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Cyrus Miner, treasurer of the society, presented his report, showing the financial exhibit of the society for the fiscal year end. ing December 2, 1879, and which may be found in the volume of transactions for 1879–80, under the head of “ Annual Meeting.” Which report was compared and examined with the books of the secretary by President Fratt and the finance committee, and affirmed.

On motion, adjourned.



MADISON, February 2, 1880. The executive board of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society met in their rooms, in the capitol, at 7:30 P. M., as required by the by-laws.

Present, President N. D. Fratt, Vice Presidents C. Babbitt, A. A. Boyce, D. T. Pilgrim, Satterlee Clark, John S. Dore, and addi. tional members, C. L. Martin, Wm. H. Fox, W. W. Field, A. A. Arnold, W. D. Bacon, Chester Hazen, Treasurer Cyrus Miner, and Secretary George E. Bryant.

President N. D. Fratt in the chair.
Reports of superintendents were read to the board.

Voted, on motion of Vice President Sat. Clark, that a committee of five be appointed by the chair to locate the fair.

Voted, that the premiums be not increased in aggregate.

Voted, that a committee of three be appointed to fix purses for races.

Chair appointed Messrs. Babbitt, Clark and Bryant as such committee.

Voted, that a class of walkers be put in race to go in harness, for purse of thirty dollars.

Voted, that the secretary pay Mr. Dunlap six dollars on account of protested premiums.

Voted, that hereafter each superintendent, including the mar. shal, secretaries, gate keepers, and forage departments, employ one assistant, and that all other help necessary may be employed by each head of a department at two dollars per day.

TUESDAY, February 6, 1880. Board met, Vice President Clark in the chair.

Voted, that there be made a department of education and natural history, of which John S. Dore shall be superintendent, and that not more than one hundred dollars be appropriated thereto.

Chair appointed, as committee to locate fair,

President N. D. Fratt, Treasurer C. Miner, Secretary George E. Bryant, Vice President Sat. Clark and Hon. A. A. Arnold.

Voted, that the fair be held from September 6th to 10th, 1880, inclusive.

2 P. M., TUESDAY. Vice President A. A. Boyce in the chair.

Voted, that the president, treasurer and secretary be authorized to borrow sufficient money to pay off the debts of the society.

Voted, that the president, secretary and marshal arrange for police, watchmen and fence guards.

Voted, that three hundred and fifty dollars be appropriated for prize drill of companies composing Wisconsin National Guard: For best drilled company of forty men

$125 00 Second best......

100 00 Thirå best...

75 00 Fourth best..

50 00 The board passed the following resolutions : Resolred, That this board look with favor upon any movement that looks to the permanent establishment of a national agricultural society that will advance the great agricultural interests of the United States.

WHEREAS, The great and rapidly increasing industries of Wisconsin and the northwest demand that transportation to the seaboard should be brought to the lowest possible limit consistent with justice to the railway companies, and believing that congress has the power to regulate commerce between the states, therefore

Resolved, That our senators and representatives in congress are hereby requested to use their influence in favor of some just law relative to inter-state


Resolved, That the president and secretary of this society forward a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolution to the Wisconsin senators and repre. sentatives in congress.

Voted, that the exhibition of 1880 be open to the world.
On motion, adjourned.

MADISON, Wis., April 1, 1880. To GEO. E. BRYANT, Secretary State Agricultural Society:

SIR:- I am directed by the committee appointed in February to locate the State Fair for 1880, to inform you that the said committee met March 30th, and passed the following resolution, and that the requirements of the same have been complied with, and that the fair is located at Madison for 1880.

N. D. Fratt, President, for the committee. Resolved, That the State Fair of 1830 be located in the city of Madison, conditioned that the sum of one thousand dollars be subscribed by the citi. zens of said city, by the 10th day of April, 1830, to make certain necessary repairs upon the State Fair grounds.

MADISON, March 30, 1880.



MADISON. September 11, 1879. In accordance with the requirements of the constitution, and aster due notice by the secretary, the life members of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society convened at the agricultural rooms in the capitol, at Madison, at 8 o'clock P. M., to elect offi. cers for 1880. President Frati in the chair. The president said the society was convened for the purpose of electing officers for 1880, and other constitutional work.

Voted, that the chair appoint a committee of one from the state at large, and that each congressional district elect one, to recommend candidates for the offices of 1880. The following committee was appointed and elected :

State at Large - Wm. T. Leitch, Madison.
1st District -- C. Babbitt, Beloit.
2d District -G. H. Slaughter, Madison.
3d District - J. H. Warren, Albany.
4th District — D. T. Pilgrim, Granville.
5th District — C. Hazen, Ladoga.
6th District - Eli Stilson, Oshkosb.
7th District - A. A. Arnold, Galesville.

8th District The committee retired, and by their chairman submitted the following report :

For officers of the society:


N. D. FRATT, Racine.


1st Congressional District -- C. BABBITT, Beloit.
2d Congressional District -- A. A. BOYCE, Lodi.
3d Congressional District - J. H. WARREN, Aibany.
4th Congressional District — D. T. PILGRIM, Granville.
5th Congressional District - SATTERLEE CLARK, Horicon.
6th Congressional District — Eu Srilson, Oshkosh.
7th Congressional District - John S. 'DORE, Neillsville.
8th Congressional District - B. G. PLUMBER, Wausau.


CYRUS MINER, Janesville.

C. L. MARTIN, Janesville. W. D. Bacon, Waukesha.
Wm. H. Fox, Oregon.

W. W. FIELD, Boscobel. W m. C. KISER, Syene.
A. A. ARNOLD, Galesville.

On motion, the report of the committee was accepted and adopted. On motion, the society adjourned sine die.



December 3, 1879. As required by the constitution, the Wisconsin State Agricul. tural Society met in their rooms in the capitol at 9 o'clock A. M. President N. D. Fratt in the chair. Quorum present.

Cyrus Miner, the treasurer, presented his annual report, showing the financial condition of the society for the fiscal year ending December 2, 1879, bearing the approval of the executive board.


For the year ending December 2, 1879. Approved by the auditing committee, and a committee appointed by the society, and the vouchers deposited in the office of the secretary.


MADISON, December 2, 1879. To the Executive Board of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society:

GENTLEMEN — I have the honor to hand you herewith a statement of the receipts and disbursements of your society, for the year ending Decernber 2, 1879. Respectfully submitted,





Balance on hand December 3, 1878....
Amount from Vick's special premiums.
Amount for rent of ground
Amount from sale of tickets
Amount from secretary, entry fees
Amount from membership
Amount from sale of fertilizer.
Amount from sale of forage..
Amount from Layton & Co., special premiums
Amount from Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce,

special premiums...
Amount from Plankinton & Armour, special pre-

miums ...
Amount from advertising,
Amount from interest and premium on bonds
Amount from state appropriation.....
Amount from State Horticultural Society.

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