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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

BEN JONSON's Discoveries.







C. Baldwin, Printer,

New Bridge-street, London.


Africa, Southern, Burchell's Travels in,
277-the Karro Poort, 279-the Gariep
River, 280-Asbestos Mountains, Hip-
popotamus hunt, 281-the Briquas, 284.

Agriculture, 107, 215, 327, 439, 551, 655.

America, North. See Canadas and United


South, 229. See Chili, Mexico,

Peru, and Public Events.

American War, observations on, 577.

Amethyst, capture of the, Gilbert's picture

of, 615, note.

Antiquities, Mexican, 526, 527.

Archer of Ulvescroft, the, a tale, 44.

Aristocracy, Parisian, 633-divided into

three classes, 634-aim of the monied

class, 635.

Armstrong, Archibald, (Jester to James I.)
287, 408.

Association of ideas, 617-anecdotes illus-
trative of, 617, 622, 624.

Australia, intended British factory in, 252.

Bacon's Elements of Science, reviewed,


Bullock's Mexico, 521-want of informa-
tion in the work, 522.
Buonaparte, his attention to public morals,
484 his address in availing himself of

the influence of the Fine Arts, 615.

Burns and Byron, 117-Burns' death,

118 his burial, 120.

Byron, Lord, compared with the author of

Waverley, 69-contrasted with Burns,

117-his personal character, 337-va-

nity, 338-person, 339-singularity,

339-grossness in conversation, 340

letters, 340-capricious temper, 341

religious principles, 341-military en-

thusiasm, in Greece, 343-temper, 344

-misanthropy, 345-poetry, 345-Con-

versations (by Medwin), 449-unwarrant-

able destruction of his Memoirs, 449-his
personal appearance, 451 - conversa-
tional powers, 452-education, 452-his
opinion of various contemporaries, 457
-his Prophecy of Dante, 457-opinion
of Sir Walter Scott, 457-estimate of
his own character, 458-conversation
with Col. Stanhope, 460-aversion to

Bentham and the Liberals, 460-letter

to M. Beyle, 460-ditto to Mavrocor-
dato, 461-ditto to Col. Stanhope, 461.

Bentham, his political principles attacked Cabbage palm, the, 180.
by Lord Byron, 460.
Berenger, French Poet, 593.

Biography: Schiller, 16, 149, 259-

George Peele, 61-Burns, 117-Byron,
117, 337, 449-Queen Elizabeth, 122
-Roger Marbeck, 122, notes-Richard
Royston, 285-Archibald Armstrong,
287-Dr. E. D. Clarke, 393-Major-
Gen. Macquarie, 417-W. Hayley, 502
-H. Kirke White, 608.

Biron, Marshal, tragedy, 535.

Blackwood, Reply to, 335.

Blakesmoor in H—shire, 225.
Blindness, case of a boy born blind, 270.
Boisserée's work on Cologne Cathedral,

Bonjour's Mari à bonnes fortunes, 536.

Books, new, 109, 218, 330, 442, 554, 662.
Botany, of the Five Island district, 181,

Botta's History of Italy, 98.

Brazil, St. Salvador, Bahia, 252.

Brisbane river, New South Wales, disco-

very of, 205.

Brown, Dr. his theory of association, 621.
Browne, Sir T., Evelyn's letter to, 489.

Canadas, the, 577, lamentable ignorance
respecting, 578-the attention of our
government required, 579-remarks on
the cultivation of tobacco and hemp,
580-importance of these provinces to
England, 582-emigration to them con-
sidered, 583-fees on grants of land,
584-impolicy of selling grants, 584-
difficulties to be encountered by Emi-
grants, 585. See Emigration.

Cary's translation of Dante, 529.

Catalani, Madame, 85, 202, 203, 539.

Characters: Beau Shatterly, 137 - Sir
Morgan Walladmor, 365-Padre Onora-
to, 414 St. Henry, 466-Captain Jack-
son, 482-Female characters in Wilhelm
Meister, see Wilhelm.

Charles, Prince, his journey into Spain,
477 Sir R. Wynn's account of ditto,



Clarke, Dr. E. D., Life and Remains of,

Clenches, on, 201.

Clergy, English, our history warped by,

Cochrane, Capt., Pedestrian journey through

Russia and Siberia, 36-his eccentrici-

ties, 37-hardships, 40, 41,

Colonies, infant, the attention to be paid to,

Commonwealth, Godwin's History of, 57.

Commerce, 108, 216, 328, 440, 552, 656.

Retrospect of, 657.

Constant, Benjamin, remark on a passage
of Lord Byron's, 346-his work de la
Religion, 320, 483-character, &c, 634.
Constantinople, the Fanariotes of, 561-
office of the Bâche-Capi-Kiahaya, 566-
Hotgias, 569.

Constitution, the English, 625, 632.

Contrasted Scenes, 308.

Conversations, Lord Byron's, 449.

Cookery of the French, 178.

Crichton, Dr., case of habitual reverie,

from, 473.

Cromwell Oliver, erroneous opinion as to

ranny, 629.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
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[blocks in formation]

Gifford, Mr. error in his notes on Mas-
singer, 239.

Godwin's History of the Commonwealth of

England, 57-his character as a writer,

58-merits of the present work, 59.

Goethe, translation of his Wilhelm Meister

reviewed, 189, 291-his literary charac-

ter, 189.

Gout, the Praise of, 91.

Greece, Lord Byron in, 342.

Affairs of, 103, 322, 438, 545,

546, 548. See Public Affairs.

Hall, Capt. Basil, Journal on the coasts of
Chili, &c. 229.

Hamlet, remarks on the Ghost in, 87.

Harrington, Sir John, 122.

Harvest, the, 327, 439.

Hayley, W. Life of, 502-his publications,
503 death of his son, 505-his second
marriage, 506-last illness, 507-do-
mestic habits, 507-personal character,
509-literary ditto, 510.
Hemp, necessity of cultivating, in the Ca-
nadas, 580.

of England, Fabrication of, 625-
by Hume, 632.
History, foreign publications on, 98, 207,
319, 430, 536.

of the Commonwealth of England,
by Godwin, 57-character of preceding
historians, 58.

Kant's idea of a Universal, 385.
Hoaxing, literary, 381.
Hohenlohe, Prince, advice to, 400.
Hume, misstatement of, 632.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Macadamization, 350-dangers of, 447
(L. H.)

Macauley, Mrs. 58, 60.

Macquarie, Major-Gen., Governor of New
South Wales, Memoir of, 417.

Madness of Lear, 79.

Man, the actions of the species under the

control of universal natural laws, 385-

destined by nature to be the creator of

his own happiness, 386-requires a

master, 388.

Marbeck, Roger, 122, note.

Mari á bonnes fortunes, comedy by Bon-

jour, 536.

Massinger's Fatal Dowry, 239.

Meister, Wilhelm. See Wilhelm.

Melmoth, Manuscripts of, 28.

Memoirs of St. Henry, 465.

Mexico, Hall's Journal, 229.

Bullock's Residence in, 521-San

Miguel de los Ranchos, festival, 525—

Mexican Idol, 526-Montezuma's bath,


Milton, his History of England, 589—

enmity of the Whigs to, 630.

Misanthropy, 344.

Moses, the finding of, 516.
Music, English, 146-importance of in
female education, 148.

Report of: Rossini, 84-Catalani,
Pasta, Catalani's benefit, 85- Cam-
bridge Musical Festival; Royal Society
of Musicians, 86-Master Liszt, Mr.
Labarre, Concerts, Mr. Cutler's Ora

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