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3. To likervise keep an exact record of every order by him paid; and such record must be verified by the proper vouchers, showing that the sums there. in named bave been by him so paid.



The Executive Committee shall meet annually, on the day preceding the day on wbich the annual meeting of the society is be!d, on Monday preceding the first Tuesday of February, and again on the first day of the annual fair.

They shall a'so meet at the call of the secretary, the president and a vice president of the society concurring – and may adjourn to any stated time.



At any meeting of the Executive committee, four members thereof shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



There shall be two permanent committees of the Executive committee, wbich sball be respectively styled the Standing Committee and the Finance Committee.

The Standing Committee shall consist of the president, the secretary and the treasurer, who shall have power in the recess of the Executive committee to draw orders on the treasury for all necessary current incidental expenses. But the Executive committee shall have authority, and are hereby required to revisc the proceedings or transactions of said Standing committee, and indorse or disapprove of the same.

The Finance Committee shall consist of the president and treasurer, and it shall be their duty to suggest means for incrcasing the revenues of the society.

They shall also bare authority to invest any portion of the sunds of the society that may from time to time be set apart by the Executive committee for investment, disposing of such funds. upon such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the said Executive committee.

Each of the above named sub.committees shall be responsible for the faithful discharge of their duties to the Executive committee, to whom an appeal may at any time be taken from their acts or decisions.

The auditing, adjusting, allowing or rejecting of all bills, claims or demands, of whatsoever nature, against the society, and the issuing of orders upon the treasurer for payment of the same — except for the current inci

dental expenses of the society, as by this section alrcady provided for — shall devolve upon the Executive committee; and it shall be the duty of said com. mittee to annually examine the books, papers and vouchers of the treasurer and secretary, and compare tbe same, and adjust the accounts between those officers and the society, and to report thereon at the appual meeting in December.



The following order of business shall be observed at all meetings of the Executive commitlee:

1. Reading the minutes of the preceding meeting.
2. Reading the minutes and reports of the Standing committee.
3. Reading the minutes and reports of the Finance committee.
4. Report of Auditing committee.
5. Report from special committet s.
6. Communications from the secretary.
7. Communications from members of the committees.
8. Unfinished business.
9. Miscellaneous business.

Tois order of business may be suspended, however, at any me, by a vote of the majority if the members present.



The fiscal year of this society shall commence on the first Wednesday of December in each year, and all annual reports of the year previous shall be made up to that time.



The terms of office of all the officers of this society shall expire on the 31st day of December, in each year.



These by-laws may be amended by any regular meeting of the Executive committee by a vote of eight of the members thereof.







Adams, James.. Janesville. Adams, L. L.. Stoners Prairic Alexander, O. Milwaukee. Allen, J. W

Jariesville. Allen, W. C

Delavan. Allen, H. M.

Evansville. Allis, Edward P. Milwaukee. Angell, R. R

Janesville. Angell, W. H. Sun Prairic. Aikins, Albert R. Milwaukee. Atwocd, David Madison. Atwood, Wm. T San Francisco. Atwood, R. J. Madison. Armour, P. D

Milwaukee. Armstrong, L. G. Boscobel. Arnold, I. M.... Milwaukee. Arnold, A. A

Galesville. Aspinwall, D. M. Farmington. Ayres, J. W .... Kenosha. Barron, H. D... St. Croix Fails. Babbitt, Clinton Beloit. Babbitt, D, H

Janesville. Bacon, I. P

Westport. Bacon, W. D

Waukesha. Bailey, A P

Oshkosh. Bailey, M.T.

Madison. Baker, Robt. II. Racine, Barlass, Andrew. Emerald Grove. Barlass, David. Emerald Grove.' Barnes, George Janesville, Barrows, E. S.. Chicago. Baxter, Geo

Windsor. Bates, A.C.

Janesville. Beecroft, W. G Madison. Bement. E.

Oregon. Bemis, Jervis.

Footville. Benedict, J. D. Bristol, Benedict, 8. G. Providence, R.I. Benedict, W. G Milwaukee. Benson, S. W. Bloomfield. Bigelow, F. G Milwaukee. Billings, Earl

Madison. Bird, 1. W.

Jefferson. Bird, T. E.

Madison. Bishop, John C.. Fond du Lac, Black, John... Milwaukee, Blair, Franklin J... Milwaukee.

Blanchard, Willard Windsor.
Bostwick, J. M... Janesville.
Bostwick, R. M.. Janesville.
Bonnell, James Milwaukee.
Bonnell, Lansing.. Milwaukee.
Boorse, Henry.

Boyce, A. A. Lodi.
Boyd, R. B

Milwaukee. Bowen, J. B. Madison. Bowman, J. M Madison. Bradley, C. T. Milwaukee. Braley, A. B.. Madison. Brazen, Benj Wauwatosa. Brichener, G. H .. Sheboygan F's. Briggs, F..

Madisou. Brockway, E. P.. Ripon. Brodhead, E. H.. Milwaukee. Brown, Jas. ] M-dison. Brown, J. A. Milwaukee. Bruce, A. T. Milwaukee. Bryan, John.. Croes Plains. Bryant, D. D Madison. Bryant, G. E.. Madison. Bull, Stephen..

Racine. Bullard, James Evansville. Bump, N. P.. Janesville. Bunker, Geo. Madison. Burgess, J. M Janesville. Bush, Samuel Milwaukee. Button, Henry H.! Milwaukee. Burnham, Miles.. Danville. Burnham, A., Jr.. Milwaukee. Burnham, J. L.... Milwaukee. Byrne, John A.... Madison.

Casar, Wm

Janesville. Camp, H. H. Milwaukee. Cantwell, M. J. Madison. Capron, Gen. Boston, Mass. Carleton, W. D. Sun Prairie. Carpenter, J. A. Waukesha. Carpenter, J. E Windsor. Carpenter, J. H.. Madison. Carpenter, S. D... Carthage, Mo. Carr, N. B... Madison, Carr, Joseph S.... Esu Claire. Carter, A. M. Johnstown. Carter, Guy.. Janesville.





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Carver, P.S


Davidson, Adam.. Verona. Cary, J.

Milwaukee. Davis, G. L.... Milwaukee. Case, J.I.

Davis, John

Milwaukee. Chandler, Joseph C. Mauison.

Davis, N. P

Pierceville. Chandler, Samuel... Milwaukee. Davis, S. B

Milwaukee. Chapinan, T. A.... Milwaukee. Davis, W.... Center. Chase, Enoch. Milwaukee. Dean, E. B.

Madison. Chase, H...

Milwaukee. Dean, John S.. Madison. Cheney, Rufus. Whitewater. De La datyr, W.A. Middleton. Children, E

Lancaster. Delaplaine, G. P.. Madison. Chipman, A.

Sun Prairie. DeMor, A. B Milwaukee. Chipman, C. R. Waunakee. 1 Dewey, Nelson Cassville. Church, Wm. A. Milwaukee, De Wolt, E

Fitchb'rg, Mass Clapp, G. W.. Fitchburg. Devoe, A. B

McFarland. Clark, CM

Whitewater. Dexter, W. W. Jancsville. Clark, Lewis


Dickerman, J. A.. Verona. Clark, Satterlee. Horicon.

Dickson, J. P. Janesville. Cochrane, John. Waupun.

Dodge, J. E Lancaster. Coggswell, A. W. Brookfield. | Dodge, H. S. Milwaukee. Colby, Charles. Janesville. Doolule, W.J. Janesville. Coleman, W. W. Milwaukce. Dore, J. s.

Neillsville. Colluday, W., M... Stoughton. Doris, John. Milwaukee. Colton, Jolin B. Madison.

Dorn, M.M.

Madison. Cooper, E. J.

Mineral Point. Dousman, T. V. Waterville. Cornell, James Oshkosh.

Dow, 0. P.

Palmyra. Cornwell, H. H... Verona.

Drakeley, S. Madison. Corrigan, John Cedarburg. Drury, E. W

Fond du Lac. Cottrill, J. P. C.... Milwaukee. Dunlap, s.

Burke. Cottrill, W. H Appleton. Dann, Andrew. Portage City. Cottrill, C. M. Milwaukee. Dunn, Wm

Mardison. Cory, J...


Dunning, Abel. Madison. Crampton, N. B Madison.

Durkee, II.... Kenosha. Crawtird, J. B. Baraboo.

Dutcher, J. A.. Milwaukee. Crawl, Jolin.


Dwinnall, J. B.... Lodi.
Crilley, John J.. Milwaukee.
Crocker, Hans. Milwaukee. Eaton, J. (.. Lodi.
Crosby, J. B... Janesville.

Echlin, J. O. Janesville.
Cross, J.B.

Milwaukce. Edgerton, E. W... Suminit. Crossett, B. F.

Janesville. Eimunds, F. W... Madison. Culver, Caleb E Shopiere.

Elderkin, Ed Elkhorn. Cummings, Wm Fitchburg.

Elliott, E...

Lone Rock
Curtis, LS

Wauwatosa. Elliott, Jos. T. Racine.
Curtis, F. C
Rocky Run. Ellis, J. A

Curtis, Seymour Fitchburg.

Ellsworth, 0. Milwaukee. Curtis, D. W.

Port Atkinson. Ellsworto, L. Milwaukee. Curtis, Dexter Madison.

Elsworth, W. J... Madison. Cutting, J. W... Harmony. Elmore, A. E

Green Bay.

Elmore, R. P Milwaukee. Daggett, M. L..... Madison.

Eldred, John E... Milwaukee. Dahlman, Anthony.. Milwaukee. Elson, Caarles.... Milwaukee. Dablman, John.... Milwaukee. Emmons, N. J.. Milwaukee. Dann, Obed

Janesville. Enos, Elihu.. Waukesha. Danks, E. P.

Stoughton. Esterly, Geo. W... Whitewater. Daniells, W. W. Madison. Darling, K. A Fond du Lac. Fairbanks, E St Jobpsb'y, Vt. Darwin, A. G. Brooklyn, N. Y. Farwell, L. J Chicago. Daubner, Geo. H. Brookfield Cen.! Feon, G. W... Janesville.





Green, Geo. G. Milwaukee. Green, Richard Middleton. Green, Samuel.

Fitchburg. Greene, N. S.

Millord. Greenleaf, E. B... Milwaukee. Greenman, C. A.. Milton. Greenman, H. D.. Milwaukee. Gregory, JC. Madison. Grippell, J. G Adams. Groom, John Madison. Grubb, W. S..

Baraboo, Guernsey, Orrin .. Janesville. Gurnee, J. D ..... Madison.

Ferguson, D...... Milwaukee.
Ferguson, Benj. Fox Lake.
Fernly, Jho

La Grange.
Field, Martin.

Mukwanago. Field, W. W

Boscobel. Fifield, L.,

(hicago. Fitield, D. E.

Janesville. Fifield, E G.

Janesville. Fincb, Lorin

B adford. Firmin, F. H

Madisou. Fisher, C. C

Center Fisher, Elijah Newark. Fisher, S. S

Center. Fisher, Seth.

Ceuter. Fiicn, D..

Madison. Fitch, W.F..

Madison. Fit: h, W. G

Milwaukee. Fitzgerald, R. P. Milwaukee. Fleicher, John. Sprio, field. Flipt, J. G., Jr. Milwaukee. Folus, Geo. H

Madison. Foot, E. A.

Kaosas. Foute, A. E..

Milwaukee. Fowle, Jacob. Oslikush. Fowler, James S.. Milwaukee. Fox, W. H

Fiichburg. Frait, N. D.....

Racine. Frank, A. S

Madison. Frank, George R. Boscobel. Frankiurth, Wm. Milwaukee. Freeman, C.F... Milwaukee. Friedman, Ignatius Milwaukee. French, Jonalban.. Madison. Fuller, M. E.

Madison. Fuller, F. D. Madison. Furlong, Thos. T Chicago. Furlong, John.... Milwaukee. Gammons, Warren.. Middleton. Gates, D. W.C... Madison. Gaylord, Aug..

New York City. Gernon, George.

Madison. Gibbs, Chas. R. Whitewater. Gilbert, Thomas () egun. Giles, H. H.

Madison. Gilleit, R. E

Tumah. Gilm in, H..

Burke. Goudenow, H. D. Madison. Goodrich, Ezra Milton. Goodrich, o

Whitesville. Gould, L. D..

Madison. Grady, F. M.

Fitchburg. Grabam, Alexander.. Janesville. Grant, S. B.

Milwaukee. Grant, Albert

Milwaukee. Graves, R. A ...

Ri, on. Graves, S. W

Rutland Grein, Anthony..... Milwaukee.

Haight, I M ..... Sacram'to, Cal.
Haight, Nicholas . Madison,
Hall, Augustus Janesville.
Hallock, Youngs Mi dleton.
Hall, H. P...

Hall, 3. H.. Burke.
Hanchett, A M.. Milwaukec.
Al-ncock, Brad Chicago.
Hanks, A. S

Milwaukee. Hammond, L. M J nesville. Hammond, E. S.. Fond du Lac. Harrin. ton, N. H. Delavan. Harris, Jas

Janesville. Harrey, J. W. Kooxville, Ten. Hasbrouck, W. Eau Claire. Hastings, s. D. Madison. Hausmann, Jos... Madison. Hawes, J. F

Madison. Hawes, W. N. Verona. Hayes, A. J. Milwaukee. Hazleton, Geo. C Bosc bel. Hazen, Chester

Ladoga. Hellei ste n, J.A.. Milwaukee. Hempsted, H. N.. Milwaukee. Hicks, J. H

Oshkosh. Hibbard, W.D Milwaukee, Hibbard, Wm. B Milwaukee. Higbec, A. T Stoughton. Hill, H. J

Madison. Hill, James H. Madison. Hill, J. W. P. Belleville. Hill, P. B

Milwaukee. Hill, Robert. Milwaukee. Helmer, A. M Milwaukee. Hinkley, B. R. Summit. Hobart, L. J

Milwarkee. Hodge, Robert. Janesville. Hodson, C. W Jupesy lle. Hællinger, Carl... Wausau. Hogan, Gilbert Janesville. H llister, R. M. Janesv lle. Holmes, A, M Milwaukee. Holt, David ..

Mudi.on. Holt, n, Edward D./ Milwaukee.

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