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NAVY DEPARTMENT, January 13, 1871. Sir: The Congress of the United States has passed the following resolutions :

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives, fc., That the President of the United States be authorized to appoint three commissioners, aud also a secretary, the latter to be versed in the English and Spanish languages, to proceed to the island of San Domingo, and to such other places, if any, as such commissioners may deein neces sary, and there to inquire into, ascertain, and report the political state and condition of the republic of Dominica, the probable number of inhabitants, and the desire and disposition of the people of the said republic to becoine annexed to and to form part of the people of the United States; the physical, montal, and moral condition of the said people, and their general condition as to material wealth anıl industrial capacity; the resources of the country; its mineral and agricultural products; the products of its waters and forests; the general charcter of the soil; the extent and proportion thereof capable of cultivation; the climate and health of the country; its bays, harbors, and rivers; its general meteorological character, and the existence and frequency of remarkable meteorological phenomena; the debt of the government and its obligations, whether funded and ascertained and adınitted, or unadjusted and under discussion: treaties or engagements with other powers; extent of boundaries and territory; what proportion is covered by foreign claimants, or by grants or concessions, aud generally what concessions or franchises have been granted, with the names of the respective grantees; the terms and conditions on which the Dominican Government may desire to be annexed to and become part of the United States, as one of the territories thereof; euch other information with respect to the said government or its territories as to the said commissioners shall seem desirable or important, with reference to the future incorporation of the said Dominican Republic into the United States as one of its Territories

SEC. 2. And be it further resolved, That the said comunissioners shall, as soon as conveniently may be, report to the President of the United States, who shall lay the report before Congress.

Sec. 3. And be it further resolved, That the said commissioners shall serve without compensation, except the payment of expenses; and the compensation of the secretary shall be determined by the Secretary of State, with the approval of the President: Provided, That nothing in these resolutions contained shall be held, understood, or construed as committing Congress to the policy of annexing the territory of said republic of Dominica.

Approved, January 12, 1871. And the President having appointed the Commissioners thereunder and given orders that they be conveyed on their mission in a naval vessel, the Department expects you to be ready to proceed to sea with the Tennessee under your command on Monday next, the 16th instant, without fail. Having meanwhile, or on that day, received on board the commissioners and their suite, you will carry them with all practicable dispatch to Samana Bay, or to such other port in San Domingo as they may desire to visit. You will put the ship, her accommodations, and her movements at the disposal of the commissioners, taking her to such ports within or without San Domingo as they desire to visit, obserying, however, the necessary regard to her safety which a prudent commander must always exercise. You will remain with the commissioners at their disposal as aforesaid until they desire you to return to this country, when you will make all dispatch to New York, or such other port in the United States as they may desire to be landed at, and report your arrival by telegraph and otherwise as usual to the Department. The names of the commissioners and of their suite will be furnished you as soon as practicable. The whole party will number not more than sixteen persons,

of whom the commissioners and their secretary and such others as they designate will be accommodated in the cabin, to the extent of its capacity, and the others in the wardroom or other officers' mess. In this matter, as well as in others affecting the comfort or convenience of the commissioners, you will please consult these gentlemen and conform as far as possible to their wishes.

All the expenses of the commissioners and of their attendants will be paid by the paymaster of the ship, on your order, and charged to the

appropriation for “ contingent” navy. The expenses of other persons not the commissioners or belonging to their suite must be arranged by themselves.

The Department wishes you an agreeable cruise, and confides in your discretion to accomplish its objects satisfactorily. Very respectfully,


Secretary of the Navy. Captain WILLIAM G. TEMPLE, Commanding United States Steamer Tennessee,

Navy Yard, New York.

The following are the names of the vessels which have been in the waters of the island of San Domingo since the commencement of the negotiations with Dominica, with their armaments :

Severn-14 9-inch and 1 60-pounder rifle. Congress-14 9-inch and 2 60-pounder rifles. Nantasket-6 32-pounders, 4,500 pounds; 1 60-pounder rifle. Swatara–6 32-pounders, 4,500 pounds; 1 11-inch. Yantic_1 11-inch and 2 9-inch. Dictator-2 15-inch. Saugus-2 15-inch. Terror-4 15-inch. Albany-14 9-inch and 1 6-pounder ritle. Nipsic_1 11-inch and 2 9-inch. Seminole—1 11-inch and 4 32-pounders of 4,200 pounds. Tennessee-On spar-deck, 2 11-inch, 2 9-inch, 2 100-pounders, and 1 60 pounder; on gun-deck, 16 9-inch. The ships now

in those waters are, as far as is known to the Department, the Congress, the Nantasket, the Yantic, and the Tennessee.

3d Session,

No. 46.





A communication from Joseph Richerson, complaining that he has been

driven from his home in Kentucky by the so-called Ku-Klux Klan.

FEBRUARY 18, 1871— Referred to the Select Committee on Alleged Outrages in the

Southern States and ordered to be printed.

WAR DEPARTMENT, February 16, 1871. The Secretary of War has the honor to submit to the Senate of the United States a communication from Joseph Richerson, of French Lick, Indiana, complaining that he has been driven from his late home in the State ot' Kentucky by the so-called Ku-Klux Klan, and that, though himself and his family are suffering in consequence, he is unable to return to that State and pursue his avocations because of the absence of any sufficient protection.


Secretary of 'War.


January 31, 1871. Sir: After mature reflection I have determined to refer, as an humble yet loyal man, my grievances to your Department, and through you to his excellency the President, and ask for information and relief. On the night of the 3d of October, 1868, while at my home in Washington County, Kentucky, a party of Ku-Klux, as they are usually termed, made a night attack upon me with the avowed intention of murdering me for my unwavering advocacy of loyalty to my government. I did my utmost to defend myself, family, and property against them, and am glad to know some at least of that party paid their last debt in that attack. Still, I was compelled to leave the place of my nativity, sacrificing everything which I could not immediately convert into money. I am yet possessed of land in said State, and am the holder of several notes for property sold, which I dare not return to collect by suit on account of the insufficient protection afforded by the authorities of Kentucky. I would therefore ask of you, What course must I pursne? To go back there as a single individual is to take my life in one hand and my pistol in the other and sell out as dearly as possible. To stay away is to make beggars of myself, my wife, and six children, neither of whom are in a condition to breast the tide by themselves.

I wonld, my dear sir, most respectfully refer you to Colonel D. W. C. Thomas, of Salem, Washington County, Indiana, for the facts in this matter, and if required I can also furnish you additional proof of the veracity of my statements.

Awaiting an answer froni yon, or, in case I have addressed the wrong Department, hoping you will give it your attention, I remain, sir, yours respectfully,


Washington, D. C.

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