At a General Assembly Begun at Dover, in the Delaware State, ... the Following Acts Were Passed ..., Díl 1

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J. Adams, 1887

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Strana 489 - Goodman, contrary to the form of the act of the General Assembly in such case made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Strana 383 - Inspectors, and opened so far as to ascertain whether each ballot is single; and if two or more ballots shall be found so folded together as to present the appearance of a single ballot...
Strana 398 - ... to and from any such place of registration or poll of election, or to and from any room where any such registration or election, or canvass of votes, or of making any returns or certificates thereof, may be had; or shall molest, interfere with, remove, or eject from any such place of registration or poll of election...
Strana 450 - ... nor shall sell or offer for sale, or have in his, her or their possession, with intent to sell the same, as an article of food.
Strana 343 - ... by a fine of not less than twenty dollars nor more than fifty dollars, and imprisonment for not less than ten days nor more than thirty days in the jail of the county wherein such conviction is had, or by both such fine and imprisonment.
Strana 315 - State superintendent of immigration," and said superintendent shall hold his office for the term of two years from the date of his appointment, and until his successor is appointed and duly qualified...
Strana 460 - AN ACT To establish agricultural experiment stations In connection with the colleges established In the several States under the provisions of an act approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, and of the acts supplementary thereto...
Strana 309 - SOCIETY, and for the purposes aforesaid, and by the name aforesaid shall have perpetual succession and a Common Seal, with full power and authority to alter, vary, break, and renew the same at their discretion, and by the same name to sue and be sued...
Strana 295 - ... shall be appointed for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, and one for five years.
Strana 281 - ... and to perform the duties of his office to the best of his ability.

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