Geometry in Nature: Exploring the Morphology of the Natural World Through Projective Geometry

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Floris Books, 2012 - Počet stran: 190

From the simplest observations in nature to detailed measuring of intricate forms, we find geometry everywhere in the world around us.

In this magnificent book, John Blackwood explores various kinds of symmetry in diverse realms of nature. He considers the fundamental forms of minerals, plants, animals, and humans, before looking at spirals, vortices, buds, and other complex shapes.

Using projective geometry as a basis, he shows how many forms in nature are generated by the same basic geometrical process, but significant disparities lead to the wondrous variety found in our universe.

Fully illustrated more than five hundred photographs, drawings, and diagrams, this book is both beautiful and inspirational.

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O autorovi (2012)

John Blackwood, who died in 2015, worked in mechanical engineering design for nearly 30 years and was inspired by Lawrence Edwards' work with plant geometry. He became a teacher at the Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in Sydney, Australia. There he designed a maths course for Classes 11 and 12 which was accepted by the school board of New South Wales. He lived in Sydney and was also the author of Mathematics in Nature, Space and Time (Floris Books).

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