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18. At Buccleuch Place, Mrs W. A. Lawrie, of 27. At 17, Fettes Row, the wife of Robert Duna daughter.

lop, Esy. W.S. of a son. 21. At St Mary's Cottage, Trinity, Mrs Patison, 28. At Kirkaldy, Mrs Lundin Cooper, of a son. of a son.

At London, the Viscountess Duncannon, of 22. At 13, Atholl Crescent, the lady of J. B. a son. Daubiez, Esq. of a son.

At 30, South Castle Street, Mrs Cornillon, - At Balgarvie, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel

of a son. Webster, Hon. East India Company's service, of - At Wellington Square, Ayr, Mrs John Fula daughter.

larton, of a daughter. 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Welsh, Northumber- Lately, At Gloucester Place, Mrs Fothringham land Street, of a daughter.

Scrymsoure, of a daughter. At 17, Elder Street, Mrs Walker, of a daughter.

MARRIAGES. 24. At Rozelle, the lady of Alex, West Hamil- Sept.15, 1827. At Hobart's Town, Van Diemen's ton, Esq. of a son.

Land, Major Turton, of the 40th regiment, to Ca25. At 22, George Street, Mrs Dr Maclagan, of tharine, eldest daughter of Josiah Thomas, Esq. a son.

colonial treasurer of Van Diemen's Land. The lady of Charles Kinloch, Esq. of Gour- Nov. 3. At Lucknow, East Indies, Captain die, of a son.

Charles George Ross, to Mary Anne, second daugh26. At the Royal Circus, Edinburgh, Mrs La- ter of Brigadier-General W. G. Maxwell, c. B. mont, junior, of Knockdow, of a son and heir. commanding in Oude.

27. At Drummond Place, Mrs Cook, of a Jan. 22, 1828. At Antigua, Captain Rowland daughter.

Edward Williams, late of the 10th Royal Hussars, - At Berwick, Mrs Brown, wife of the Rev. J. of Weston Green, Surrey, and of Antigua, to Clara R. Brown, of a son.

Susanna, second daughter of his Excellency Ma-The lady of Geoffrey Meynell, of Meynell jor-General Sir Patrick Ross. Langley, Esq. of a son.

Feb. 17. At Rio Janeiro, Commander Thomas 28. At Mill Hill, Musselburgh, the lady of Major Maitland, royal navy, to Amelia, daughter of Dods, of a son.

William Young, Esq. At Naples, the lady of James Hay, Esq. of March 24. At Musselburgh, James Kemp, Esq. Belton, of a son.

to Jane Sommerville, daughter of Thomas MacAt 18, Albany Street, Mrs Begbie, of a daugh- millan, Esq. of Shorthope. ter.

- At Arbroath, the Rev. Andrew Cromar, to 29. At Ely Lodge, the Marchioness of Ely, of a Miss Philip, only daughter of Geo. Philip, Esq. daughter.

Arbroath. At 13, St Andrew Square, Mrs John James 27. At Edinburgh, Robert Marsham, Esq. WarBoswell, of a daughter.

den of Merton College, Oxford, to Lady Carmi. Mrs Ivory, of a daughter.

chael Anstruther, widow of Sir John Carmichael May 1. At 11, Windsor Street, the lady of the Anstruther of Anstruther and Carmichael, Bart. Rev. G. Coventry, of a daughter.

- At Edinburgh, James Anstruther, Esq. se2. At Charlotte Square, the lady of George cond son of Colonel Robert Anstruther, to Marian, Maoneal, Esq. of Ugadale, of a son.

daughter of the late Sir John Anstruther of An- At James's Place, Links, Leith, Mrs G. struther, Bart. Goodlet, of a daughter.

29. At London, R. C. Nisbet, Esq. of Tweed 3. Mrs Abercrombie, York Place, of a daughter. Bank, Roxburghshire, to Mary, youngest daugh4. At Kilmarnock Manse, Mrs Smith, of a son. ter of Peter Cameron, Esq. Banff! 6. At Carberry House, the lady of Colonel Tur- 31. At 73, Great King Street, James Aynsworth, ner, of a son.

Esq. of Clanmahery, county of Down, to Anne, se- At Edinburgh, the Countess of Morton, of cond daughter of John M'Neill, Esq. of Collona daughter.

say. 8. At Lyncombe, near Bath, Lady Sarah Mur- April 1. At Dysart, the Rev. William Muir, ray, of a daughter.

Dysart, to Christian, daughter of Mr James Baiu, 11. At Lochnaw Castle, Wigtonshire, the lady factor to the Earl of Roslyn. of Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart. of a daughter.

At James's Place, Leith Links, Mr William At Kirkwali, Mrs Sheriff, of a daughter. Ford, merchant, Leith, to Rebecca, daughter of At 13, Forth Street, Mrs Orr, of a daughter. the late James Thomson, Esq. builder there.

At 38, Great King Street, Mrs Spenee, of a 2. At West Richmond Street, Mr Alexander daughter.

Stewart, of the General Post Office, to Christiana 12. At Kersiebank House, Polmont, Mrs Ball, Anderson, daughter of the late Mr Peter M'Laren, of a daughter.

clothier, Edinburgh. 13. At London, the lady of the Right Hon. - At Hanover Street, Alex. Brodie, Esq. ColStratford Canning, of a daughter.

stonmains, to Jourdiana C. Gray, youngest daugh- At Dewar Place, the lady of Captain Archi- ter of the late Andrew Gray, Esq. of Craigs. bald Fullarton, of a son.

At Edinburgh, Mr James Mullo, to Miss 15. At Valleyfield, Mrs Charles Cowan, of a Helen Farmer, eldest daughter of Mr George daughter.

Duncan, St John Street. - At Edinburgh, the lady of David Maitland - At Rankeillor Street, Mr John Anderson, Makgill, Esq. of Rankeilour and Lindores, of a Kirkcaldy, to Grace, only daughter of the late Mr. son and heir.

James Scrymgeour, merchant, Glasgow. - Mrs Alex. Douglas, Albany Street, of a 3. At Paris, Lord Sussex Lennox, to Mary, daughter.

daughter of Lord Cloncurry. - At the College of Glasgow, Mrs Sandford, of 7. At Edinburgh, Robert Strachan, Esq. distila daughter.

ler, Leith, to Margaret, only daughter of the late 17. In Charlotte Square, the lady of the Right Archibald Burnet, Esq. Calcutta. Hon. the Lord Justice Clerk, of a son.

8. The Rev. Graham Mitchell, A.M. to Cathe18. At Viewforth, Mrs Crichton, of a son. rine daughter of the late Rev. John Webster,

Mrs Burnett, Dublin Street, of a daughter. of St Peter's Chapel, Edinburgh. 19. Mrs Patrick Robertson, Great King Street, At Oxgang, John Graham, Esq. yr. of Balof a son.

lagan, advocate, to Mrs Major Davidson, young20. At Dysart, Mrs Brotherston, of a daughter. est daughter of the late Sir John Stirling of Glorat

At Fathom Park, Newry, Mrs Benson, of a and Renton, Bart. daughter.

At Edinburgh, Wm. Napier, Esq. to Isabela 22. At Springwood Park, the lady of Sir John la, daughter of the late Captain Rodgerson of the Scott Douglas, Bart. of a daughter.

Stirlingshire local militia. 23. At Montrose, Lady Ramsay of Balmain, of At Badminton, Gloucestershire, the seat of a son.

the Duke of Beaufort, Thomas Henry Kingscote, 25. At 26, Albany Street, Mrs Ballantyne of a Esq. of Kingscote, in that county, to Lady Isabeldaughter.

la Somerset, sixth daughter of the Duke of Beau26. At Auchinleck, Ayrshire, the lady of Sir fort. William Francis Eliott of Stobs and Wells, Bart. At 20, Union Place, Glasgow, Mr Archibald of a daughter.

Fullerton, bookseller, to Mrs Ann Bell. 27. At Tayfield, Mrs Berry, of a daughter. 12. At Keith, Mr John Dean, of the Post Office,

Leith, to Eliza, Anne, second daughter of John R. A. Oswald, Esq. Archibald Hamilton, Esq. fifth Gatherer, Esq. Keith.

son of the late John Hamilton, Esq. of Sundrum, 15. John H. Gow, Esq. Mecklenburgh Street, to the Right Hon. Lady Jane Montgomery, eldest London, to Catherine, second daughter of John daughter of the late Earl of Eglinton. Mackinlay, Esq. Royal Terrace, Edinburgh.

23. At Edinburgh, Mr John Stevenson, book16. At Edinburgh, David Anderson, Esq. of seller, to Mary, daughter of the late Mr John King, St Germains, to Charlotte, sixth daughter of Sir Innerwick. James Nasmyth of Posso, Bart.

24. At London, Alexander Sutherland Græme, 19. At Allesly Church, Warwickshire, William Esq. of Græme's Hall, in the Orkneys, to Mary Robertson, Esq. younger of Kinlochmoidart, ad- Anne, second daughterof the late Robert Grahame, vocate, to Sarah Adams, eldest daughter of James Esq. of the Bengal Civil Service. Beck, Esq.

26. At 1, Forres Street, Edinburgh, Jonathan 21. At Edinburgh, M. P. Brown, Esq. advocate, Richardson of Lisburn, Esq. to Margaret, only to Maria, second daughter of the late Robert daughter of Alexander Airth, Esq. Monteith, Esq. of Rochsoles.

- At Craigs, Mr Thomas Hodgson Boazman, 22. At Teignmouth Church, Alexander Watt, youngest son of the late John Boazman, Esq. of Esq. H. E. I. C. S. eldest son of the late Isaac Great Ayecliffe, in the county of Durham, and Watt, Esq. of Logie, to Susanna, eldest daughter Acorn Bank, Westmoreland, to Jessy, youngest of Stephen Kelso, Esq. of Preston.

daughter of Peter Gibb, Esq. of Earshag. 23. At Riccarton House, John Hay Mackenzie 27. At Edinburgh, Alexander Meldrum, Esq. of Newhall and Cromarty, Esq. to Anne, third of Easter Kincaple, to Margaret Louisa, eldest daughter of James Gibson Craig of Riccarton, daughter of the late William Roy, Esq. of NenEsq.

thorn. At Bellevue, Haddington, William Bogue, 29. At Uphall, Daniel Ross, Esq. of the SoliciEsq. of Kirkland, to Katherine, eldest daughter tor's Office, Excise, Scotland, to Miss Isabella of Major William West, late of the 9th Royal Ve- March, daughter of the late Mr William March, teran Battalion.

of the Excise, Glasgow. 24. At St Rollock's, near Glasgow, William Lately, At Linton, Kent, Charles Wykeham Couper, Esq. writer, Glasgow, to Mary, daughter Martin, Esq. to the Lady Jemima Isabella Mann, of Charles Tennant, Esq. St Rollock's.

only daughter of the Earl Cornwallis. At St Luke's, Chelsea, the Marquis of Caermarthen, to Lady Hervey.

DEATHS. 25. At North St James Street, Edinburgh, May 8, 1827. At sea, on his return to his na. Mr William Drysdale, writer, General Register tive country, Mr Daniel Shaw, Fellow of the House, to Margaret Williamson, eldest daughter Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, in the of Mr Thomas Beveridge, writer there.

36th year of his age. 28. At Aberdeen, William Napier, Esq. writer Sept. 29. At Keitah, in consequence of a fall to the signet, to Mary, eldest daughter of Alex, from his horse, Lieut. Charles Erskine, of the Low, Esq.

Bengal army, third son of David Erskine, Esq. of - At Nunton, South Uist, the Rev. Duncan Cardross. Maclean, to Flora, daughter of Kenneth M'Leod, Oct. 24. At New Orleans, Dugald Campbell, Esq. Ebost, Isle of Skye.

Esq. of Skerrington. 29. At the Governor's house, Edinburgh Castle, Nov. 11. At Čawnpore, East Indies, Alex. BurArchibald Douglas, Esq. to Harriet, second daugh- nett, Esq. ter of Lieut.-General Hay.

24. At Muttra, Lieut. James Mansfield, 1st - At Edinburgh, Thomas Knox, Esq. Leith regiment Bengal Native Infantry, third son of the Walk, to Miss Elizabeth Forman, Broughton late James Mansfield, Esq. of Midmar. Place.

At Mirzapore, Lieut.-Col. Archibald Mac30. At Leith, Mr G. Glenny, papermaker, Den- donald, K.C.H. Adjutant-General of the King's ny, to Catherine, only daughter of the late Wil. troops in India. liam Lang, Esq. of Leys.

Dec. 2. At Penang, on board his Majesty's ship - At Edinburgh, William James Fraser, Esq. Hind, Captain Furneaux, Robert Morrice, M.D. son of Lieut.-General Sir John Fraser, to May assistant-surgeon. Anne, daughter of the late Robert Cumming of 17. At Graham's Town, Cape of Good Hope, Logie, Esq.

John Mackenzie Cameron. Esq. Captain in his - Át Fettes Row, Edinburgh, Richard Francis Majesty's 55th regiment of Foot. G. Poore, Esq. late of the King's Dragoon Guards, 20. At Calcutta, Dr George Paxton, of the Hon. to Margaret Henrietta Cotnham, youngest daugh- East-India Company's service, and son of the Rev. ter of the late Lieut.-Col. Maclean, of the Tower Mr Paxton, Edinburgh. of London.

Feb. 1, 1828. At Jamaica, Captain Colquhoun, At 41, St Andrew Square, William Vertue, R.N. son of the late Sir James Colquhoun of Esq. merchant, Leith, to Margaret, eldest daugh- Luss, Bart. ter of Mr William Crosbie, Gamerigg, Dumfries- 21. At Springfield, Leith Walk, Alexander shire.

Muckle, aged 19, and, on the 19th March, J. Y. May 1. David Tytler, Esq. to Maria Catherine, Muckle, aged 22, sons of the late M. Alex. Mucsecond daughter of Dr Ferguson, Aberdeen.

kle, Leith Walk. 2. At Edinburgh, Joseph Teale Sigston, Esq. 29. At Rome, the Right Hon. Charlotte VisLeeds, Ann, second daughter of the late Mr countess Stopford, daughter of the late, and William Walker, Edinburgh.

ter of the present Duke of Buccleuch and Queens3. At 18, Warriston Crescent, the Rev. James berry. Smith, minister of Ettrick, to Miss Barbara Pater- March 13. At Dumblane, Mr M. Coldstream. son, Galashiels.

At Grangemouth, Mr George Gibson, in the - At Hillhousefield, Thomas Singer, Esq. wri. 77th year of his age. ter, Moffat, to Christina, daughter of the late 16.' At Falkirk, Peter Bell, Esq. tea-merchant, Robert Bayne, Esq. merchant, Leith.

19. At her father's house, Melville Street, 6. At Blair Vaddock, Dumbartonshire, William Georgina, eldest daughter of Major-General Sir Wootton Abney, Esq. of Measham Hall, in the George Leith, Barı. county of Leicester, to Helen John Sinclair, eldest At Alloa Manse, the Rev. James Maxton, daughter of Mr and Lady Janet Buchanan, and minister of Alloa. niece to the Earl of Caithness.

22. At Newhall House, Mrs Brown of Newhall. 8. At Moulsoe, Bucks, Alex. Blair, Esq. of At Strathmiglo Manse, Ann, daughter of Edinburgh, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late the Rev. George Bennet. George Smith, Esq. of Northampton.

- At Leith, Thomas, son of Thomas Thom13. At London, Colonel Buckley, to the Lady son, glassworks there. Catherine Pleydell Bouverie, eldest daughter of - At Dalkeith, Elizabeth, second daughter of the Earl of Radnor.

Mr William Ballantyne, nursery and seedsman 17. At the parish church of St James, Piccadil- there. ly, the Hon. William Russell, eldest son of Lord At Chatham, Lieut. Charles Douglas ClapWilliam Russell, and nephew to the Duke of Bed- perton, of the Marines; a native of Annan, and ford, to Miss Campbell, daughter of Lady Char- brother of the celebrated African traveller. Jotte Bury, and niece to the Duke of Argyll.

- At Westwater, near Langholm, Apne Park, 20. At Sandown Place, Esher, the residence of the Lady of Captain Maxwell,

24. At Comely Bank, Miss Elza Bayne, daugh 6. On board the Kingston East Indiaman, on ter of the late Rev, K. Bayne, Greengek.

his way home in bad health, in the 21st year of At Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn-Fields, Lon- his age, Crausurd Fait, Esq. Ensign, 28th Regi. don, Anne Laurence, the wife of Horace Twiss, ment Bengal Native Infantry, fourth son of CrauEsq. M.P.

furd Tait of Harvieston, Esq. 25. At Elgin, the Rev. Mr Robert Crawford, - At New Saughton, Mrs Janet Ramsay, wi. minister of the Associate Congregation, Elgin. dow of James Watson, Esq. of Saughton.

At Hoddam Manse, Mrs Yorstoun, wife of - At Philipstoun, Janet Balfour, second daughthe Rev. Mr Yorstoun, minister of Hoddam. ter of the late William Keir, Esq. of Milnholm.

At Edinburgh, Robert Walker, Esq. New At 9, Greenside Place, Edinburgh, Mr Wil Street.

liam Rogers, merchant. - At Dunbar, Mr Robert Purvis, bloek-maker. 8. At Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Euphemia, elder 26. At Leopold Place, Mrs Mackenzie, relict of daughter

of Mr James Grahame, writer. the Rey, Donald Mackenzie of Fodderty.

At Hillside, Miss Anne J. H. Stewart, youngAt Oxford, Mr James Saddler, the celebra- est daughter of the late William Stewart of Hillted aeronaut, aged 73.

head, Esq. At Leith, Mrs Partis, aged 79.

- At Lerwick, Mr Gilbert Paterson, merchant - At Bottesford, Rutlandshire, of apoplexy, there. Colonel Sir Charles Sutton, K.C.B. ard K.T.S. 9. At the Mills of Airthrey, near Stirling, Mrs

At Annan, Edward Hill, Esq. writer there. Macdonald of Invercoe. 27. At Hastings, Mr David Nicoll, after a long At Pleasant Hill, James Miler, Esq. of Miland painful illness.

ton. At Hamilton, Mrs Fullarton of Carstair, - At Leith, Mr John Westwater, flax-merchant. widow of William Fullarton, Esq. of Carstair.

At Woodslee, Harris Richardson, youngest 28. At Glasgow, Mr James Robertson, engineer, son of George Scott Elliot, Esq. aged 70.

10. At Edinburgh, Patrick, second son of the 29. At Musselburgh, Mrs Joan Stirling, wife late Captain Patrick Hunter, of the Hon. East Inof Captain Home, late 42d Regiment, and daugh dia Company's service. ter of Major-General Stirling.

At Torquay, Henriett Balfour Wemyss, eldAt the Town's Hospital, Glasgow, the Rev. est daughter of the late Colonel J. Balfour Wemyss James Moffat, D.D. Governor and Chaplain of of Wemyss-hall, Fifeshire. that Institution.

- At Stirling, Mrs Small, reliet of the Rev. Dr 31. At Edinburgh, Mr Ralph Kellock, second Small, minister of Kilconquhar, Fife. son of Dr Kellock, physician in Berwick.

11. At Dunbar, Mr William Richardson, flaxApril 1. At Leith, Mrs Elizabeth Nisbet, wi- dresser. dow of William Hamilton, Esq. Lanarkshire. 12. At No. 122, George Street, Edinburgh, Miss

At Edinburgh, Miss Isabel Welsh, Rose- Murray of Henderland. mount, Musselburgh.

- At his house in Berkeley Square, London, - At Musselburgh, the Rev. Wm. M‘Kech- William Finch Palmer, Esq. ney, minister of the Relief Congregation there, in 13. At his seat at Kilochan, Sir Andrew Caththe 68th year of his age, and 42d of his ministry, eart of Carleton, Bart. in the 90th year of his age.

At Sidmouth, Devon, William Creech, At Portman Square, London, the Countess youngest child of the Rev. Charles Watson, Nelson, in the 79th year of her age. minister of Burntisland.

14. At London, John Turnbull, son of Mr 2. At Edinburgh, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Turnbull, architect, Peebles. Lieut.-Colonel Charles Macquarrie of Ulva.

- At Kirkaldy, Robert Philp, Esq. of Edens- At North Hanover Street, Mrs Margaret head, merchant in Kirkaldy, in the 17th year of Lawrence, relict of Mr Peter Marshal, artist, aged 59 years.

15. At his house, 13 George Square, Mr CameAt Fala, John Little, A.M. in his 27th year. ron, paper-maker, aged 72.

At Alloa, Mr Robert Meiklejohn, brewer, At Bedford Street, Bedford Square, Lonaged 79.

don, Charles Stables, Esq. one of the Sheriffs of At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Calder, late London. merchant in Stonehaven, aged 74.

- Mr George Macqueen Fyfe, teacher of lanAt his house, No. 8, Tobago Street, Mr Roi guages, and nephew to Dr Wilde. bert Taylor, late builder in Edinburgh.

16. At South Lambeth, Henrietta Dasent, wife At Carlisle, aged 66, Mrs Dorothy Carlyle, of Captain Robert Brereton, 420 Regiment. youngest daughter of the late George Carlyle, At Newington, Mr John Alison, builder. ** M.D. and sister of the late Rev. J. D. Carlyle. - At Inch House, near Edinburgh, Major Ro

- At Bermuda Hospital, Captain James K. bert Gordon of Hallhead, Aberdeenshire. White, of his Majesty's ship Tyne.

17. At Powderhall, Wilhelmina, the infant 3. At Kirktown, Keithhall, Alexander Grant, daughter of William Macdonald, Esq. at the advanced age of 105 years.

- At Bonington Place, Helen, daughter of At her house, Warriston Crescent, Mrs Jane James Gladstone, Esq. Toft Combs, Biggar. Anderson, widow of Francis Anderson, Esq. W.S. At the Manse of Weem, the Rev. James

At Stafford, John Young, Esq. late of M‘Diarmid, minister of that parish. George Street, Edinburgh.

At 24, Hill Street, Mrs Niven, wife of R. W. 4. At the College of Elgin, Major George Duff Niven, Esq. W.S. of Milton.

18. At 5, Mansfield Place, Alexander, third son, At Blairgowrie, Lieutenant Alexander Bro- and, on the 19th, Helen, infant daughter, of Mr die, on the half-pay of the

24th Light Dragoons, Sylvester Reid, writer to the signet, depute-clerk and formerly of the 78th Highlanders.

of teinds. At Netherley, Jane, eldest daughter of At 78 Lauriston Place, Mrs Dick, widow of George Silver, Esq. of Netherley.

John Dick, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh. At his house, Inveresk, Stewart Boone 19. At Poldrait House, Haddington, Mrs Helen Inglís, Esq.

Banks, relict of Mr Thomas Christie, merchant, - At London, Major George Jack, late of the Dunbar. 21st, or Royal Scots Fusileers.

- At Montague Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Mar5. At No. 18, Abercromby Place, John Kirk- garet Waters, wife of Mr Peter Brown, bookseller. aldy, youngest son of Dr Hunter.

In Charlotte Square, Miss Anderson, only - At Edinburgh, Thomas Mason, Esq. one of daughter of the late David Anderson, Esq. W.s. the assistant clerks of Session.

At Bellfield, Musselburgh, John Veitch, Esq. - At Gordon Castle, Musselburgh, Christina late of the Hon. East India Company's Naval Ser. Campbell, wife of the Rev. James Richardson, of

vice. the Scots Church, Hexham.

At Dunfermline, the Rev. Robert Brown, 6. At Aberdeen, Lieut.-General John Gordon minister of the United Secession Church of that Cumming Skene of Pitlurg and Dyce.

town. In Upper Grosvenor Street, London, the 20. At Kirkaldy, William Russell, Esq. merchEarl of Caryssort, K.P. in the 78th year of his ant, Kirkaldy: age

At Edinburgh, Captain Alex. Grant, late of At Ayr, Peter M‘Taggart, Esq.

the 37th Regiment.

his age.

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20. At his house, Park Road, Edinburgh, after 5. At 47, North Castle Street, Mr James Vary, a few days' illness, George Wilde, M.D. treasurer second son of the late R. Vary, Esq. of Crossford, of the Royal Physical Society.

At Castledykes, Ebenezer Stott, Esq. of At London, Lady Harriet Finch, sister to the Castledykes. Earl of Aylesford.

Theophilus, youngest son of Captain HodgMr John Macdonald, ironmonger, Edinburgh. son, Royal Navy: - At 21 Montague Street, Edinburgh, Miss - At Abbeville, in France, Mr Peter Moore, Mary M'Lean.

aged 76. He was for 25 years the representative 21. At Gibraltar, Thomas Sidney Beckwith, of Coventry, and during a much longer period he Captain in the Rifle Brigade, only son of Major- had taken an active part in the most important General Sir Thomas Sidney Beck with, K.C.B. political transactions of the day.

22. Mrs Dalrymple, wife of North Dalrymple, 6. At Bannockburn, William Wilson, Esq. ma Esq. of Campie.

pufacturer. At Dean Lodge, James, infant son of Mr - At 3, George Place, Leith Walk, Mrs Mar, Cargill, wine-merchant.

garet Barclay, relict of the Reverend Dr BarAt Thankerton, Miss Ellenor Campbell, clay of Middleton, minister of the gospel, Had. eldest daughter of the late Walter Campbell of dington. Shawfield, Esq.

At Kilmarnock, Captain Robert Crawford, 23. At 4, St James Square, Jane, third daughter late a commander in the Hon. East India Comof the Rev. James Porteous, in her 26th year. pany's Bengal flotilla.

At her house, Park Street, aged 90, Mrs - At Peterhead, Mrs Hutchinson, formerly Bathgate, relict of Mr Andrew Bathgate, farmer, residing at Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Blance Burn, East Lothian.

7. At Haddington, Mr John Aitchison, senior, 24. At Dunbar Foundry, Georgina Sked, late baker there. daughter of Mr George Sked.

At Grangemouth, Mr Joseph Bogue, senior, At Rosend Castle, Fifeshire, Mrs Broughton,

merchant there. widow of Major-General Broughton of Rosend.

At Gorgie Park, Mrs Helenor Campbell, - At Broomhouse, Roxburghshire, Mr William relict of Dougall Campbell, Esq. late of CraigScott, aged 64.

nish. 25. Aty, Montague Street, Abram Newton, Esq. - At Kenmure Castle, Catharine, youngest late merchant in Edinburgh.

daughter of the late James Dalzell, Esq. of BarnAt Henry Cockburn's, Esq. in Charlotte crosh. Square, Edinburgh, Miss Mary Anne M‘Dowall, 8. At Kinnaber House, near Montrose, Robert third daughter of the late James M‘Dowall, Esq. Gibson, Esq. aged 73, well known for a series of Glasgow.

years as one of the most respectable and enterpri- At Gellet, Fifeshire, John Purvis, younger sing agriculturists in that part of the kingdom. of Lochend, Esq.,

9. In Upper Seymour Street West, London, 26. At Lerwick, Mrs Robertson, senior, of Matilda, wife of Thomas Campbell, Esq. Gussaburgh, Shetland.

At No. 11, Henderson Row, Edinburgh, 27. At Palkeith, Ebenezer Scott, Esq. surgeon. John Graham of Robshill, aged 56.

- At Park Gate, Regent's Park, London, Eli- - At Broughton Street, Mrs Charlotte O'Keefe, zabeth, eldest daughter

of Rear-Admiral Sir R. wife of Mr Charles Mackay, of the Theatre Royal. Waller Otway, Commander-in-Chief in South 11. At Dunfermline, Helen, youngest daughter America.

of Mr Andrew Rutherford. - At Leith, Mrs Ann Macandrew, wife of Mr 12. At Woodhead, near Bathgate, Mrs DouJohn Henderson, Custom-house, Leith.

glas, late of Easter Inch. 29. At Rattray, near Blairgowrie, Mr David 13. At Bath, Mrs Maria Maclean, widow of Robertson, of the late firm of Goldie and Robert- Lieutenant-Colonel Maclean of Kinlochaline, and son, ironmongers, Edinburgh.

eldest daughter of the late Sir Allan Maclean of 30. Agnes, the wife of R. D. Menzies, Esq. Maclean, Bart. shipbuilder, Leith, and daughter of the late Rev. 14. In Bethlem Hospital, the celebrated Mar. David Pyper, minister of Pencaitland.

garet Nicholson, who attempted the life of his - At No. 1, Hill Street, Edinburgh, David late Majesty. She has been confined in the above Ramsay, Esq.

establishment 42 years, and during the whole of - At Kinross, Captain Daniel Menzies, of the that period has been insane. She always appeared Royal Perthshire Militia.

much pleased whenever any of the Royal Family - At Dullomuir, Blair-Adam, Mr Thomas visited the institution, and, on the occasion of Mather, many years factor to the Right Hon. the the death of the late King, requested to be allowLord Chief Commissioner.

ed to wear a black ribbon. Her age is supposed May 1. At Comely Bank, Mr Robert Harper, to have been nearly 100 years. senior, late of the Excise.

15. At her house, No. 6, Charles Street, Eliza- At St Bernard Crescent, the Hon. Catha- beth, daughter of the late William Alston, Esq. rine Murray, third daughter of the late Alexander Crown Agent for Scotland. Lord Elbank.

-Eustatia Harriet, eldest daughter of William 2. At Delvine, Laura Jemima, third daughter Sharp, Esq. late of Kirkton, West Lothian, colof Sir Alexander Muir Mackenzie, Bart.

lector of Customs, Borrowstounness. 3. At No. 28, Heriot Row, Margaret, daughter At Charlestown of Aberlour, Captain Allan of the late Humphry Colquhoun, Esq.

Grant, Advie, in the 90th year of his age. At Drumpellier, Miss Margaret Buchanan, 16. At the Manse of Strachan, where he had grand-daughter of the deceased Andrew Buchan- been on a visit, Dr Garioch of Tarland. an, Esq. of Drumpellier, and daughter of the late - At Carlisle, William Christian, youngest son George Buchanan, Esq. of Mount Vernon. of Captain William Cochrane Anderson, Royal

- At Kirkton, Keithhall; Alexander Grant, at Artillery. the advanced age of 105.

17. At Rosebank, Elizabeth Bauchop, wife of 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Catherine Simpson, re Mr Robert Walker. lict of the Rev. James Simpson.

At Tarbolton Manse, the Rev. John Ritchie, - At the house of John Pirie, Esq. Camber- D.D. well, London, the Rev. James Gray, minister of 18. At Brechin, Miss Mary Gillies, in the 72d Albion Chapel, London Wall.

year of her age. - At No. 69, Great King Street, Mrs Alison - At Mary's Cottage, Trinity, William CrawHome, widow of Mr William Finlayson, depute- ford, eldest son of John Patison, jun. W.S. clerk to the Bills.

At Flemington Mill, Mrs Elizabeth Gibson, - At Florence, aged 55, the Russian Prince relict of James Murray, Esq. of Craigend, Nicholas Demidow. The immense fortune of At his house, London street, Mr Thomas this nobleman has often furnished matter of cu- Nimmo, in his 89th year. rious speculation. He is said at one time himself - At Edinburgh, Mary Chapman, aged 16, to have estimated his income at a louis d'or a- third daughter of the late W. Ritchie, Esq. minute, or about L.500,000 a-year.

19. At Dalhousie Grange, Elizabeth, eldest - At Borrowstounness, Agnes Waugh, wife of daughter of the late James Hay, Esq. of CulliMr Peter Petrie.

priest, Devonshire.

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to sit up:

20. At Warriston Crescent, near Edinburgh, though, from the peculiar cast and character of Alexander, youngest son of Archibald M‘Nab of his features and person, no one, unacquainted M'Nab, Esq.

with the fact, would have suspected him to have - At Lowhouse, near Berwick, Adam Murray, been more than sixty. Jewell was the early friend Esq. of Mountpleasant, late surgeon in his Ma- of Foote aud George Colman, the elder, for both jesty's 28th regiment, and purveyor on hospital of whom, during their lives, he superintended, staff, aged 76.

with great probity and correctness, the pecuniary 21. At Cupar Angus, the Rev. John Halket, affairs of the Haymarket Theatre. minister of that parish, in the 51st year of his Lately, At Thoulouse, aged 57, Sir William age, and 21st of his ministry.

Congreve, General of Artillery, who acquired so George, son of Mr James Webster, writer in much renown by the deadly rockets which he inCupar.

vented. Towards the latter part of his life, having 22. At Bath, Lieut.-General John Thomas Lay- totally lost the use of his legs, he had invented å ard.

mechanically arranged chair or sofa, which en- At Torbain, Mr George Smith.

abled him to move himself about his apartments 23. At his house, Belgrave Square, London, without any assistance. This machine occasionafter continued suffering from the gout, the Right ally served him as a bed whereon to repose. He Hon. Lord Forrester. He was married to a sister latterly also discovered means of propelling ships of the present Duke of Rutland, by whom he had at sea, without the aid of oars, sail, or steam. He six sons and five daughters.

has left a widow, several children, and an im At his house, No. 1 Windsor street, Mr John mense fortune.-Moniteur. Dickson, builder.

DEATH OF CAPTAIN CLAPPERTON.--The late - At London, Miss Maria Grant, eldest sister Captain Clapperton's servant arrived on 7th May of the Right Hon. Charles Grant.

at Portsmouth, in the Esk sloop of war, and from 24. At Hamilton, Andrew Barrie, Esq. surgeon him we learn that Captain Clapperton died on the royal navy, aged 30.

13th of Aprll 1827, at Sockatoo, where he had - At Edinburgh, Mr John Lauder Carphin, been detained for five months, in consequence of merchant, Leith.

the Sultan Bello of Sockatoo not permitting him - At Murraythwaite, Mrs Murray.

to proceed, on account of the war between him 25. At Old Liston, Thomas Allan, Esq. of Al- and Bornou. He had waited there in hopes of lanfield.

getting permission to go on to Timbuctoo, and - At Crichton House, Sophia, daughter of Mr lived in a circular clay hut belonging to the SulAlexander Dallas, W.S.

tan's brother, the size of which was about fifty 26. On board the City of Edinburgh steam. yards each way. He was attacked with dysentery, packet, off Scarborough, Captain Duncan Chis- and latterly fell away rapidly, and became much holm Mackenzie, commander in the royal navy,

emaciated. Two days before he died, he requestsecond son of the late Roderick Mackenzie, Esq. ed his servant to shave him, as he was too weako of Scotsburn, in the county of Ross.

On its completion, he asked for a - At London, Mr James Jones, for many years looking-glass, and remarked he was doing better, proprietor of the Royal Circus, and founder of and should certainly get over it. The morning the Coburg Theatre.

on which he died, he breathed aloud and became 28. At Longridge, parish of Whitburn, Agnes restless, and shortly after expired in his servant's Stephens, aged 75, and, five hours afterwards, arms. He was buried by him at a small village her husband, Alexander Easton, aged 84. They (Jungah), five miles to the S.E. of Sockatoo, and had been married nearly 60 years.

followed to his grave by his faithful attendant and - At London, the Hon. Anne Seymour Damer,

five slaves. The corpse was carried by a camel, the only child of the late Right Hon. Field-Mar- and the place of interment marked by a small shal Henry Seymour Conway and the Lady Ca- square house of clay, erected by his servant, who roline Campbell, daughter of John, fourth Duke then got permission from the Sultan to return of Argyll, and widow of Charles Earl of Ayles

home. He accordingly journeyed to Badagry, bury.

which occupied him seven months, and was taken Lately, at Oldham Common, Bitton, aged 108, off the coast by Captain Laing, of the merchant Samuel Haynes. He has left a widow two years brig Maria, of London, in January 1828, to whom older than himself; also four daughters, all wi- he expresses himself most grateful for his attendows, and 22 grand-children, 29 great-grand- tions, and the preservation of his being He children, and two great-great-grand-children. states, that he nearly lost his life while at Bada

- At Leghorn, Mrs Colonel Colquitt, widow of from the Portuguese setting the minds of the the late Colonel Colquitt, of the Guards, and natives against him, and that they attempted to youngest sister of Mr Wallace of Kelly.

administer poison to him in his drink. He land. - At his residence, Newton ville, near Lime- ed at Cape Coast, whence he was brought by the Tick, at the advanced age of 74, the Right Rev. Esk. When travelling to Badagry, he lost four Charles Tuohy, D.D. Roman Catholic Bishop of horses and two asses, from their being exposed to Limerick for the last fourteen years.

the sun, and fording the rivers, which were much - At his house at Woolwich, Dr Irwin, late swollen by the rains. He also confirms the acSurgeon-General of the Royal Artillery.

count that Mungo Park was lost on a reef of - At Liverpool, on his way to London, after a rocks, which runs from the Island of Busa, (or few days' illness, Captain James Coutts Craw- Boussa,) in the Niger. Park got on the reef, and ford, Royal Navy.

was unable to get off. When the natives saw him, - At Euston Square, London, Charles Grant, they came down and fired on him and his party. Esq. of Wester Elchies, Morayshire, and of Bem- Three black slaves and two white companions bridge, Isle of Wight.

threw themselves in despair, in each other's arms, - At Bath, in the 91st year of her age, Mrs into the river, and perished. Ricketts, widow of William Ricketts, Esq. for- DEATH OF THOMAS PARK. In Africa, on 31st merly of Longwood, in the county of Hants, October, of yellow fever, after an illness of soine another of the Viscount St Vincent and Countess days, Mr Thomas Park, son of Mungo Park. of Northesk.

Akitto, the king of Aquambo, in whose country - At Yarmouth, Mr David Service, author of he died, treated him with the greatest kindness, the “ Caledonian Herd Boy,” and many other and immediately upon his death, sent intelligence poetical productions.

to Captain Fry, the commandant at Acra, re-On his passage to Calcutta, Neil Somervell, questing that some person might be sent to take Esq. late wine-merchant, Edinburgh.

care of Mr Park's effects, which was done, and In the neighbourhood of Putney, William they have now arrived in England. Jewell, Esq. at the age of nearly 100 years, al




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