Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Ohio, Svazek 89

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Robert Clark, 1914

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Strana 291 - That all levies, judgments, attachments, or other liens obtained through legal proceedings against a person who is insolvent, at any time within four months prior to the filing of a petition in bankruptcy against him, shall be deemed null and void in case he is adjudged a bankrupt...
Strana 104 - It is hereby ordained and declared, by the authority aforesaid That the following articles shall be considered as articles of compact between the original states, and the people and states, in the said territory, and forever remain unalterable, unless by common consent, to wit: ARTICLE I.
Strana 211 - It is a familiar canon of construction that a thing which is within the intention of the makers of a statute is as much within the statute as if it were within the letter; and a thing which is within the letter of the statute is not within the statute unless it be within the intention of the makers.
Strana 58 - Either husband or wife may enter into any engagement or transaction with the other, or with any other person, respecting property, which either might if unmarried; subject, in transactions between themselves, to the general rules which control the actions of persons occupying confidential relations with each other, as defined by the title on trusts.
Strana 5 - The court may, before or after judgment, in furtherance of justice, and on such terms as may be proper, amend any pleading, process or proceeding by adding or striking out the name of any party, or by correcting a mistake in the name of a party [or] a mistake in any other respect...
Strana 153 - All courts shall be open and every person for an injury done him in his lands, goods, person or reputation, shall have remedy by due course of law, and right and justice administered without sale, denial or delay.
Strana 475 - No bonded indebtedness of the state, or any political subdivisions thereof, shall be incurred or renewed, unless in the legislation under which such indebtedness is incurred or renewed, provision is made for levying and collecting annually by taxation an amount sufficient to pay the interest on said bonds, and to provide a sinking fund for their final redemption at maturity.
Strana 96 - The General Assembly shall provide for raising revenue sufficient to defray the expenses of the State for each year, and also a sufficient sum to pay the interest on the State debt.
Strana 495 - Constitution, having to do with the rights of the persons accused of crime, now provides that no person shall be twice put in jeopardy for the same offense.
Strana 102 - State should be admitted by its delegates in Congress on an equal footing with the original States in all respects whatever, and should be at liberty to form a permanent constitution and State government, provided it should be republican and in conformity with the articles of compact.

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