A Life of Gen. Zachary Taylor: Comprising a Narrative of Events Connected with His Professional Career, Derived from Public Documents and Private Correspondence

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Grigg, Elliot & Company, 1847 - Počet stran: 332

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Strana 238 - Our troops advanced from house to house, and from square to square, until they reached a street but one square in rear of the principal plaza, in and near which the enemy's force was mainly concentrated. This advance was conducted vigorously, but with due caution, and although destructive to the enemy, was attended with but small loss on our part.
Strana 26 - ... desperation. Those that were able (while the others kept up a constant fire from the other block-house and the two bastions) mounted the roofs of the houses, with Dr. Clark at their head, who acted with the greatest firmness and presence of mind the whole time the attack lasted, which was...
Strana 304 - I wish to save you from a catastrophe, and for that purpose give you this notice, in order that you may surrender at discretion, under the assurance that you will be treated with the consideration belonging to the Mexican character, to which end you will be granted an hour's time to make up your mind, to commence from the moment when my flag of truce arrives in your camp. '' With this view, I assure you of my particular consideration. ANTONIO LOPEZ DE SANTA ANNA.
Strana 263 - I. As the legitimate result of the operations before this place, and the present position of the contending armies, it is agreed that the city, the fortifications, cannon, the munitions of war, and all other public property, with the undermentioned exceptions, be surrendered to the commanding general of the United States forces now at Monterey.
Strana 53 - Gentry's volunteers, with a few additional men, continued to drive the enemy for a considerable time, and by a change of front, separated his line and continued to drive him until he reached the great lake, Okeechobee, which was in the rear of the enemy's position, and on which their encampment extended for more than a mile.
Strana 52 - The second was composed of the 4th and 6th infantry, who were instructed to sustain the volunteers, the 1st infantry being held in reserve. " Moving on in the direction of the hammock, after proceeding about a quarter of a mile, we reached the swamp which separated us from the enemy, three-quarters of a mile in breadth, being totally impassable for...

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