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As "foodwithin meaning of statute. . Effect of purported subscribing uitness's 17-1291.

denial or forgetfulness of signature by mark. 17-1267 (case p. 1263).

Error in striking from petition to con

test a will mere conclusions of law WILFULNESS.

where the questions raised by them

appear on the face of the will. 17Right of jury to infer wilfulness from 218.

proof that a man abandons his wife Right to transfer from a county to a cirwithout providing adequate support cuit court full probate jurisdiction, for her. 17-986.

involving power to determine the validity of a will as matter of law.

17–218. Evidence of statements of testatrix upon

question of fraud in inducing beWILLS.

quest. 17-239.

Necessity of direct evidence that bequest Perpetuities, see PERPETUITIES.

was result of mistake. 17-239. Tax on gifts by, see TAXES.

Question for jury as to whether bequest

was the result of fraud. 17-239. Validity and effect of provisions in will

Evidence on question whether bequest in to control voting power of corporate

favor of one who induced a marriage stock. 17-238 (case p. 218).

to testatrix by fraud was based on the belief that he was her legal hus

band. 17-239. Validity of will executed as part of the

ceremony of initiation into a secret Cross-examining a man as to his previorder. 17-372.

ous marriages, upon question as to

whether or not testatrix was deRevocation.

ceived into marrying a married man.

17-239. Effect on provisions of a will that at the

Liability of contestant for cost of conend of five years the property be di

struing will. 17-1377. vided, one part being given to the

Right of remaindermen to attack judgwidow for life, with remainders, of

ment for costs payable out of estate a second will providing that the es

in will contest. 17-1377. tate be kept together during minority of the youngest child, and that the court fix, every three years, the

Construction of. income to be allowed the wife for maintenance. 17-304.

Meaning of word similar." 17-97.

Who may make; capacity; undue influ Construing will as though definite legal ence; fraud; mistake.

meaning of language were written

therein at length. 17–1377. Fraud or mistake as to relationship or

status of legatee or devisee as affect Enjoyment; payment; acceleration. ing will. 17-247 (case p. 239).

Effect of premature termination of preceDeceiving testatrix into the belief that dent estate to accelerate a contingent

she was the wife of a legatee, as un remainder. 17–314 (case p. 304).

due influence. 17–239. Effect of fraud of legatee, inducing a Deducting taxes, repairs and expense of

legacy in his favor, on the remainder administering will before paying inof the will. 17-239.

come to life tenant. 17-1377. Italic type indicates points with annotation; roman type, points without.

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