Memorials of William Smith Shaw

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S. K. Whipple & Company, 1852 - Počet stran: 346

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Strana 62 - If to do were as easy as to know what were^ good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men's cottages princes' palaces. It is a good divine that follows his own instructions: I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done, than be one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching.
Strana 61 - Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot That it do singe yourself: We may outrun, By violent swiftness, that which we run at, And lose by over-running.
Strana 63 - I desire them : they are never out of humour, and they answer all my questions with readiness, Some present in review before me the events of past ages ; others reveal to me the secrets of Nature : these teach me how to live, and those how to die : these dispel my melancholy by their mirth, and amuse me by their...
Strana 70 - There is one object here which always depresses me. It is slavery. This alone would prevent me from ever settling in Virginia. Language cannot express my detestation of it. Master and slave ! Nature never made such a distinction, or established such a relation. Man, when forced to substitute the will of another for his own, ceases to be a moral agent ; his title to the name of man is extinguished, he becomes a mere machine in the hands of his oppressor. No empire is so valuable as the empire of one's...
Strana 299 - she had not a line from her father's pen ; that he had spent much time, and taken great pains to collect together all his letters and other papers, and in one of his unhappy moments, committed them all to the flames.
Strana 87 - Taught by the great example which I have so long had before me, never to oppose my private wishes to the public will, I must consent to the request made by Congress, which you have had the goodness to transmit to me ; and, in doing this, I need not — I cannot say, what a sacrifice of individual feeling I make to a sense of public duty.
Strana 299 - I have used her own expressions. Such has been the fate of the memorials of Mr. James Otis an'd Mr. Samuel Adams. It was not without reason, then, that I wrote to Mr. Niles, of Baltimore, that the true history of the American Revolution is lost forever. I could write volumes of other proofs of the same truth, before, during, and since the Revolution. But cui bono ? They would be read by very few, and by very few of those few would be credited, and, by this minimum of a few, would be imputed to the...
Strana 296 - Characters, arroused and excited by these, arose in Pennsylvania Virginia, New York, South Carolina and in all the other States: but these three were the first Movers, the most constant Steady persevering Springs, Agents, and most disinterested Sufferers and firmest Pillars of the whole Revolution. "I shall not attempt even to draw the Outlines of the Biography of Mr. Samuel Adams. Who can attempt it?
Strana 295 - Nor had any other man attempted it, in this nation, in that age, if any one has attempted it since. Mr. Adams was an original — sui generis, sui juris. The variety of human characters is infinite. Nature seems to delight in showing the inexhaustibility of her resources. There never were two men alike, from the first man to the last, any more than two pebbles or two peas. Mr. Adams was born and tempered a wedge of steel to split the knot of lignum vita, which tied North America to Great Britain.
Strana 87 - MOUNT VERNON, December 31, 1799. "•• SIR : While I feel with keenest anguish the late dispensation of Divine Providence, I can not be insensible to the mournful tributes of respect and veneration, which are paid to the memory of my dear deceased husband ; and as his best services and most anxious wishes were always devoted to the welfare and happiness of his country, to know that they were truly appreciated and gratefully...

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