International Conciliation

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American Branch of the Association for International Conciliation, 1921 - Počet stran: 34

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Strana 223 - The Council shall formulate and submit to the Members of the League for adoption plans for the establishment of a Permanent Court of International Justice. The Court shall be competent to hear and determine any dispute of an international character which the parties thereto submit to it. The Court may also give an advisory opinion upon any dispute or question referred to it by the Council or by the Assembly.
Strana 384 - Suppose you go to war, you cannot fight always; and when, after much loss on both sides, and no gain on either, you cease fighting, the identical old questions as to terms of intercourse are again upon you.
Strana 239 - The Mandatory shall promote to the utmost the material and moral wellbeing and the social progress of the inhabitants of the territory subject to the present mandate.
Strana 200 - Each accession shall be notified, through the diplomatic channel, to the Government of the French Republic, and by the latter to all the High Contracting Parties. Accessions shall come into force as from the date of notification to the French Government.
Strana 425 - It was then pointed out with clarity and emphasis that the intellectual and physical strength of the nations, labor and capital are for the major part diverted from their natural application and unproductively consumed. Hundreds of millions are devoted to acquiring terrible engines of destruction, which, though today regarded as the last word of science, are destined tomorrow to lose all value in consequence of some fresh discovery in the same field. National culture, economic progress and the production...
Strana 235 - In every case of mandate, the Mandatory shall render to the Council an annual report in reference to the territory committed to its charge.
Strana 235 - The degree of authority, control or administration to be exercised by the Mandatory shall, if not previously agreed upon by the Members of the League, be explicitly defined in each case by the Council.
Strana 201 - IN FAITH WHEREOF the above-named Plenipotentiaries have signed the present Treaty. DONE at Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the tenth day of September one thousand nine hundred and nineteen, in a single copy which will remain deposited in the archives of the French Republic, and of which authenticated copies will be transmitted to each of the Signatory Powers.
Strana 212 - Neutral goods, with the exception of contraband of war, are not liable to capture under enemy's flag; 4. Blockades, in order to be binding, must be effective ; that is to say, maintained by a force sufficient really to prevent access to the coast of the enemy.
Strana 384 - Physically speaking, we cannot separate — we cannot remove our respective sections from each other, nor build an impassable wall between them. A husband and wife may be divorced and go out of the presence and beyond the reach of each other, but the different parts of our country cannot do this.

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