Wisconsin Medical Journal, Svazek 2

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State Medical Society of Wisconsin., 1904
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Strana 466 - DUNOLISON, MD, LL.D., late Professor of Institutes of Medicine in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. New (twenty-third) edition, thoroughly revised, with the pronunciation, accentuation and derivation of the terms, by THOMAS L. STEDMAN, AM, MD, member of the New York Academy of Medicine. In one magnificent imperial octavo volume of 1224
Strana 336 - CHAPTER V.—ELECTION OF OFFICERS. SECTION 1. All elections shall be by ballot, and a majority of the votes cast shall be necessary to elect. SEC. 2. The House of Delegates on the first day of the Annual Session shall
Strana 332 - shall be open to all registered members, and guests. SEC. 2. The time and place for holding each Annual Session shall be fixed by the House of Delegates. ARTICLE IX.—OFFICERS. SECTION 1. The officers of this Society shall be a President, three VicePresidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and ten Councilors.
Strana 340 - be deemed necessary. In keeping such roster the Secretary shall note any changes in the personnel of the profession by death, or by removal to or from the county, and in making his annual report he shall be certain to account for every physician who has lived in the county during the year. When requested, he
Strana 337 - of the profession, and for improving and increasing the zeal of the county societies and their members. He shall make an annual report of his work and of the condition of the profession of each county in his district at the Annual Session of the House of Delegates. The necessary traveling expenses incurred by such Council
Strana 336 - reading of the minutes on the morning of the last day of the General Session. SEC. 4. Nothing in this article shall be construed .to prevent additional nominations being made by members of the House of Delegates, CHAPTER VI.—DUTIES OF OFFICERS. SECTION 1. The President shall preside at all meetings
Strana 338 - Society and of the House of Delegates, and of their respective committees, and shall have general charge of all the arrangements. Its chairman shall report an outline of the arrangements to the Secretary for publication in the program, and shall make additional announcements during the session as occasion may require.
Strana 331 - ARTICLE II.—PURPOSES OF THE SOCIETY. The purposes of this Society shall be to federate and bring into one compact organization the entire medical profession of the State of Wisconsin, and to unite with similar societies of other states
Strana 340 - X.—MISCELLANEOUS. SECTION 1. No address or paper before the Society except those of the President and orators, shall occupy more than twenty minutes in its delivery: and no member shall speak longer than five minutes, nor more than once on
Strana 331 - This Society shall consist of Members, Delegates and Guests. SEC. 2. MEMBERS. The Members of this Society shall be the members of the component county medical societies. SEC. 4. GUESTS. Any distinguished physician not a resident of this State may become a guest during any Annual Session upon invitation of the officers of this

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