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in 1883, and was appointed British vice consul at Panama on July 1, 1884. He was afterwards appointed consul, with headquarters at Panama, for the Colombian departments of Cauca, Magdalena, Bolivar, and Panama. Later he was placed in charge at successive periods of the British Legation at Lima, Peru, Quito, Ecuador, and Bogota, Colombia. On December 24, 1903, he was appointed consul for the Republic of Panama, and in 1907 he was appointed Minister Resident. There is probably not a foreign representative in Panama better versed in Colombian, or Panama affairs than Mr. Mallet.

The British vice consul, Mr. F. W. Manners was appointed in January, 1908, and assumed charge on Jan. 27 succeeding Mr. Thomas Broadwood transferred, to Roumamia. Mr. Egerton Shaw Humber, the pro consul, was ap

. pointed Dec. 24, 1907.

Another popular representative, and one known to all residents of Panama, is the Hon. Federico Alfonso Pezet, who was appointed Charge d'Affaires for Peru in January, 1906. Señor Pezet made his home on the Isthmus from 1884 to 1886 during which time he was Spanish editor of the Star and Herald. In the latter vear, he was appointed Peruvian consul at Panama, and in 1889 he was promoted to the post of cousul general for Peru in England, serving at London and Liverpool. Later he was transferred to New York in the same capacity, and in October, 1900, was promoted to the post of first Secretary of the Peruvian Legation at Washington. There, in 1902, he acted as Charge d'Affaires. In 1901, he was again appointed to the Central American mission, and when in January, 1906, Pana

was added to it, he transferred his residence from Costa Rica to Panama. In addition to his important consular and diplomatic services, Señor Pezet served his country as a soldier in the war with Chile, 1879-1883, and was given a medal for honorable wounds received. He has also


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done much to promote his country's interests in a literary way, among his works being one entitled - The Question of the Pacific,” published in Philadelphia in 1902, and a compilation of articles which appeared in the American press with reference to the Tacna-Arica controversy; also the question of international arbitration, inspired and in part written by him. While consul general in England, he was awarded in 1882 the Albert Medal of the Society of Arts and Commerce for his work on “Peru, her Commerce and Resources, "and has lectured frequently before chambers of commerce and other institutions in England and America, always in the interests of Peru.

Mr. Arnold Shanklin, U. S. consul-general, and dean of the consular corps of Panama, was appointed to his present position on September 20, 1905, and took charge of the office on November 27 of that year, succeeding Judge H. A. Gudger who had filled the position in an able manner for many years previous. Mr. Shanklin was born at Carrolton, Missouri

, in January, 1866. He graduated from the law department of Washington University at St. Louis in 1899, and followed the practice of law for a number of years. He was commissioner to Mexico for the Louisiana purchase exposition. During his residence on the Isthmus, Mr. Shanklin has made many warm friends, both in Panama government and canal circles. The U. S. Deputy consul general is Mr. Caspar L. Dreier of Missouri, appointed in 1907.

The hand of death removed one of the best known consular representatives during the year 1907, Don Jeronimo Ossa, consul for Chile. He was of a jovial, kindly disposition, counting everyone his friend that he could. Don Jeronimo was a native of Panama, but received the education of a civil engineer in Chile. He completed his studies in the United States and Europe, and upon his return home found ready employment with the French canal company. He was also at different times in the employ of the Panama Railroad Company, and the Pacific Mail Steamship Co. He always took a deep interest in politics, and at the time of the secession was tireless in support of the Shortly before his fatal illness, he was appointed by President Amador as special commissioner to deliver to Chas. E. Magoon, the gold medal and vote of thanks tendered the latter by the National Assembly of Panama, in recognition of the universal esteem in which the late Zone Governor was held. Don Jeronimo composed the words of the Panama national hymn, a splendidly inspiring air, and of several poems. His death occurred September 6, 1907, at the age of 62 and on September 10, the Municipal Council of Panama, passed resolutions of respect in honor of his memory.



The Panama Herald of June 9, 1853 announced the discovery of a collection of old coins found in the corner of a wall at Old Panama. In the collection were coins beginning with the Carthaginian period and continuing on up until the time of Ferdinand of Spain. In the lot were coins of the time of Constantine and the Roman era. It is supposed that this collection was brought to the Isthmus by some monk interested in numismatics.



Honorable H. G. Squiers,

Envoy Extraordinary and Minister
Plenipotentiary of the United States

of America. Hon. Claude Coventry Mallet, His Britannic Majesty's Minister

Hon. Antonio da Fontaura Xavier, Brazilian Minister Resident.
A. J. d'Amaral Murtinho,

Secretary, Brazilian Legation.
Hon. Henry Moet,

French Charge d'Affaires. Hon. Federico Alfonso Pezet, Peruvian Charge d'Affaires. Alberto Bresani Rossel,

Attaché Peruvian Legation, Hon. Federico Boyd,

Nicaraguan Charge d'Affaires.


Belgian Minister Resident, with

residence in Guatemala. Hon. J. H. Reus,

Netherlands Minister Resident, with residence in Caracas.

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