Argument for the Division of Worcester County Before Legislative Committee

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1856 - Počet stran: 73
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Strana 52 - All men are born free and equal, and have certain natural, essential, and unalienable rights; among which may be reckoned the right of enjoying and defending their lives and liberties; that of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; in fine, that of seeking and obtaining their safety and happiness.
Strana 53 - IT is essential to the preservation of the rights of every individual, his life, liberty, property and character, that there be an impartial interpretation of the laws, and administration of justice. It is the right of every citizen to be tried by judges as free, impartial and independent as the lot of humanity will admit.
Strana 52 - Every subject of the commonwealth ought to find a certain remedy, by having recourse to the laws for all injuries or wrongs which he may receive in his person, property, or character. He ought to obtain right and justice freely, and without being obliged to purchase it; completely, and without any denial; promptly, and without delay; conformably to the laws.
Strana 53 - In all controversies concerning property, and in all suits between two or more persons, except in cases in which it has heretofore been otherways used and practised, the parties have a right to a trial by jury ; and this method of procedure shall be held sacred, unless, in causes arising on the high seas, and such as relate to mariners' wages, the legislature shall hereafter find it necessary to alter it.
Strana 52 - Each individual of the society has a right to be protected by it in the enjoyment of his life, liberty, and property, according to standing laws.
Strana 52 - The end of the institution, maintenance, and administration of government, is to secure the existence of the body politic; to protect it; and to furnish the individuals who compose it, with the power of enjoying, in safety and tranquillity, their natural rights and the blessings of life...
Strana 33 - H. in the beginning thereof there were many new Plantations carrying on, both about the Bay, and up higher in the country, as far as Connecticut River, an hundred miles westward from Boston. And now the country increasing, and growing every year more populous than other, by the addition of many hundred families, that every season were resorting thither, it was judged |) necessary || to make some further progress in settling the government, by some other forms or ways of Council and Courts of Judicature,...
Strana 33 - June, 1641, it was enacted that " whereas it is desired by this Court to ease the country of all unnecessary travels and charges, it is ordered that there shall be four Quarter Courts kept yearly by the magistrates of Ipswich and Salem, with...
Strana 33 - S;ilem to attend every of these Courts, but no jurymen to be warned from Ipswich to Salem, nor from Salem to Ipswich ; to each of these places a grand jury shall be warned once a year, and these Courts to have the same power both in civil and criminal causes the Court of Assistants hath at Boston, except trials for life, limbs or banishment, which are wholly reserved to Boston Court; provided it shall be lawful to appeal from ¡my of these Courte to Boston.
Strana 73 - Let me tell him that the true descendent of the men who fought at Bunker Hill, would be the first to say to this government ; — '• Gentlemen, assign me my civil or military post, and there I will stand, and there I will fall, by whatsoever name you please to call the county in which I live. Whatsoever place you assign me, in the attainment of justice, — whatsoever place you assign me in the accommodation of my...

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