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ANDERSON.--Self-made Men. By the Rev. William Anderson.

Post 8vo, cloth lettered, 5s. “Its perusal must do good and exercise a very beneficial stimulative influence upon young men." - British Controversialist,

Christ the Plant of Renown. 32mo, sewed, 2d. AVELING.-Voices of Many Waters: or, Travels in the

Lands of the Tiber, the Jordan, and the Nile; with Notices of
Asia Minor, Constantinople, Athens, etc., etc. By the Rev.
Thomas W. Aveling. Second Edition, revised and enlarged,
with Frontispiece. Post 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Naaman; or, Life's Shadows and Sunshine. Fcap. cloth, 3s.

The Life and Character of Elijah the Prophet. A Course of Lectures. 8vo, cloth, 2s. "The finest delineation of the great prophet anywhere to be found. It is a beautiful sample of popular instruction." - Christian Witness. BAKEWELL.-The Mother's Practical Guide, in the

Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Training of her Children ; with additional Chapters on “Our Elder Sons and Daughters," and on “The Claims and Responsibilities of Grandmothers and Stepmothers.” By Mrs. J. Bakewell. The Fourth

Edition, Sixth Thousand, fcap. 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. "A truly valuable work. The admirable good sense which pervades the wbole treatise must carry conviction to every mind of the Author's

eminent fitDess for the office which she has been led to assume---that of a guide to young mothers."-Christian Lady's Magazine.

Friendly Hints to Female Servants on the best means of Promoting their own and their employers' Happiness. Eighth Thousand, 32mo, cloth, 8d.

BAKEWELL.-Conversation Cards on Intellectual and

Moral Subjects; designed for the Instruction and Entertainment of Social Parties. In wrapper, 2s.

The British Mothers' Family Magazine. Edited by Mrs. J. Bakewell. 8vo, 24 pp. Monthly, 3d. Vols. 1 to 8,

cloth, 4s. each. BAKEWELL (R. HALL).-Practical Hints on the Manage

ment of the Sick Room. By R. Hall Bakewell, M.D. 18mo, cloth, ls.

BARROW.- Temperance and Teetotalism; being a Candid

Inquiry into the Lawfulness or Unlawfulness of using Distilled and Fermented Liquors ; conducted on the Grounds of Scripture, Philosophy, and Expediency, but especially Scripture. With an Appendix. By Rev. J. H. Barrow. Demy 12mo,

cloth, ls. 6d. BATEMAN.-Home Musings; or, Metrical Lay Sermons. By Henry Bateman. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Heart Melodies. Three Hundred and Sixty-five New Hymns and Psalms Square 8vo, cloth, 7s. BEMAN.–The Old Ministry; or, the Inefficiency of Modern

Preaching compared with the Apostolic Administration of the

Gospel. By Rev. N. S. S. Beman, D.D. 18mo, cloth, Is. 6d. BIBT.-Patristic Evenings. By John Birt.

Post Svo, cloth, 6s. BRIGHT.-Apostolical Independency, exemplified in the

History, Doctrines, Discipline, and Ordinances of the Congregational Churches, commonly called “Independent.” By Rev.

J. S. Bright. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, Is. 6d. Boaz.- Egypt; a Popular and Familiar Description of the Land,

People, and Produce. With an Introductory Essay by Rev. T. Boaz, LL.D. Second Edition, with a Map and fifty Engravings, fcap. 8vo, cloth, 5s. 6d.

The Mission Pastor: Memorials of the Rev. Thomas Boaz, LL.D., Twenty-four Years Missionary in Calcutta. By his Widow. Post 8vo, cloth, with Portrait, 5s. 6d. “ The

memory of such a man well deserved to be perpetuated in a book. It is a charming piece of missionary biography, full of touching and suggestire things, and we cordially recommend it to our readers.”- Christian World.



BROOK.-Memoir of the Life and Writings of Thomas

Cartwright, B.D., the Distinguished Puritan Reformer; including the principal Ecclesiastical Movements in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. By Rev. Benjamin Brook.

One large Volume, 8vo, cloth, 5s. Brother Born for Adversity (The); or, the Similarity of

the Saviour's Sorrows and Sufferings to those of his Followers. By the Author of “God is Love,” etc. Fourth Thousand,

greatly enlarged, 18mo, cloth, gilt edges, ls. 6d. “Forcible, experimental, and rich in Christian experience.”—Record.

A beautiful little book, peculiarly fitted to comfort, edify, and strengthen the tried people of God.”—British Messenger.

A precious little book."-Scottish Press. BROWN.-Evenings with the Prophets; a Series of

Memoirs and Meditations. By Rev. A. M. Brown, LL.D.

Post 8vo, cloth, 8s.; morocco elegant, 12s. 6d. “Dr. Brown's 'Evenings with the Prophets' has a charm and a value pecu. liar to itself. Its subject is one of the most sublime that can be entertained, and the method of handling it is consistent with its own picturesque beauty and excellence. It abounds with sweetest music, it overflows with still waters,' it sparkles with hearen-descended thoughts, and it is presided over by the very spirit of a sanctified genius." - Glasgow Christian Journal.

Peden the Prophet: a Tale of the Covenanters. Founded on Fact. Post 8vo, cloth, 68.; gilt edges, 75.;

morocco elegant, 10s. 6d. “ This latest tale of the Covenanters will be admitted to be one of the most vivid and truthful pictures that has been given of the period and the men.' Nonconformist.

The Time is Short. A Motto and a Lesson. 32mo, sewed, 2d. ; or 14s. per hundred.

Salvation and the Way to Secure it. Ninth Edition, 32mo, 4d.

* Fifty copies and upwards, for gratuitous distribution, may be had at half-price, on direct application to the publisher.

BURGÈSS.-Wesleyan Hymnology. A Companion to the

Wesleyan Hymn Book; comprising Remarks --Critical, Explanatory, and Cautionary, designed to promote the more profitable use of the volume. Second Edition, revised and corrected, with an Appendix. By Rev. W. P. Burgess, A.M. 18mo, cloth, 3s.

BURTON.-Christian Devotedness; or, the Glorious Life of

a Christian. A Christian in Earnest, a Christian Altogether. By John Burton. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 4s. “The author's views are throughout evangelical and eminently practical. The work is pervaded with a rich spiritual unction, and, were the principles illustrated in this treatise acted on more generally throughout the Church, we would see a powerful revival of true religion, and the world's conversion would not be far distant.”—The Covenanter.

War Irreconcileable with Christianity. An Essay; including a careful Examination of the Teaching of

the New Testament on the Subject. Fcap. sewed, 4d. BUYERS.—Recollections of Northern India. With Ob

servations on the Origin, Customs, and Moral Sentiments of the Hindoos; and Remarks on the Country and principal Places on the Ganges, etc. By Rev. William Buyers, Missionary at Benares. 8vo, cloth, 10s. 6d.

Letters on India; with Special Reference to the
Spread of Christianity. 12mo, cloth, 5s.
CAMPBELL (Rev. JOHN, D.D.)—John Angell James: a

Review of his History, Character, Eloquence, and Literary
Labours. With Dissertations on the Pulpit and the Press,
Academic Preaching, College Reform, etc. With Portrait of
Mr. James, and Vignette. Post 8vo, cloth, 58.

The Martyr of Erromanga; or, the Philoso-
phy of Missions. Illustrated from the Labours, Death, and
Character of the late Rev. John Williams. Third and Cheap
Edition, with Portrait, fcap., cloth, 6s. Large Edition, 10s. 6d.

Maritime Discovery and Christian Missions considered in their Mutual Relations ; Comprehending the Discovery of India, America, and Polynesia ; with the First Missions to those Regions; the Rise and Progress of the Missionary Spirit in England, etc. With many Engravings, 8vo, cloth, 12s.

Memoirs of David Nasmith: his Labours and Travels in Great Britain, France, the United States, and Canada. With Portrait, royal 12mo, cloth, 10s. 6d.

Popery and Puseyism Illustrated: a Series of Essays. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

Letters on the Bible Monopoly. 12mo, cloth, 28. 6d.



CAMPBELL.-Letters on Pastoral Visitation, District Meet

ings of Churches, Congregational Friendly Societies, and Sunday School Instruction. Second Edition, ls.

Letters on Wesleyan Methodism in England and the Colonies, and a History of Whitfield's Churches. 8vo, 6d.

The Comprehensive Hymn Book; One Thousand Hymns, Original and Selected. Eighth Edition, 24mo, sheep, 3s. ; roan, gilt edges, 4s.

Sacramental Communion for Young People. A Treatise on the Lord's Supper. 60.

Theology for Youth. Tenth Edition, 1s.

A Catechism on First Principles of Saving Knowledge. 3d.

A Catechism on the Facts of the Old Testament. 4d.

A Catechism on the Facts of the New Testament. 4d.

The Marrow of Modern Hymn Books, for the Use of Sunday Schools, etc. 4d.

Ten Sermons. By Rev. John Campbell, D.D., and Rev. J. W. Richardson. On the following important subjects :Self-Examination-Self-Deception ; Self-Approval-Self-Condemnation ; Self-Denial-Self-Indulgence ; Self-Distrust-SelfConfidence ; Self-Preservation--Self-Destruction. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s, 6d.

Church Finance; or, the Scripture Method of Establishing and Upholding Christian Institutions. 2d.

* Purchasers of not less than Fifty Copies for gratuitous distribution can be supplied at half-price on direct application to the publisher. CAMPBELL (G.)-The New Testament, translated from the Original Greek. The Gospels by George Campbell

, D.D. The Acts and Revelation by Philip Doddridge, D.D. The Epistles by James Macknight, D.D. 18mo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

(J.)—Worlds Displayed, for the Benefit of Young People, by a Familiar History of some of their Inhabitants. By Rev. J. Campbell. 18mo, sewed, 6d.

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