MI5: British Security Service Operations, 1909-1945

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Stein and Day, 1982 - Počet stran: 365
"MI5 is arguably the most secret and most misunderstood of all government departments. Its enigmatic title - much more than its proper name, the Security Service - stands in the public mind for the dark world of the secret services in general. In reality it has a very specific brief: counter-intelligence. Its object is to combat espionage, sabotage and subversion directed against the UK. Nigel West's book traces the history of MI5 clearly and accurately from its modest beginnings in 1909 until 1945. Many of its operations both at home and abroad are described for the first time."--Source : inconnue.

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A very difficult read, requiring real effort to follow, but with its own rewards for the persistent. An extremely well researched history of MI5 (from its creation in 1909 to the close of WWII) that ... Přečíst celou recenzi


The Wartime Organisation
The Early Days
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