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Mrs. W. C. Gorgas, Ancon, C. Z.
Mrs. Wm. L. Sibert, Culebra, (. Z.

Mrs. Chester Harding, Gatun, C. Z.
Recording Secretary... Mrs. Frank W. Miracle, Empire, (. Z.
('orresponding Secretary... Mrs. Lewis Baker, Cristobal, C. Z.
Gen. Federation Secretary... Mrs. Ralph D. Wolf, Gorgona, C. Z.
Treasurer... Mrs. F. R. Roberts, Pedro Miguel, C. Z.
Auditor--Mrs. J. C. Barnett, Paraiso, C. Z.

Chairman of Advisory Committee... Mrs. F. Morrison, Gorgona, C. Z. At the meeting, Miss Boswell was waile an honorary member of all the Zone clubs, and a rising vote of thanks was tendered her for the grand work she had accomplished. From this time on, the clubs have shown a healthy life. The membership is growing rapidly, and schemes of interest are being taken up and pushed by all. The Ancon club has taken a particular interest in the school question, liorticulture, and the study of Spanish. The other clubs have organized Halloween parties, and various works for social diversion. The spirit of the women is best exemplified by a resolution passed by the Cristobal club and endorsed by all the others, reading:

* Be it resolved, that every club woman in the Canal Zone constitute herself a committee of one to foster favorable, instead of adverse criticisms of the conditions of the Zone, and the Isthmus of Panama."

Following is a list of the Woman's Clubs of the Zone :---
ANCON---President. Mrs. Wm. C. Gorgas ; vice-presidents, Mrs. J. M. Maguire;

Mrs. C. W. Boyer ; Secretary, Mrs. Lyster.
PEDRO MIGU'EL-.. President, Mrs. J. C. Barnett ; secretary, Mrs. Wm. Lowe.
CULEBRA---President, Mrs. Wm. L. Sibert ; vice-president, Mrs. J. M. Murray;

secretary, Mrs. M. H. Butler. EMI’IRE... President, Mrs. F. W. Miracle ; vice-president, Mrs. E. P. Bock,

secretary, Mrs. J. F. McTyier. GORGONA... President, Mrs. R. C. Goodale ; vice-president, Mrs. Everist ; secre

tary, Mrs. Laura Faxon ; treasurer, Mrs. McConaughey. LAS CASCADAS.--President, Mrs. (). G. Randall ; vice-pir.-sident, Mrs. C. R.

Lingo ; secretary, Mrs. W. H. Boregard ; treasurer, Mrs. T. G. William


GATUN... President, Mrs. Chester Harding ; vice-president, Mrs. L. L. Elliott;

secretary, Mrs. Shippy. CRISTOBAL---President, Mrs. Lorin C. Collins ; vice-president, Mrs. E. Lewis

Baker ; secretary, Mrs. C. Guckel.

[blocks in formation]

Organized in December, 1907, uniler the auspices of the Ancon Woman's Club, for

the purposes of studying art life on the Isthmus. Officers are: Chairman, Mrs. S. E. LePrince; secretary, Mrs. C. E. Phillips. First meeting held January 29, 1908.

Tivoli Club. (Ancon).

Organized for social purposes. Constitution adopted Angust 26, 1907. Officers are:

President. Hon. Jo. C. S. Blackburn ; first vice-president, J. C. Perry : second vice-president, D. W. MacCormack , secretary, Malcolm Elliott ; assistant secretary, C. T. Lindsay ; governors. E. C. McFarland, Arnold Shanklin chairman membership committee, D. A. Laing ; chairman invitation commit. tee, Malcolm Elliott; chairman printing committee, Wm. Krugel ; chairman refreshment and music committee, W. H. McFarlane. Dances are held at Hotel Tivoli bi-monthly. Membership of club about 200.

Ancon Amusement Association. (Ancon).

Organized in January, 19?8 for social purposes. Membership about 408.. Officer's

are:... President, Col. Tom. M. Cooke; vice-presidents. J. M. Magnire; L. M. Lipsett; secretary. J. P. Avis ; treasurer, C. C. Metcalf; chairman athletic committee, Capt. Geo. R. Shanton ; chairman music committee, George L. Campen : chairman publicity committee, W. Krugel ; chairman indoor and outdoor entertainment committee, Dr. William Deeks ; chairman halls and buildings committee, J. St. C. Hunt; chairman auditing committee, II. D. Reed.

American Social Club. (Las Cascadas).

Organized October 16, 1906 for the purpose of furnishing amusement and recreation

for all white employees of the Commission and Panama Railroad Company. Occupies second toor of 1.C.C. hotel, has about 55 members, rooms equipped with papers, magazines, pool and billiard tables, and piano. Officers are; President. Dr. W. J. Lyon : vice-president, C. H. Bath; secretary A. M. Warner ; treasurer, W. A. Evans ; chairman house committee. V. L. Hill; chairman entertainment committee, F. W. Leydecker ; chairman athletic committee, F. W. Talbot.

Burns Social Club. (Gorgona).

Organized in August. 1907, for social intercourse among the admirers of Burns and

his works in Gorgona, and along the Canal Zone. Club meets tirst and third Saturday evenings of each month in the assembly hall above I.C.C. hotel. The club's motto is

6. That man to man the world o'er

Shall · brithers' be for 'a that.'"


Officers are : President, Archie M. Harper ; vice-president, Joe Allan ;
retary, and treasurer, Andrew Veitch.

Pan-Hellenic Society of the Canal Zone. Composed of members of college Greek-letter fraternities. There are about 32 fra:

ternities represented with society membership of 100. Society organized December 29, 1905. Meets once a month for a dinner. Occasionally gives a cotillion. Officers are : President, C. L. Bryan, Culebra; secretary. Wal ter Emery, Aucon ; treasurer, Dr. W. M. James, Ancon.

Sanitary Inspectors of the Canal Zone.

Association organized November 21, 1907, at Culebra. Object is technical and treats

of the ways and means of securing and maintaining the public health of the Canal Zone. Officers are: President, A. B. Tucker, ('ulebra : vice-president, W.J. Murphy, Empire ; secretary, E. W. Mitchell, Gorgona.

Medical Association of the Canal Zone.

Association organized in March, 1906, and meets the second Saturday of each month.

Officers are: President, Dr. S. T. Darling, Ancon; vice-president, Loyd
Xoland, Colon ; secretary and treasurer, Dr. Geo: H. Crabtree. ('ulebra;
executive council, Dr. Wm. Deeks, Ancon, Dr. C. C. McCwloch, Ancon, Dr.
A. J. Orenstein, Colon.

University Club. (Panama).

The l'niversity club was organized about two years ago, and has a mehibership of

nearly 250, two-thirds of whom are Americans, and the remainder residents of Panama. The club has a circulating library of about 700 volumes, the great. er part of which was donated to the club by President Roosevelt, and General T. H. Hubbard of New York City. The club rooms are on Avenue B., and Tenth Street. Officers are : President, James Bucklin Bishop ; first vice-president Arnold Shanklin : second vice-president. Mason E. Mitchell; honorary president. Theodore Roosevelt : lionorary vice-presidents, Manuel Amador, Guerrero, J. Domingo de Onaldia, Jose Augustin Arango, Gen. T. H. Hub. bard ; board of governors, 1). W. Bolich. W'. C. Gorgas, T. C. Hinckley, Nicanor dle (barrio, A. S. Cooper, D. 0. Lively. Ernesto T. Lefevre; treasurer, Earle C. McFarland ; secretary, Philip Vince; assistant secretary, J. E. Marsh.

Commercial Club. (Panama).

Culb rooms on Seventh Street, Cathedral plaza. Officers are : President, J. D. de

Obaldia ; vice-president, Nicanor A de Obarrio ; secretary, Juan J. Mendez; treasurer, Samuel Maduro B.

International Club. (Panama).

Club rooms op Eighth Street. Officers are : President, Samuel Lewis ; vice-presi

dent. Demetrio H. Brid ; secretary, Juan Antonio Guizado ; treasurer, Ernesto Guardia ; librariau. Jorge L. Parcules; vocales, Arturo Delvalle, Raul Guardia, Juan Brin; Jr., Roberto Vallarino, Jorge D. Jrias, Arturo de Lenos.

Casino Istmeño. (Panama).


rooms, corner of Fourteenth and B Streets. Officers are : President, Samuel N. Ramos; vice-president, Prospero Pinel ; secretary, Carlos Lopez C.; treasurer, Oscar McKay; assistant secretary, Manuel A. Herrera; librarian, Juan B. Sosa ; vocales, Evaristo Badillo, Juan F. Adams.


Centro Panamá. (Panama).

Organized for social and amusement purposes. Constitution adopted January 1, 1908.

Officers are: President Nicolás Justiniani; vice-president, Alberto Rodríguez;
secretary, Dámaso Botello; assistant secretary, Sergio Land; treasurer,
Antonio Elias Dorado G.; vocales, José Rudy G., Samuel Gómez; William

Ateneo de Panama. (Panama).

Club rooms, corner of Central Avenue and B. Street. Officers are: Presid ent,

Nicolas Victoria J. ; vice-president, Samuel Lewis ; treasurer, Ofilio Hazera ; librarian, Ricardo J. Alfaro ; secretaries, Guillermo Andreve, Alfonso Fabre. ga; vocales, Santiago de la Guardia, Alfonso Preciado, Oscar Teran.

Strangers' Club. (Colon).

Officers are : Chairman, Hilary B. Parker ; secretary, L. Heuer ; treasurer, R. H.

Wardlaw ; governing committee, Hilary B. Parker, L. Heuer, Loyd Noland,
Frank Floyd, John Burke, J. M. Hyatt, Hon. Lorin C. Collins.

Bas Obispo Club. (Bas Obispo).

Officers are : President, G. G. McNamara ; vice-president, George Campbell ; treas

urer, A. O. Blake; secretary, M. Williner ; chairman house committee, S. W. Pike; chairman entertainment committee, A. W. Fox; chairman athletic committee, John Steibaugh.

Isthmian Baseball Association.

Organized for season of 1907-08 on November 17, 1907. Officers are : Col. George W.

Goethals, president; Dr. John H. Purnell vice-president, and C. E. Anderson, secretary and treasurer. Clubs represented in league : Ancon, Empire, Gorgona, I.C.C., Kangaroos, Gatun, and M.P. & 1 -7. Season opened December 15th, 1907.



PANAMA MASONIC ASSOCIATION--- President, Mason E. Mitchell ; vice-presi

dent, W. M. Belding ; secretary, Andrew J. Dewling ; treasurer, Felix Ehrman; trustees, W. G. Tubby, Amold Shanklin, William Gerig, A. C. Harper, Lewis E. Willson, G. M. Shontz.


ACACIA LODGE, A. F. & A. M., No. 50, PANAMA---Ven. M., Julio Arango ; first

vig., Carlos Bertoncini ; second vig., Antonio B. Linares ; ora; Jeronimo Olcese secretary, Fabricio A. A rosemena ; treasurer, Angel de Castro, Hosp., Joaquin

Garcia Soto; Exp., Aquiles Vincensivi. Meets every Saturday night at 7:30. CULEBRA SOJOURNERS CLUB, CULEBRA ---Organized September 13, 1907.

Officers are . President, J. T. Woods of Mesa No. 55, Grand Junction, Col.; vice


president, X. W. Culbertson of Covington No. 109, Covington, Ky.; secretary and

and treasurer, G. W. Strong of M. M, Parker No. 27, Washington D. C. LAS CASCADAS MASONIC CLUB, LAS CASCADAS.--Organized June 24, 1907.

Officers are : President, Fred. W. Talbot ; vice-president, B. F. Mudgett; secretary, F. W. Walraven ; treasurer, W. D. Drysdale, Club meets every Saturday

evening at 7:30. SOJOURNERS LODGE, No. 874, A. F. & A. M., COLON---Organized in February

1898. Its lodge room has been burned twice, and in the last fire, that of September, 1905, its charter was destroyed. This charter was duplicated in March, 1906. Officers are : R. W. M., Clinton G. Carty (N. J.); Dep. M., Henry Anderson (Cal.); S. W., John L. Segall (Va.); J. D., Eli D. Sims (Fla.); secretary, John Lagerquist (N. Y.); treasurer, Vilfred P. Spiller (La.); S. D., Leon C., Thrasher (N. Y.); J. D., James Woodside (N. Y.); I. G., Israel Simons (Pana

ma); tyler, Burton Williams (Conn). EMPIRE MASONIC CLUB, EMPIRE---Organized January 31, 1908.

Officers are; President, A. L. Haines; vice-president, Fred. L. Gorham: secretary d treasu rer, H. W. Sawtelle; assistant secretary and treasurer, G. M. McAdam. Mem

bership, 50. ROSE OF AMERICA No. 65, PANAMA...-On Monday evening, December 16,

1907, the lodge of F. & A. M., which has been working in this city for several years under the auspices of the Grand Orient of Venezuela, elected the following new officers for the reglamentary period: W. M..-M. D. Cardoze: Ex. W. M.... Evaristo Badillo; S. W.-.-E. Vasquez, J. W.--- Alfredo Menotti; Orat..-J. Fco. Gomez; Sec'y.---José Oller; Treas.---C. A. de Icaza. Regular meetings are held

every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. PARAISO SOJOURNERS CLUB, PARAISO, C. Z.---Organized January 31, 1908. Meets eve

Friday night. Officers are: President, W. H. Cheeks; ce-president, 0. J. Ridenour; secretary, H. C. Ragsdale; treasurer, John Lanigan, There are also Masonic organizations at Pedro Miguel, Bas Obispo, and Gorgona.

Knights of Pythias.

PANAMA LODGE, No. 1, CRISTOBAL---Instituted on August 11, 1906. Officers

are : Chancellor commander, Geo. W. Wood ; vice chancellor, Allen Swan , prelate, W, S. Lawrence; master of work, 0. C. Kilgour ; keeper of records and seals, Eli Sims; master of exchequer, Chas. R. Chisolm ; master at arms, Thos. 0. Fernstrom ; inner guard, Carl Matis ; outer guard, Wm. B. Howell. Lodge

meets every Saturday evening. Membership 140. EMPIRE LODGE No. 2, EMPIRE---Instituted March 23, 1907. Officers are : Chan

cellor commander, W. T. Kimberly ; vice chancellor, Phil. Deitch ; prelate, John Thiac; master of work, H. E. Whyde ; keeper of records and seals, Chas. W. Hill; master of exchequer, S. A. Benninger ; master at arms, W. C. Woodson ; inner guard, A. J. Tafel ; outer guard, P. II. Maher. Lodge meets every Thursday evening. Membership 135.

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