A Digest of the Reported Cases Adjudged in the Several Courts Held in Pennsylvania: Together with Some Manuscript Cases, Svazek 1

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T. & J.W. Johnson, 1843
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Strana 204 - The test," says Judge Duncan in Swan v. Scott, 11 Serg. & R. 164, "whether a demand connected with an illegal transaction is capable of being enforced at law, is whether the plaintiff requires the aid of the illegal transaction to establish his case.
Strana 344 - a combination is criminal whenever the act to be done has a necessary tendency to prejudice the public or to oppress individuals by unjustly subjecting them to the power of the confederates, and giving effect to the purpose of the latter, whether of extortion or of mischief.
Strana 351 - Ohio ; and all prosecutions shall be carried on in the name and by the authority of the state of Ohio ; and all indictments shall conclude against the peace and dignity of the same.
Strana 472 - ... for a rule to show cause why a new trial should not be granted...
Strana 13 - Probable cause" has been defined as a reasonable ground of suspicion supported by circumstances sufficiently strong in themselves to warrant a cautious man in the belief that the person accused is guilty of the offense with which he is charged.
Strana 810 - Princess, during their lives and the life of the survivor of them, and that the sole and full exercise of the regal power be only in and executed by the said Prince of Orange...
Strana 197 - ... principles of natural justice, for this would be vesting in the court a latitudinarian authority^ which might be abused, and would necessarily lead to collisions between the legislative and judicial departments...
Strana 469 - A residence at a particular place accompanied with positive or presumptive proof of an intention to remain there for an unlimited time.
Strana 215 - If no place be designated by the contract, the general rule is, that the articles sold are to be delivered at the place where they are at the time of the sale. The store of the merchant, the shop of the manufacturer or mechanic, and the farm or granary of the farmer, at which the commodities sold are...
Strana 493 - There is no principle better established in this court, nor one founded on more solid considerations of equity and public utility, than that which declares, that if one man, knowingly, though he does it passively, by looking on, suffers another to purchase and expend money on land, under an erroneous opinion of title, without making known his claim, he shall not afterwards be permitted to exercise his legal right against such person. It would be an act of fraud and injustice, and his conscience is...

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