Faulkner and Modernism: Rereading and Rewriting

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University of Wisconsin Press, 1990 - Počet stran: 259
Throughout his career Faulkner retold some of the same stories about some of the same events and characters, but retold them differently. For many years now these rewritings and revisions have been judged failures of craft. But Faulkner knew they were there and defended his discrepancies, associating them with learning about human character. Richard Moreland argues that these revisionary repetitions in fact constitute Faulkner's conscious critique of modernism. Moreland's readings of Absalom! Absalom!, The Hamlet, Go Down, Moses Requiem for a Nun and other works reveal Faulkner's explorations of both the motivations and consequences of modernism in the context of America's dominant discourses of class, race, gender and sexuality.

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