Dithiolene Chemistry: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications, Volume 52

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Edward I. Stiefel
Wiley, 15. 12. 2003 - Počet stran: 752
The Progress in Inorganic Chemistry series provides inorganic chemistry with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area of the discipline. Volume 52, Dithiolene Chemistry: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications continues this forum with a focus on dithiolene chemistry and a significant, up-to-date selection of papers by internationally recognized researchers. Dithiolene complexes have a remarkable set of properties, a fact which has made them the object of intense study for new materials and sensors.

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O autorovi (2003)

EDWARD I. STIEFEL is a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University. He has worked as Senior Scientific Advisor at ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research and as Senior Investigator at the Charles F. Kettering Research Laboratory. He is a member of the Board of Reviewing Editors of Science, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the winner of the American Chemical Society Award in Inorganic Chemistry for the year 2000. He is also the founding co-chair (with Russell Hille) of the Inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Molybdenum and Tungsten Enzymes (July 1999) and (with François Morel) of the Inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry (June 2002).

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