities are transmitted to their posterity.
Strana 221 - And this brings us to the true conclusion implied throughout the foregoing pages — the conclusion that it is one and the same Ultimate Reality which is manifested to us subjectively and objectively. For while the nature of that which is manifested under either form proves to be inscrutable, the order of its manifestations throughout all mental phenomena proves to be the same as the order of its manifestations throughout all material phenomena.
Strana 192 - ... and cannot do otherwise. In the next chapter, on the " Relativity of Relations between Feelings," it was similarly shown that no relation in consciousness can " resemble, or be in any way akin to, its source beyond consciousness.
Strana 125 - Thus, by the persistence of Force, we really mean the persistence of some Power which transcends our knowledge and conception.
Strana 32 - By fusing a series of states of consciousness, in each of which, as it arises, the limitations and conditions are abolished, there is produced a consciousness of something unconditioned. To speak more rigorously : — this consciousness is not the abstract of any one group of thoughts, ideas, or conceptions ; but it is the abstract of all thoughts, ideas, or conceptions. That which is common to them all, and cannot be got rid of, is what we predicate by the word existence.
Strana 89 - It is possible, then — may we not even say probable — that something of the same order as that which we call a nervous shock is the ultimate unit of consciousness ; and that all the unlikenesses among our feelings result from unlike modes of integration of this ultimate unit.
Strana 4 - Science comprehends and consolidates the narrower generalizations of its own division; so the generalizations of Philosophy comprehend and consolidate the widest generalizations of Science. It is therefore a knowledge the extreme opposite in kind to that which experience first accumulates. It is the final product of that process which begins with' a mere colligation of crude observations, goes on establishing propositions that are broader and more separated from particular cases, and ends in universal...
Strana 125 - Matter, Motion, and Force are ,but symbols of the Unknown Reality. A Power of which the nature remains for ever inconceivable, and to which no limits in Time or Space can be' imagined, works in us certain effects. These effects have certain likenesses of kind, the most general of which we class together under the names of Matter, Motion, and Force...
Strana 130 - The interpretation of all phenomena in terms of Matter, Motion, and Force, is nothing more than the reduction of our complex symbols of thought to the simplest symbols; and when the equation has been brought to its lowest terms the symbols remain symbols still.

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